In The Skies

Tick Tock…Chronicles of Change…Dreams…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 1-Mar-2014 12:00:10

I dreamt strange things,
Of empty places –people gone…
Having to go to the local school every
Morning to check in and verify of
Being “Alive”.

I dreamt of receiving a golden ticket…
And waiting to board some space ship…
But mostly I keep dreaming it’s so quiet,
That everyone’s gone…???

In March,
Watch the birds…really watch them…
In a season of change, of spring. It will be
Different this year.
Watch the birds…The wind…All things of the sky…
Even be wary of planes and anything involving
The sky…of crashes, things ablaze, things falling…
From shooting stars, to meteors, to solar flares…
Nothing will be as it seems.

Keep watching the Skies. The Birds,
They’re sensitive to magnetic fields,
Maybe THAT has something to do with it.

That’s why I’m sharing this special
Artwork of mine with you now,
“The Merlin Eagle”
I designed it for magical protection…
I have lots of artwork no one has seen,
Remember that.
This particular piece is not like the
Others…I designed it with the magic of
A bird of prey in mind.
To search, seek, PROTECT…with strong magic.
Unfortunately, I forgot to add a small detail,
Mercy. It has a vicious streak, but is an
Excellent protector, with awesome eyes,
Not to be used lightly…
I think everyone needs the best protection
Right now. Just use carefully.

If it is in the air, and we need to watch
The skies, it’s time for The Merlin Eagle.

There’s something there, but it’s like
Trying to think about it scatters my
My thoughts on that “Machine”
That Big Brother has been using
To manipulate things is on the verge of
Breaking…and at some point in March
It will break, which will reveal something
They’ve been hiding in the skies…

Whatever it is, all I know is that it has
Not changed other events to come…
The Mississippi will still flood…
The Earth will still shake with quakes after…

Just be careful…I just hope the Merlin
Eagle will help…The more you share it, copy it,
The stronger it should become…use wisely.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, Should Nibiru come…
Be warned…There will be surprises…
If the Andromedans don’t act on their arrival
Things could get ugly for everyone involved…
And the Higher Powers will react accordingly.

That’s all for now.

The Merlin Eagle

The Merlin Eagle

16 thoughts on “In The Skies

  1. karysma1307 says:

    Confirmation indeed …… during meditations of late, the stillness is interrupted with the same thought ….. “Look to the Skies”……… thank you Valiant for “The Merlin Eagle” …….. Aroha and Blessings

  2. mike0v says:

    Thank you. Truly.
    I’m impressed by your diligence. Making it all the way through Bill’s posts is no easy assignment.
    What he’s given us, however, in all his posts and artwork is a treasure trove. A genuine gift for all humanity.
    I’m just like you, too. I stumbled across Bill’s work accidentally almost two years ago. Or was it?
    Please share any insights you have. We all need as much help as possible!

  3. mike0v says:


    The machine in this post isn’t the LHC. The machine Valiant is referring to is the device that maintains the matrix in which we live. I’m not familiar with details but I do know the Annunaki created it and the best name for it, as far as I’m concerned, is the Human Mind System, a phrase coined by the WingMakers.

    The stated purpose and the actual purpose of the LHC are not the same, naturally. Scientists claim to use the collider to explore the subatomic realms in search of answers which support their Standard Model. All of that is BS. The quantum world is completely different than what they tell us. The Standard Model is a joke. It’s a quagmire of confusion and complexity that no one understands.

    The true purpose of the LHC is to keep us enslaved. Its design and operation go above my head in understanding, so I can’t tell you if it can create black holes or alter time but I do know that its existence is absolutely unnecessary to further comprehend our universe. It is exactly like nuclear energy. It is a device that can be built but shouldn’t be.

    From what I understand, and I’m not certain, the God particle is you. And me. And every human with a soul.

    One of the stated purposes of the LHC was to uncover the Higg’s Boson, also known as the God Particle. This is a cover story for the true purpose of harnessing the power of our souls, the true God Particles. And the dark forces tried doing this in 2012.

    This crazy, mad scientist plan was supposed to come together at the London Olympics. The Olympic site in London was built on top of a nuclear waste repository. On purpose. If you look back in the news, you can find articles that talk about the huge debate over the Olympic site. The area is poisoned with nuclear radiation but you can guess who won the battle over hosting the Olympics there.

    From what I understand, while the Olympic stadium was filled with God Particles (humans) sitting on top of decaying radioactive waste, the LHC would be fired up and start accelerating subatomic particles around the ring.

    Somehow, the enormous energy from the LHC and the interaction with the radioactive material was supposed to trap the souls of the humans in the stadium. I think. Don’t quote me on that. I can’t remember all the details of this fiasco.

    Colliders and time control equipment and nuclear facilities hurt our Earth. What I mean by that is they cause pain. Earth feels actual pain from these devices.When a collider is operating, our Terra is in deep pain. It hurts like hell.

  4. Caroline says:

    Mike, could you ask Valiant, or do you know yourself..has that flight that disappeared, is this part of the breakdown of the Matrix that you are talking about. Are these people and the plane, out of space, out of time? Are they an example of the disappearances that Valiant mentioned in this poem? Thanks in advance, Caroline

    • mike0v says:

      The Malaysian airplane that disappeared is a true mystery. I’m not sure, nor is Bill, that the weakening of the matrix caused the airplane to vanish. If I had to guess, I would say that it’s not.

