To all starseeds:

Our strength is building. Prison walls are collapsing every day. Around our dear blue Terra, the awakening of humanity is accelerating but peace still eludes us.

Every starseed on Terra will tell a different story, will have a unique history and will have suffered with a burden that sleeping humans cannot understand, but all of us know, deep within our hearts, that we came here to help bring our brothers and sisters back home.

As the spiritual warriors we are, we have been given an angelic weapon in this conflict between the light and the dark, a torch we can use to bring heavenly light into the darkness that exists here, a beacon for our sleeping brothers and sisters who have lived in anguish for thousands of years, who deserve to know themselves again and who wish to live from their hearts.

This angelic gift that can do these things is Valiant’s art.

Please, everyone, print many copies of the artwork here and spread them around your lives and families. Post Valiant’s artwork on your blog, if you have one. Direct others to come here and see his work and encourage them to share it.

The magic that flows from Valiant’s hands is a gift from Heaven to all of humanity.

20 thoughts on “Print!

  1. Focusing on centering in our own heart and feelings and building strength there . . . will more naturally push light outwards from inside of us. From there, people will be attracted of their own free will to the artwork if that is what is needed. The more you try to force or push . . . the more restricted and smaller your light will shine, and the less people will be able to see or find you. Have more faith in the people and in the universe, and let go of trying to force or control the outcome. Let be what needs to be. *We’ve* got this.

  2. lidavg48 says:

    Just so you know….no one is ‘pushing’ or ‘forcing’ here…that violates free will.
    What we do is ‘share’…and because we care so much, we want to ‘share’ with everyone.
    There is Light in all of us, some is just a little deeper than others.
    This Artwork shines, turns on the mega watt bulb so we can find our way out, and add to that light.
    Better for us. Better for them…
    Trust me, no one can match the light of a Good Spirit.
    No where, no how.
    I should know…I am Valiant’s Mother.
    I bear witness to that power every single moment, every single day!
    I couldn’t be prouder.

    Thanks Mike!!

    • Julia says:

      Excellent! Well said Lida!
      Some people don’t realize that is is OK to print these pictures & so we encourage them to do this, if it is what resonates with them.
      I have many around my home & every time I see them I am reminded of the Light that I am!

    • lidavg48 says:

      as it should be…because you are!!

  3. Soul Agenda says:

    Dear Lida, I have only recently discovered Valiant’s writings and incredible artwork, thanks to Let’s just say Synchronicity was at work πŸ™‚ I have since immersed myself in his art (The White Stag and Magic Angel being my favourites, and I have Good Spirit on my blog); I feel the wonderful and transformational energy in them. I wish to thank you and Mike once again for bringing his creations out to the public. To Valiant ~ deep and heartfelt gratitude for carrying out your mission so…valiantly πŸ™‚ I truly appreciate what you do…THANK YOU!

    With much Love and many Blessings, Namaste.

  4. Soul Agenda says:

    Me again. I’d like to make a small contribution…how can I do that? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • mike0v says:

      The only contributions I accept are smooches. Do you have any of those? Lida owes me a whole bunch of them! And Julia owes me and Shannon owes me and Karol owes me and Ellie owes me.

      Wow. When this is over, I’m gonna feel like I hit the lottery!

  5. lidavg48 says:

    I never asked….
    is that with or without lipstick? If ‘with’, is there a favorite color?

  6. Soul Agenda says:

    Mike, I guess I would have to get in line… πŸ˜€

  7. LidaV says:

    Way to go John!!!
    ….and we know exactly what you mean, right Mike!

  8. LidaV says:

    Very funny!
    Actually, he was a great host! He and another researcher did that show…his name was Alex Cavalerri (sp?). Smart man! Came down from Brooklyn to a studio in Atlantic City.
    My segment was about a Mothman sighting in Bakers Point, PA.
    Gave Bill the description and he drew a picture for me. There was another guest that night…a guy who researched JFK and UFO’s… Who had almost the exact same drawing on his arm….as a tattoo! He was floored! We had a great follow up off camera discussion that night.
    Guess I never told you that before.
    It was in the mid 90’s. The sighting and the TV show!
    Very fascinating night that was!! Bill sr was with me.
    On different nights, Bill and my daughter came with us…studio audience.
    Loved that time. Met some fascinating people. Abductees, et al.

  9. LidaV says:

    It was not ‘Valiant’ related…
    MUFON stuff…

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