Important Memo

To all my sisters and brothers from around the world:

If you are reading the posts on this blog for the first time it’s understandable if they are confusing to you.

Reading Valiant’s posts is not easy. They are cryptic and mysterious.

Why are they cryptic and mysterious?

Because Valiant is connected to Heaven and the angels and he is a witness to the battle between the light and the dark that is taking place right now.

Everyone needs to understand that Valiant is connected to the highest of dimensions. His connection goes way above the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.

His information isn’t “channeled.” It comes directly from Heaven. Directly from the angels.

His posts give witness to the fencing match between the light and the dark. His posts go into the dirty details of the fight.

When Valiant speaks of the Higher Forces or Higher Powers, he’s talking about Heaven and the angels.

When he speaks of Big Brother, he’s talking about the corrupted humans on Earth.

When he speaks of Mr. Spaceman, he’s talking about all the ET races that are parked above us, watching and waiting.

If you think the battle between the light and the dark is over and humanity has emerged victorious, then Valiant’s words are not for you.

Valiant does not speak of fantasies, he speaks of the reality of our “now.”

The dark forces on Earth are defying their own Creator.

Many ET races are observing us and many of these races have ulterior motives. If you believe all ET races have the best interests of humanity at heart, then you are mistaken.

What’s happening now is a realignment of the entire universe, not just our dear blue Terra. If you think Earth is “special” in any way, then you are mistaken.

Yes, Earth will play a key role in this change, along with eight other worlds, but we are not alone in this endeavor, nor have we ever been.

Everyone on Earth needs to realize that everything in the universe will be affected by this divine intervention.

Valiant spells it out very clearly in his first post:

“The real reason the aliens came here, their secret agenda, was to observe and absorb divine intervention. That’s the only reason they’re here, that’s the only reason they have been coming here, staying here….and why they stay so hidden and cloaked. They didn’t come to save us, they came to watch and learn and observe a civilization as it slowly undergoes a transformation and cataclysm…..Divine intervention always comes to these times, it has and always will. Their lives are so formal and sterile, the enrichment of spiritual knowledge is the most prized thing anywhere….And it’s happening right now.”

“But the biggest secret of all is that it was all planned…The luring, the manipulation, the technology, even the instigation of experiments…all for the sake of the end of the game. Which is…that our fate is their fate. There is a cosmic law the aliens observe, but there is also a spiritual law of which only the higher powers know…You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble, or manipulate it without consequences….It’s like a domino-effect. What happens here will happen on their worlds, ending ultimately in an entire-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy. The good guys lose…the bad guys lose, ha ha ha. They planned it eons ago, and the parts were played out perfectly.”

We are reshaping the hierarchy of the entire universe and it was planned like this from the beginning.

Our story isn’t the story of only those of us on Earth.

Our story is the saga of an entire universe.

19 thoughts on “Important Memo

  1. lidavg48 says:

    Very well explained Mike!!
    Thank you,
    aka:Valiant’s Mom

  2. Au Matu says:

    …”realignment of the entire universe”…”reshaping the hierarchy”…
    Thanks for the explanation…the two phrases above, are a bit vague. IS the realignment on all levels/dimensions, o just the physical plane? Also, is the hierarchy being merely reshaped, or eliminated altogether?

    • mike0v says:

      Au Matu,
      I don’t know if this realignment affects all dimensions and all physical planes. As you know, countless dimensions and physical planes exist.
      I do know that OUR physical plane, along with the 4th and 5th dimensions will be affected.
      The hierarchy is changing because of the return of the divine feminine. Will this eliminate completely the current hierarchy? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.
      One thing is certain: if a being is unable to live in a balanced universe, where the hierarchy has changed and reached a balanced state between the masculine and the feminine, then that being is going somewhere else.

    • Au Matu says:

      Thanks again for your Honest answer…the piece that stands out to me this time: “a balanced state between the masculine and the feminine”! There’s been SO many that leave out the fact that the feminine energy is being balanced with, and not to overtaking, the masculine. As I see it, replacing the patriarchal with the matriarchal would just get us right back to where we started, unbalanced. Thanks for the clarity!

    • mike0v says:

      You’re welcome.
      Seeing this balance between the masculine and the feminine returned to us will be a joyous occasion and when all of our mothers and sisters and daughters can leave behind the horrendous abuse from which they’ve suffered for thousands of years, it will truly be a gift from Divinity.

