Our Real Agenda

Here it is. What I think is the real agenda. Or maybe one of the highest priority items on the to-do list of the Higher Forces.

From Bill’s 05 August 2012 post:

“All present struggles can at some point be traced back to intervention on a primitive society without Heavenly consent….Interesting, huh?”

Don’t make the mistake of blowing off this statement as unimportant or fleeting or arbitrary. What Bill says here gets right to the heart of our struggle and not just our struggles, but those of this entire universe.

Intervention. The real agenda on our world and all the other worlds in this massive universe is intervention and what to do about it. Intervention in all its shapes, sizes, colors and forms. Divine and otherwise. “Struggles are traced back to interventions.”

Intervention is THE biggest headache for all of us. When quadrillions and quadrillions of souls are spiritually evolving in multiple universes and all of these souls reside on different vibratory planes, with differing levels of development, intervention is gonna cause trouble.

There is no avoiding it. Sneaky bastards (and good beings) all over the place are gonna intervene when they’re “not supposed to.” I can imagine this issue being right at the top of the “Problem” list.


What was the Prime Directive in the Star Trek series on TV?

“The Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with the internal development of alien civilizations.”

Are we living in a universe where the Prime Directive is used and enforced?


From Bill’s 16 August 2012 post:

“Ah, The Council, the Galactic Council…Officially representing a union of all the advanced worlds…What is it now, 13 planets that hold seats as leading voices above them all?”
“In Fact, Mr. Spacemen, you really should think about some newer approaches overall with The Council. So high and mighty it is after all…Don’t touch this, don’t touch that…don’t go here, don’t go there…don’t touch him, her, etc., etc…. How OUTDATED…A few words of wisdom here…A parent not only teaches its child, but the child teaches the parent as well. Think about that for a while. Especially since things are going to change really soon….”

Before you go any further, ya gotta let this sink in for a while.

Who is this council? Hell, I don’t know! Well, I don’t remember, is actually the correct answer.

Thirteen planets, somewhere in our galaxy, hold seats as leading voices above them all. Hmmm… That sounds rather dictatorial to me. How come thirteen planets get to tell everyone else what to touch, what not to touch, where to go, where not to go?

Well? This is a critical question. This is very serious business. Why is it this way in our galaxy and maybe entire universe?

I’m asking because I don’t know. My guess is that it stems from the masculine energies becoming predominant here. That the natural balance of things is completely screwed up. Which it is.


Anyway, this message to the Council is hinting that the Law of Intervention will be changed soon and Bill repeats this message over and over in his posts.

Why does he repeat it over and over? Because this information better find its way into some rock-headed Council members’ heads!

Why does this information need to find its way into some rock-headed Council members’ heads?

Simple. Bill tells us.

From 17 March 2012:

“There is a cosmic law the aliens observe, but there is also a spiritual law of which only the higher powers know…You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble, or manipulate it without consequences….It’s like a domino-effect. What happens here will happen on their worlds, ending ultimately in an entire-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy. The good guys lose…the bad guys lose, ha ha ha. They planned it eons ago, and the parts were played out perfectly.”

Do you see the part that might have the Council sweating? “…-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy.”

Ending and re-shaping the entire hierarchy of anything is a massive undertaking. Now, apply it to an entire universe!

What we’re talking about here is so large in scope and so all encompassing, it can’t even be described in words.

This is another one of those points in time where you need to sit back, close your eyes and imagine what this really means. That paragraph written by Bill is one of the most important, if not THE most important, things he’s given us.

The hierarchy of the entire universe is about to change. Dear God in Heaven, this “event” is gonna be massive!


I can see all of you sitting there and thinking, “Okay, goofball, what we have here is a problem with all of this intervention crapola. Got it. But where is this leading? You got some kind of conclusion to all this yakking?”

Well, glad you asked, because I sure do!

Imagine what it would be like if the Law of Intervention was completely expunged. Completely nullified and voided. Taken off the books not by galactic beings or even angels, but by Heaven Herself.

Imagine intervention being allowed. Everywhere. (Yes, with certain guidelines. Of course.)
Would this work? Could it work?

I can say, without any reservations, that it wouldn’t work in a universe which is tilted toward the masculine energies.


