Pink Diamonds, Gold, Masters and Skulls

Knock Knock…The Signs, Sightings of Mysterious Creatures…More Things to Come…

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Date: Friday, 4-Apr-2014 12:13:40

A Pink Diamond.
Used correctly with the right harmonics and
Rainbow bridge of light, can cure any disease,
Slow, or even reverse aging…
When worn by pregnant women, it bestows
Great gifts upon her child born…
I wonder what else a Pink Diamond can do?

I hear you encouraged Japan to outlaw
And stop whaling.
It’s about time.
I believe that deserves a little something…

Time is moving faster, that’s part of time
Re-aligning, it has to happen.
Unfortunately, the consequences of past events
Means things are going to happen faster…
And remember what I said, your tinkering
Made things worse. You’re about to see it.

If a singer takes the stage in Southern California, and the Earth begins
To shake. (ie: during a live ‘show’) That’s a warning that
The BIG ONE is coming. Get out while you can.

What concerns me most is the Yellowstone
Caldera…if the Big One hits, it could set off
That boiling point…You don’t want that to
Happen…if the Yellowstone Caldera blows, it
Could destroy the entire continent.

Now, if I were an Ancient Master and I
Wanted to quiet that down, I would take
One of the Master Crystal Skulls there…to Yellowstone,
Facing East…surrounded by a circle of
13 obelisks of pure gold…90 meters apart
Not that fake 14 K gold crap you pedal to
The public…Only pure Gold…
A sacred circle with the skull, could very
Well calm that stormy ground…
The design of one of my harmonic diamond drawings
Might inspire a pattern there…
Don’t screw that up…Understand?

Too much is happening too fast…
All the continental plates are becoming unstable,
That Yellowstone Caldera could trigger them all…
The Mississippi…
The Atlantic…but that one could go off
Anyway…Remember that Coastal Flooding
Event? That’s coming…only this time it
Will effect the Southern Hemisphere…
South Africa, South America, the Gulf Coast…

The damage control here is unbearable. There’s only
So much I can do. But if there’s any way I
Can help I will.

Remember, pure gold has the power…not
That watered down cheap stuff you sell to
The public. I swear if people knew what they
Paid for, the quality of jewelry you actually sell,
They would scream…
At present no one sees true treasure like they
Did in ancient times. Unbelievable.

You need to know, people are reporting
Sightings of a gargoyle like creature,
Resembling Mothman, in Western Pennsylvania…
Called the Butler Gargoyle, sightings are
Growing. The head of the Cryptozoological
Society recently contacted us concerning this
Requesting any help with information.
If anyone has sightings of the creature please
Report in to the Society in Pennsylvania to inform them.

These sightings, you know what that means…
More is coming…

Now would definitely be a good time for some
Very helpful alien intervention…
If not…
Remember Roswell?
An alien incident unlike any other
Will repeat, falling from the sky making
Roswell look like Candyland.
Falling, or perhaps ripped from the sky is a better
Word…You never know.

I wish I could report more about the creature sightings
But I don’t like to mess with Mothman-like things…
They know when you try to sense them, and it attracts
Their attention. Something I’d rather not have.
I can only imagine the creature is appearing
As a result of events speeding up, disasters,
And the upcoming Mississippi event.
Be careful everyone. Please.

And now would be a GOOD time to disarm
ALL nuclear devices and bombs…
You wouldn’t want an unforeseen earthquake
To rattle those, would you?
Remember what I said about stupid mistakes?
And don’t even try to lie or cover these up,
The more you try…the more people will notice.

The artwork I’m sharing now is one of my
Eagles, Eyes in the Skies for you…rather
Appropriate now…it’s also one of the few I still
Have available…if interested, please let me know.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, I understand circumstance
May have some of your people…settling here…
Like it or not…Remember going public only
Earns points now. Won’t that be polite to talk in
Person rather than sneak around. Interesting.

That’s all for now.

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Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

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