  3. Era says:

    Awesome explanation, I absolutely think Valiant is a treasure for us right now. So many lies out there. So many spread false hope in their channelings, but year after year what they say doesn’t happen. They are false. So tired of it ! Valiant tells truth. No holds bar truth, that is what we need right, to survive this on every level of our Beings, not just physical, And his pictures, amazing and powerful. I have his angel pics all over my house. Plus eagle looking out front and back doors for protection, Also Sun Diamond and just recently Harmonic Diamond. So powerful and keep my house clear of entities and demons and malevolent energies and Beings, Felt a difference the very moment I put up the Angels, so beautiful, yet so powerful ! PLS keep those amazing messages coming. They bring a sense of peace and safety to me, and I feel no fear at all in reading them. Truth never brings fear, it brings A sense of empowerment. Finally someone is telling the TRUTH. Blessings and love, Angel

    Sent from my iPad


    • mike0v says:

      Valiant’s artwork is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? I feel the same way. After putting copies all around my house, a calm settled over it. A peaceful, spiritual calm.
      I have copies of his artwork with me all the time now. I come from a large family and I insisted that everyone print copies and put them in their homes. I’ve badgered them to never travel unless they have Good Spirit with them.
      My son and daughter are the same. They don’t go anywhere without Good Spirit.
      Valiant’s art takes any dark energy and not only transmutes it into light, it amplifies this light. Dark beings are well aware to stay away.
      Thanks so much for the words of support. Please feel free to comment anytime.

  4. mike0v says:

    Thank YOU, John. Truly. All of us are damn glad you’re here. I think your arrival was part of the plan. It certainly feels that way.

  5. karysma1307 says:

    Thanks a million Mike for your explanation on Valiant’s posts. As a recent subscriber and follower of these posts, I can see why I was drawn here. As cryptic as the posts may seem, upon re reading and now with your explanation, it’s all starting to make sense. Like you know, we all take in what resonates with us and let go of that we don’t. And of course, having the artwork displayed around complements and accentuates our abilities to remain grounded, loving and compassionate ……… Once again thank you , and thank you Valiant ……….. Aroha and Blessings

    • mike0v says:

      Um, I know this is a late reply, but I’ve been meaning to ask, my dear: what is “aroha?”
      Shouldn’t it be “aloha?”

  6. Julia says:

    I find that I often have to read the posts several times before more is revealed to me. Sometimes I go back a day or two later & I see id differently. They sort of grow on me.
    I can’t say enough how much I love the art. It is not only protective but beautiful. It calms you in a very deep way.
    I’m glad to see more people reading the posts! It only gets better.

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you. Truly. William has given to humanity something we’ve all been wanting to see and feel; a tangible connection to Heaven. The posts and the artwork reach into your heart because they come from the angels. His work has been a much needed boost for all the starseeds.
      Let your eyes rest on a printed copy of his artwork and it will come alive. They are designed to do this. Only those people with the Light within them can see the comforting beauty in the art. The dark forces are repulsed by it.

  7. Kelly Palmer says:

    Thank you so very much Mike!!! I’m a very new person to this site and I just can’t stop reading. Your explanation is what I needed! I have felt a very heavy oppressing feeling in my home since we bought it. It’s like when your here its hard to meditate and you feel a great loss of energy. I will for sure be putting up the very beautiful artwork that I have seen to try to help me with my issues in my home to raise the vibration here. I am forever grateful to have found your website and the great messages that are here to be learned. I can’t explain how grateful I am that I was lead to your amazing site. Much love and light :-)

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you. Please, print as many copies as you like and spread them around your life. An angelic energy will fill your home if you do. I have William’s artwork all throughout my house and I’m unable to explain how it works but a calm has settled here. A spiritual, soothing calm.
      I have copies in my car and I don’t go anywhere without William’s art. Same with my two teenagers. “Good Spirit” is with them wherever they go.
      I’m very glad you found us. Please, leave comments if you like. My small group is a talkative bunch!

  8. lidavg48 says:

    So many wonderful, loving good faces here!
    What a joy to welcome everyone.

    Mike, look what you’ve done.

    I know the Angels are smiling.
    And you know I will be sharing this with William today!!
    Lida (his Mom, for you new faces)

    • mike0v says:

      I’ve noticed your pithy, satirical barbs being thrown at the dark forces on RMN and I have to say, they’re wonderful. We’ve needed your voice in the fight. It’s energizing. Carry on!

  9. lidavg48 says:

    Sartorial splendor at it’s best!
    Nice work guys!!

    • Kelly Palmer says:

      Thank you so very much! I greatly appreciate everyone on here and their links to look at too. I’m recently awaken and I feel so much truth here from my gut it’s hard to explain. I have seen other sites that I just know are not right. I have spent much time reading past posts and I’m just speechless at times. I just can’t believe how beautiful his art work is. Much love and joy to everyone!

    • mike0v says:


      Valiant’s words and art reach deeply inside you because they are the truth, which is very hard to find these days. And where does the truth always lead?

      The truth always leads us back home.

      Welcome home.

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