What about a universe that is tilted toward the feminine energies? The motherly energies? The good energies?

A universe with a certain queen placed in charge because the masculine meatheads have royally screwed everything up? A universe where peace for a thousand years has been promised? A universe where children, no matter who they are or where they live, can rest assured that they will be loved and comforted and never have to worry about being raped, tortured and eaten because the moms are in charge of things now, thank you very much?

In a universe like that, could we live without the Law of Intervention?


In Bill’s book, Varence intervenes in the affairs of a small group of humans on Earth. He helps them in their battle against Druce, a character who symbolizes the dark forces.

There’s tons of details in the plot which would be ridiculous to rehash, so I ain’t gonna do that. What’s important is that Varence intervenes.

At the end of the book, after Druce has been chased off by wolves and we seemingly have a happy ending, Varence returns to a secret place where a council of some sorts is meeting.

A beautiful woman, Ceres, meets him when he returns and they talk to each other before Varence confronts Zurion, the elected leader of their council.

Ceres and Varence discuss his intervention into the lives of humans.

“So I walked into their lives-it was only for a little while…hardly a moment worth mentioning.”

“Still,” Ceres says, “A moment nonetheless! I should have seen this in coming-your impatient need to go and greet them, to startle them with the sight of you-being there, listening, whispering. If the others ever find out…”

“Are we not here to watch-have we not learned to read these things so well?” Varence asks. “Don’t say to me how I should simply handle it for so long…more deaths, more crimes against the universe. There is a balance to be made, and you know it.”

“We are not here to measure THAT scale personally, Varence.” She says. “We have no right to waver the balance-that would be WRONG!”

“Oh,” Varence says quite convincingly. “I see, we watch without doing anything…We see the problem, we have the means of making it less, of making things much better-and we do not? We only sit and wait to see how things go. We’re just as guilty as Druce and his entourage! A HIGHER FORCE has the right to make it better-if that’s what it can do, if that’s what should be done. There is an obligation at the very least! No one is prepared-these little mice of mortal things I mean-to fight THAT AWFUL DESTRUCTIVE DARK THING OUT THERE! This century has closed with little progress!”

Who was she to deny his claim now-the evidence is clear enough. “But, Varence-still your case is a heavy one, the others will not bend, the will not see it that way. Millions of years of beliefs do not sway in one moment!”

“Oh?” He asks as they keep standing there. “One moment makes no difference-think again, you know how untrue THAT is. Look at the transformations occurring-while we stay silently the same AS ALWAYS. Are we to remain so dull and lifeless? What a pretense, for a future point to take, to make…I, want to change.”


Bill’s book. Hmmm…

Symbolic stuff going on here in the last pages?

Are we on the verge of the feminine energies taking charge?

A complete restructuring of the hierarchy of our universe?

Are we on the verge of being allowed to intervene and help other races?

It’s simply amazing how Bill’s book and his posts and his artwork tie all this stuff together, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Our Real Agenda

  1. Julia says:

    Yes, when the ones who wish us ill interfere, I often wonder why the others still play by rules, which only one group obeys. I just don’t understand.
    That being said, I think it IS time for interference, help, a small push in the right direction. We need the feminine to start to move us in a better direction. If there is enough for everyone (love, food, shelter, safety) we need to share it with everyone. You don’t grow much or create beauty when you only focus on survival. I’m done with the narrow confines of survival. It’s time to create a world filled with wonder.

    • mike0v says:


      I feel the same as you, of course, but you know what else?

      Does it really matter how this “experiment” ends? Seriously. Does it?

      Does humanity have to “do it ourselves?” Do we? We have brothers and sisters from the stars just watching. Why can’t they help us?

      Why can’t the “experiment” end with help from our brothers and sisters? I see no problem with that at all. We are all one, right? Getting help from family seems not only reasonable, but a heartfelt and comforting gesture, and besides, that’s what families do!


      300 gazillion years from now, will it matter if our stelan family helped us or not? I don’t think so.

    • AngelicView says:

      A very good summation, Mike! Good points here. You know, what you’ve said looks very similar to Courtney Brown’s Implications of Announcement (or whatever) postings. All the same stuff that those of us down the rabbit hole already know – but nobody else does! lol

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