Here and Now

For souls, after incarnating numerous times into lower dimensional, false realities such as the one in which we’re living, awakening to the illusionary world presented to us and remaining awakened at our next death is the process by which we “graduate” and return home.

Become awakened, stay awakened at death, and we’re free.

However, on Earth and many other worlds, this divinely ordained method of progression for souls has been hijacked so that those who have reached the necessary levels of enlightenment for escaping the lower dimensions are deceived into reincarnating.

Souls are unfairly tricked into reliving horrible, tragic lives and many others are simply trapped here, imprisoned.

In the higher dimensional realms our families decided that something had to be done to correct this and other problems. A plan was created and put into action.

Central to this plan were efforts to curb the horrible behavior of incarnated watchers, also known as “fallen angels.”

Watchers are sent by a Council, which exists in the higher dimensional realms, to developing worlds for the purposes of observing civilizations evolve. Contrary to widely-held belief, watchers, or “fallen angels,” weren’t cast out of Heaven. They chose to be here. It’s part of their duties to travel to worlds to gauge the progress of emerging souls.

(Or it was part of their duties. There’s reason to believe that this program has been discontinued by the Council.)

However, even though direct intervention by these watchers in the development of human civilizations is highly discouraged, those who came to Earth so thoroughly enjoyed the awe and admiration given to them from their human admirers that they ignored the heavenly edict of non-intervention. Simply put, they meddled in the affairs of humanity when they weren’t supposed to.

As a result, most of the turmoil we see in our world today resulted from watchers who found human women so physically desirable that they incarnated into human bodies, took women as their wives, produced children and shared divine knowledge with our developing civilization.

For these transgressions, this original group of approximately 200 watchers and their offspring were removed from Earth. The story of their removal is well described in Biblical texts.

Unknown by most of humanity but of greater importance is that approximately 40 watchers, after the removal of the first group from Earth, were given a chance to return to Earth to seek redemption for their past misbehavior.

They’ve incarnated as humans into the roles of world leaders, royalty and financial giants in order to correct their mistakes and to spiritually guide humanity but their efforts have been disastrous.

Instead of guiding us, they wish to rule over us. They are the architects of the dystopian “new world order” scheme.

There exists a text which describes the proceedings by which these approximately 40 watchers were selected for, and then granted attempts at, redemption. It’s The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz. 

Rosencreutz’s prose is difficult to read but when it’s known that the characters within his story are watchers or “fallen angels,” the effort required to understand what’s going on is eased.

In the book, and rendered very cryptically and symbolically, are clues as to how the watchers would engineer our planet to fit their plans for a “one-world” government in the future. The story figuratively foreshadows the “order out of chaos” techniques to be used by the “Illuminati” in our present time.

Reading and comprehending The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz is an important key to solving the mystery of our world. Christian Rosencreutz was, and is, the most significant incarnated watcher or “fallen angel” on Earth. He was Plato, Francis Bacon (Shakspeare), the Count of St.-Germain and many, many other influential and powerful scholars and leaders.

And so, just like all humans, “fallen angels” have been reincarnating on Earth throughout history, over and over, and, also like all humans, they are able to incarnate into multiple lives simultaneously.

Living multiple lives within the elite of humanity for centuries of time allowed the watchers to fabricate a false history of humanity, institute secret societies and construct the framework of a “one-world” government, slowly but confidently. The false reality in which we live was created by “fallen angels” and as this age nears its end, humanity is witnessing the unraveling of it.

Add to this mixture the Anakim, evil ET races, shape-shifters, benevolent ET races, shadow beings, the djinn, inner Earth civilizations, micro-chipped human slaves and heartless humans and it’s easily understood that the web which interconnects the countless relationships on Earth is an almost infinite and tangled catastrophe.

Our dear, blue Terra is truly a mess.

Mike V.

Memo to the Council:
Today, I sit in stunned silence, trying to come to terms with what I’ve learned. (Finally, my dear Aresades, I figured it out and it deeply saddens me.) Even if I exerted great effort in an attempt to describe to you how this feels, the effort would fall far short in accuracy. I have no words that can properly and completely relate the feeling of this knowing. Here and now, it is simply beyond me. Here and now, deep understanding exists elsewhere.

Truth is an amazing thing and all of humanity will be relieved and overjoyed when we have it, once again.

As the days drag on into weeks, months and years and as I peel back more layers of the false reality in which we live, I am simply paralyzed, my dear family, when I peer into the depths of evil and insanity to which he and she have descended. In so many incarnations, in so many roles, in so many lives, their behavior has been vulgar, disgusting, vile, heartless, evil and always self-centered. How is it possible he includes himself as a member of the “Lord’s elect?” It’s plainly true: they do not know what it means to be human and human, they do not deserve to become.

Concerning the sickening rationale the angels in human form have adopted and put into practice in relation to how human children are considered and treated, forgiveness for such immoral, atrocious behavior should not exist. If you allow any of us who are incarnated here, dear Council, to pass judgement upon fallen angels who are guilty of such ungodly acts, you know very well what our decisions will be.

And to our divine Mother – for what has happened here… from the depths of my heart and soul… I am so sorry…

“I suppose it is worth the undertaking. If only there wasn’t so much pain, so much grief and confusion ahead for them,” he said looking at his feet.

“Time may scatter them apart, but their joining will transcend all obstacles. You have to believe that it is not the end for them, indeed this is something much better. It is in fact a blessed beginning.”

Is it, my brother? Is this undertaking worthy? The pain, grief, confusion… did you convey completely to the children what awaited them? Did they know, truly, the horrors they would face? Or did they enter into this nightmare thoroughly blind?

Is it, my sister? A blessed beginning? Will all of them join together or will only some of them? How many will make it to the end? Are you certain they will say this is something much better for themselves? Or will their convictions differ when finally we’re freed?

So many questions and so few answers…

And as for the recommendation to “sit back and enjoy the show,” my dear family?

I can’t…


“Hopefully later, rather than sooner…”

Now, I understand…

Memo to the Council:
I certainly hope the childish, vindictive, psychopathic, insane, self-absorbed, harmful and hateful behavior of the fallen angel idiots and the vile, nasty, horrid and horrific behavior of the evil ET races here on Earth have sickened and disgusted the members of the Council as much as we, your sisters and brothers incarnated within this juvenile circus, have been sickened and disgusted.

It’s gettin’ old, everyone.

Truly, it is.

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