Who Ya Gonna Believe?

February 21, 2014

By The Associated Press

ST. LOUIS – Despite the snow still covering the upper Midwest, National Weather Service experts are optimistic that spring flooding will be minimal in the nation`s Heartland.

Several Midwestern branch offices of the National Weather Service released spring flood outlook reports late Thursday.

None projects significant flooding on all waterways, and the risk of even minor flooding is below normal in many places.

That`s a bit of a surprise considering how snowy the winter has been. Parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa still have up to 3 feet of snow on the ground.

National Weather Service hydrologist Mark Fuchs in suburban St. Louis says the snowfall has been offset by unusually low river levels and drought. He says when the snow melts, much of it is expected to soak into the parched ground.


By Valiant

“Eventually that snow will melt…
And we will see flooding unlike ever before…
That Mississippi…all that water has
To go somewhere…it will widen…
And believe me, it’s a warning this time…
Get out…while you can.”

“Things will begin to happen fast once that
River rises…the Mississippi…watch it…
Remember what they said about the
Floodgates…For once the floodgates open,
There’s no stopping it, what’s to come…”

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  1. AngelicView says:

    Yes! It’s that G2 Cloud thing that I’m looking forward to! Fun times 🙂

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