Forbidden Knowledge, Blood Moon

Tick Tock…Forbidden Knowledge…A Little Something to Think About…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 10-Apr-2014 12:32:30

You just had to keep toying around with that machine…
Can’t give up that control or admit defeat…
I understand, that power hungry thing.
Wanting things your way…
Because you’re stupid, that’s why.

A Blue Diamond…A Gem of Justice,
Honor and Truth. Best owned by a person of
Integrity and nobility.
Not a stone for you, Big Brother of course…
Placed anywhere near the Skull of Divination…
Or any of the crystals really,
Triggers an immediate act of justice of the Earth…
An Armageddon…The process is irreversible…
No device can manipulate the planet then.
Weather…earthquakes, out of control, unpredictable.
I had no idea your aims for stupidity were
So high.

I have too much information to sort through
Thanks to you…So let’s get to it…
I’ll try to be as clear as possible, Big Brother,
So pay attention.

So much going on so fast…
I can only hope history does not repeat itself,
But for that we have to have learned our
Lessons from the past and not let history
Repeat itself…

Where to begin…
There has been a lot of talk about aliens involved
In our past.
Well, yes it’s true, they were involved in
Ancient civilizations, like Ancient Egypt and
India…They had been around for ages after all.
My point here is, did anyone ever wonder why?
Why approach primitive civilizations, help them
Just a bit…and yet allow themselves
To be worshiped, and condone slavery…
Surely that’s not something good aliens
Would do…

Even back then “Good” Aliens practiced
non intervention…
Surely they wanted something…
Gold perhaps?

For millennia there has been a hidden
Agenda and manipulation of mankind.
But what’s strange is how they backed off
When a little act of divine intervention
Took place. When Moses freed the Hebrew

Everyone is familiar with that right?
The story of the Ten Commandments…
The Heavens produced a savior to help
Free the Hebrew slaves.
As told in the Bible, all bibles.
Although most bibles have been revised and
Edited…the fact remains, it was and
Always has been a Hebrew bible, the Holy Scriptures,
A “Jewish” bible.
Maybe just divine intervention spooked these
Aliens…who knows.

Anyway, I digress…
Secret overseers have been manipulating mankind
For a long time.
You might say our entire known and
Documented history has been an
Experiment of one kind or another of
How far this world could be shaped
And controlled.

History. Ours or theirs.
If only it could be changed…
So many people have wished they could go
Back in time and change things…

Let’s take WWII for example. The war of wars…
So evil…many have wished they could go
Back and kill Hitler and prevent it from
Ever happening.
The truth is that war would have happened
Anyway. Our overseers found a lunatic
To shape, a great puppeteer and orator…
And look what they got him to do.
He alone did not do all that evil, remember that.
It took a lot more than one person to build
That diabolic chaos…
But why the Jews? Why kill so many…
Unless some secret power was afraid…
Afraid of a divine birth, a messiah that
Might be born there…
In that same place where centuries ago
A bloodline spread with special DNA…

But the thing is, no matter what evil power,
a divine birth can not be prevented.
Heaven will always have its way.

What’s the point to all of this you wonder?
Ancient Aliens manipulating the human race…
Ancient civilizations, slavery, mass murder…
But that’s all history, right?
It couldn’t still be going on…
Manipulation, control…candy coated
With technology, the internet, cell phones,
Promises of hope, wishes of wealth…temptation…
Just so no one would pay attention
To what they’re doing…what’s going on…

All this suffering…just so they could have
It’s a good thing all that gold never left the…

The Blood of the Earth…the Gold…
The Ancient Masters enchanted the Gold…
If too much were ever taken…
It would trigger justice…

Don’t get too attached to all that Gold now,
It will have to go back you see…
Ten tons at least…for starters.

It’s a good thing gold never left
The planet…or wherever it went…
Things would certainly shake, rattle and

My artwork for you this time
Pegasus Penned the Dragon…
Something to think about…

One person can make a difference.
Time to take the blindfolds off people.
I should go. You still have a lot of stupid
Things to do…

That’s all for now.

PS: Blood moon, red moon…was in my book…it was and is a sign you know.

Pegasus Penned the Dragon

Pegasus Penned the Dragon

7 thoughts on “Forbidden Knowledge, Blood Moon

  1. karma007 says:

    Thanks for posting Mike.

  2. mike0v says:

    Thank you, my brother. All of us are glad you’re here.

  3. lidavg48 says:

    just a thought here…
    the time machine Bill is talking about is different than the ones that ‘move people’, or things…like in the Philadelphia experiment, or the one used in the Montauk experiments. I am not even sure he is familiar with those.
    He is referring to one that has changed time for Earth….held it back…something like that. Only to delay the inevitable events that were supposed to happen to Earth and all life on it.
    ….and John, 2 of those 9 worlds have already fallen. Something we may be facing if the bad guys don’t stop their time manipulation completely. They keep pushing it! And it is really messing things up because it doesn’t work right any more.
    One of these is going to BREAK for good!

    • Grace says:

      Not sure if I’m getting off-track or even if I’m missing the point…during the three days after 21 December 2012, I developed a strong belief that we were at the end of a time-loop. It felt to me that we had tried to make this Shift happen before, but failed, only to have a time loop occur so we could try it again. This time around, we made it!

      Thank you for this update and yet another gorgeous painting, Valiant 🙂 Many Blessings

    • mike0v says:

      Very insightful, Grace. Not just another pretty face… 😉

    • Grace says:

      Aww…my wings are blushing… 🙂

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