      What happened to that airliner is part of the ongoing battle between the light and the dark on Earth. A motive is behind this incident but trying to determine what that motive is can be a maddening exercise. Our world is trapped in a web of lies and deception that has millions of branches which travel to every corner on the globe. The complexity is mind-boggling.

      From the available information, I think it’s reasonable to say that the airplane did not crash in any ocean or on any land. It truly vanished.

      For a commercial airliner to simply disappear, it would have to either be cloaked and then flown to a remote site or pass into a stargate or portal of some kind.

      Airplanes have disappeared in certain areas of Earth, so this isn’t the first time humanity has seen such a thing.

      What happened to the people and where they ended up can only be determined when we know who is responsible for the disappearance. This incident was no accident, it was planned.

      If the bad guys did it, my guess is that the airplane was cloaked and flown to a remote landing site. In that case, I’m sure everyone on board would be murdered.

      If the good guys did it, then I believe you might be right; the people could be in another place and time, perfectly safe and healthy.

      Many different realities and parallel universes exist, as you well know, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination that the flight ended up in one. I’ve traveled to several parallel universes in meditation and doing it was quite easy. I’m damn glad I didn’t get stuck in one, however. Those places were horrible.

      The people on the airplane aren’t the ones that Bill is speaking about when he talks about people disappearing. In this post he’s talking about how many people will die in the coming apocalypse.

      I know I don’t have to tell you, Caroline, but things are not going like they were supposed to. This whole fiasco was intended to be over by now but the dark forces have become supremely arrogant. They refuse to give up, even when they know that Heaven and the angels ain’t happy. It takes an enormous amount of stupidity for them to think they can do battle with Heaven, with their very own Creator. I’m sure what will happen to them will not be pretty.


    • mike0v says:


      I saw and read that article yesterday. Yeah, it seems very plausible. Actually, it seems highly likely. Our military has had this technology for a long time.

      This incident has occupied my mind quite a bit and part of the reason is because I’ve been in the airline business for 29 years.

      What we know is that the airplane disappeared and we also know that its disappearance was no accident. It was planned.

      So, the big question is: who did it and why?

  5. mike0v says:


    Sounds very reasonable to me. Actually, this sounds better than what I explained.


    On Thursday, March 13, 2014, No More Sleeping wrote:


  6. mike0v says:


    Thank you very much for this!


  7. mike0v says:


    Thank you. I came across this message yesterday in my internet travels.

    I have to say, it sure makes me feel better. I don’t know how accurate the information might be but to hear that Heaven and the angels have had enough and won’t allow any more tragedies gives me hope that we’re almost done with this hell.

    All of the starseeds are exhausted and humanity deserves to be free. We’ve all suffered enough.


    On Friday, March 14, 2014, No More Sleeping wrote:


  8. mike0v says:


    Thanks for this. The patent financial trickery completes the puzzle. Good find.


    On Friday, March 14, 2014, No More Sleeping wrote:


  9. Caroline says:

    John P, just wanted to say you have brought some really interesting items to this thread. It is a challenge to keep up with all of the new ideas popping up, but this place is my favorite. Many blessings to you,..and Mike..and Lida and Valiant, etc..LOL

    • mike0v says:


      Thank YOU! All of us here have felt pretty lonely from time to time. Seeing others meet here and share what they know is a real treat for this small gang.

      William and Lida have suffered for a long time and it’s been an honor for me to join their family and stand beside them in this fight. And anyone who doesn’t think this is a fight needs to wake up.

      Yes, it’s time to take back our sovereignty and the sacred gifts that were given to us and these things are damn well worth fighting for, if you ask me.


  10. mike0v says:


    All of us share a similar story. Nobody believes us, nobody listens to us. I recently “lost” my 17 year old daughter. At first, she was so enthusiastic about a new world but because it’s taken so long for it to materialize, she’s losing hope and doesn’t want to talk about this stuff anymore.

    It’s heart-breaking to think about the suffering and ridicule that awakened humans have to live through. We’ve been told, over and over, that the rewards for such duty will be tremendous but I just can’t picture something like that. All I know is that I’m exhausted.


  11. mike0v says:

    This is hooey. Disinformation.
    Some truths, mostly lies.

  12. mike0v says:


    Please don’t think I was being rude. I was in a hurry and wanted to leave a quick comment.

    The information about the airplane is so inaccurate I was laughing after I read it. There was no hydraulic malfunction, no flap problem and airplanes don’t enter the stratosphere and blow apart from the altitude.

    I’m an aircraft mechanic. Been working on airliners for 29 years.

    The part about the inner Earth, NESARA, signing documents and Ashtar are lies. Total BS.

    The airplane DID, however, disappear into a parallel universe or reality, which is where the airplane and passengers are. As to their health and safety, I don’t think anyone knows.

    Who is responsible?

    At first, I thought it might be the good guys. Then channeled information came out which said the bad guys did it.

    So now I just don’t know. I think very few people DO know. Both sides have good motives to take the airplane but I agree with your assessment that the purpose was to create WWIII.

    Right now, all we can do is wait.

    Admiral Byrd’s diary is excellent, by the way. I read it a few years ago.

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