About the Art, Please Read

All of the artwork you see on this blog was painted or drawn by Valiant over the course of many years. For most people who view his creations, it’s easy to see and feel how deeply the angels have influenced the lines and light in each piece.

Put very simply, angels live in them.

When angels live in lines and light which have been put to paper to form heavenly images, the drawings and paintings become a very powerful force for the good guys. The dark forces on Earth are repulsed by Valiant’s artwork. (Which is why this blog has never been attacked.)

Causing headaches for the bad guys is just one function in each of his images. Each image also transmutes and amplifies any dark energy directed at it, giving the dark forces no choice but to completely avoid this magic of the lines and light.

Because of this, the paintings and drawings act as shields and will protect anyone who has them displayed in their homes. Yes, color copies produced from an inkjet printer have these powers.

Valiant revealed yet another function of the art in his last post:

“Remember, it’s not too late…
Post the Good Spirit, the paintings of Lines
And Light…like lamb’s blood (on a door jam) they will protect…
The Angel may just shelter you when they see
This sign, their language…It’s in the paintings.”

The lines and light will act as a beacon for angels.


Stuck everywhere throughout my house I have color inkjet copies of Valiant’s artwork. On mirrors, on my refrigerator, on a bulletin board, on my fireplace mantle and even on a window of my car.

All of my family members have “Good Spirit” in their homes.

A soothing and comforting energy has settled over all of us as a result. Angels are keeping us.

Any readers of this blog are greatly encouraged and very welcome to print images of Valiant’s artwork.

We have a weapon against the dark forces who are destroying our sisters and brothers and our dear blue Terra. We need to use it.

4 thoughts on “About the Art, Please Read

  1. lidavg48 says:

    What a great and timely post!! I hope everyone who visits your site does this for them selves and loved ones.
    I can’t imagine an Angel picture not being welcome in a home….unless of course t’s in the home of one of the bad guys…then again, it just might change them too!! On that line of thought…should this type of picture make you uncomfortable, or someone else around you….look out…you may be in the wrong company!
    Distance yourself ASAP.
    If you can’t, pray for their change of heart…it can happen too.
    His paintings are so powerful!!

  2. karysma1307 says:

    A timely post indeed Mike….. thanks a million ….. I was drawn to so many of the pictures that I’ve almost run out of ink …. Visual enlightenment ……. Aroha and Blessings to all

    • mike0v says:

      You’re most welcome, dear sister. In the lines and light paintings, if you allow your eyes to rest on the images and sit quietly for several minutes, the art comes alive. Each of William’s pieces is designed to do this. It may sound crazy but William speaks with angels. Real, honest to goodness angels. When you see his art, it’s easy to believe. MV

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