Boiled Down

You know, space family, even if a soul incarnates on a 3rd dimensional world into a physical vessel and doesn’t want to learn lessons, that soul is gonna learn lessons.

It’s just too bad. It’s gonna happen. The lessons are forthcoming, like it or not.

Out of all these lessons, invited or induced, I’ve distilled a great many of them down to two observations that I feel get right to the root of our existence and might be able to help others answer tough questions.

1. You don’t live IN the universe, you ARE the universe and your individuated consciousness was a sacred and holy gift, given to you in limitless love and compassion and the likes of which you simply cannot fathom.

2. If anyone, anywhere, from any dimensional realm, tells you that “there is no such thing as right or wrong,” that person or entity has their head firmly embedded in their own backside. There IS such a thing as right or wrong.

So, space family, maybe I didn’t want to relearn this stuff, but I did.

You ARE the universe.
There IS such a thing as right or wrong.

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