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For souls, after incarnating numerous times into lower dimensional, false realities such as this one, awakening to the illusionary world presented to us and remaining awakened at our next death is the process by which we “graduate” and return home.

Become awakened, stay awakened at death, and we’re free.

However, on Earth and many other worlds, this divinely ordained method of progression for souls has been hijacked so that those who have reached the necessary levels of enlightenment for escaping the lower dimensions are deceived into reincarnating.

Souls are unfairly tricked into reliving horrible, tragic lives.

In the higher dimensional realms, our families decided that something had to be done to correct this and other problems. A plan was created and put into action. Some, but certainly not all, of the details of this plan are illustrated in Valiant’s Ancient Prophecies artwork and described in some of his posts.

Earth is 626 billion years old, so it’s wise to fully understand that what we’re seeing in this artwork is only a tiny sliver of Earth’s history. What we see are the various races of our star families, the story of benevolent ET intervention with ancient humanity, how Ancient Masters forged crystal skulls in order to protect Earth, how an Anasazi shaman in the American southwest moved his people to a safe place, the revelation that Pleiadians incarnated on Earth as the Tuatha De Danann, the tale of a long journey that brought together a special man and woman, the proposed climactic year of 2012 which didn’t emerge, the illustration of our sun going dark while Earth changes take place, how five spiritual avatars will aid humanity in the future and the presence of a Council which is overseeing these divine changes.

Missing from this colorful tapestry is the role played by incarnated watchers, also known as “fallen angels.” Watchers were sent by the Council to developing worlds for the purposes of observing civilizations evolve. Intervention by these watchers in the development of humans was highly discouraged but… it happened.

The turmoil we see in our world today resulted from watchers who incarnated on Earth, shared divine knowledge with humanity, took human women as wives and produced children.

A great deal could be said about the history of the watchers but what is most important is that some watchers, after the removal of the first group of them from Earth, were given a chance at redemption by incarnating as humans into the roles of world leaders, royalty and financial giants in order to correct their mistakes and to spiritually guide humanity. Their efforts have been disastrous.

In exaggerated, symbolic, verbose but skillful prose, The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz describes the proceedings in which these watchers were selected and then granted attempts at redemption. In the book are clues as to how the watchers would engineer our world to fit their plans for a one world government in the future. (Reading and comprehending “The Chymical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz” is an important key to solving the mystery of our world. Christian Rosencreutz was, and is, the most significant incarnated watcher or “fallen angel” on Earth. He was Plato, Francis Bacon, the Count of St.-Germain and many, many other influential and powerful leaders.)

Just like all humans, watchers have been reincarnating on Earth throughout history, over and over, and, also like all humans, watchers are able to incarnate into multiple lives simultaneously. Living multiple lives within the elite of humanity for centuries of time allowed the watchers to fabricate a false history of humanity, institute secret societies and construct the framework of a one world government, slowly but confidently. The false reality in which we live was created by “fallen angels” and as this age nears its end, humanity is witnessing the unraveling of it.

Add to this mixture the Anakim, evil ET races, benevolent ET races, shadow beings, the djinn, inner Earth civilizations and spirit-less humans and it’s easily understood that the web which interconnects the countless relationships on Earth is almost infinite. Our dear, blue Terra is truly a mess.

Mike V.

Memo to the Elders:

Today, I sit in stunned silence, trying to come to terms with what I’ve learned. (Finally, my dear Aresades, I figured it out and it deeply saddens me.) Even if I exerted great effort in an attempt to describe to you how this feels, the effort would fall far short in accuracy. I have no words that can properly and completely relate the feeling of this knowing. Here and now, it is simply beyond me. Here and now, deep understanding exists elsewhere.

Truth is an amazing thing and all of humanity will be relieved and overjoyed when we have it, once again.


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  1. lidavg48 says:

    they’re here…in my goat house! come and get ’em!!

  2. Karma007 says:

    Great post Mike, maybe you are the Key your ship needs….

    • AngelicView says:

      Short and Sweet! You can come to my blog for the Love ‘n Light stuff, if you’re in the mood for that! ❤

      By the way, Mike, you may or may not know that many people know who that "Pleiadian Queen" is… she has been featured on what used to be called "The 2012 Scenario" and is now called "Golden Age of Gaia". And no, I'm certainly NOT talking about Linda Dillon (Gimme a Break, puhlease!) P.S. To those who might have heard about the "going aboard the spaceship" scenario, you should know that I was duped into being a part of that. I think it was in 2011.

      Any-hoo… nice post and comments my Loves! 🙂

  3. Thanks Mike for the update on the blog …… I am so happy to have been directed here ……. Aroha and Blessings

    • mike0v says:

      You’re very welcome, my sister. I hope you can find time to enjoy William’s work. He and the four others in his group are truly a blessing to humanity.

  4. Grace says:

    Ooh…you lost your keys too? 🙂
    Blessings, Grace

  5. Grace says:

    Nope, mine are missing too 😀 But I’ve got a feeling we’ll find them soon…

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