An Excerpt from “Higher Forces”

From “Higher Forces’ by William J. Griffith
Published in 2000

Lily is an awakening starseed, recovering from a terrible fall into a deep pit. She is surrounded by crystals which are miraculously healing her injuries. The crystals “had some kind of miraculous quality that allowed her mind to focus, to see beyond normal sight in oceanic waves of energy that penetrated and carried her soul deeper into her body, into some universal connection that lay hidden in the recess of her brain.”


“But there were visions that graced her mind and soul now among this. Profound and limitless, they stretched to the past into the future; the present was just some sad rendering of the struggle between. By unseen water and vaporous fumes that came from somewhere of the crystals magic, she saw the history she had never known—the life of the Earth; forget about her personal heritage, how small that was in comparison to what demanded her understanding now. The images cascaded in film-length versions as she saw the lives of a lost civilization, then dozens to and fro across the starry heavens—all Human worlds, varying only slightly, with other creatures beside them living in harmony with nature, and there were mountains—towering jagged things, and trees of all shapes and sizes—had she ever known there were so many? And she saw the great luminous cities of the past…Lily gasped, there were so many—so many things to see all at once. She was struck by shock, she realized that everything she had ever heard, ever learned was a lie…modern science today, of this twentieth century Earth, was primitive and young…endless clues would be uncovered in the next one hundred years. Science and medicine would take drastic different methods to interpret new things like flying, healing, living, eating, drinking, breathing and a higher spiritual understanding.”

“She had to put the visions in perspective, in order so as not to overwhelm herself too fast. First the origins, she saw that humans had not evolved from apes at all, it was much worse than that. She saw a colony of humans, beautiful-perfect beings, founding the garden society of a world called Eden, which was the Earth millions of years ago. Their cultivating of plant life had created new varieties, with staggering properties. The vegetation revealed a secret to life, to eternal life.”

“Then she saw enemies, whose faces were not quite clear but seemed monstrous in the same, they were cloaked in uniform and great vessels and had discovered the humans’ fountain of youth and moved to conquer and claim the precious gift for their own. The strange fork-tongued enemy was the fall of Eden, the fall of many cultures in the universe—these beings were malevolent and thirsty for power, they committed mass murders, annihilated entire races with their cold and cruel soul-less science; she knew it all so very fast, so awful it was. But worst of all, the seeming green split-eyed things committed experiments on the humans, which for the most part became a new slave race to them. They reduced the magnificence of the humans’ genes, mutated the natural order and ultimately regressed them into animals.”

“More, more from ages past on the planet that was now Earth, she saw human survivors of the first colony cover the ground in barbaric numbers, they weren’t people anymore but something Neanderthal-like and grotesque. Time passed, then space visitors came in startling variety and number—they sought to undo what their reptile-like predecessors had done. The fallen human race was given contributions of the aliens’ genetic material to recreate themselves; there was some riddlesome mystery here, the hybridizing, the rebirth. But she saw that rogue humans, who had escaped the enemies centuries ago by living far off in space, also returned to reconstruct their long-lost brothers and sisters as Earth’s new breed. And the new breed was stronger, with fantastic qualities, bearing traits of mystics and sorcery and spirituality. Civilization arose again. But the enemies had been watching this, and returned to plunder the world—this new Earth again, only this time they left nothing untouched. They fought with weapons beyond conception—nuclear, elemental fire and storms. The cities were destroyed, the people taken and enslaved once again…”

“But, Lily saw that a small band of people had survived the terror of the invasion and sudden climatic change by the pole’s shifting. A man and his family had built a sailing ship, this was the legend of Noah. But wait, she understood now what happened, his children had inbred—this destroyed the human genes, reduced her most recent ancestors to nothing short of mentally impaired two-legged creatures. Another fall, another Dark Age…but she saw that society rebuilt itself slowly again…to what it is now.”


5 thoughts on “An Excerpt from “Higher Forces”

  1. mike0v says:

    Uh, no. Lida gave me a copy about a year ago. I’ve read it twice.
    Bill did a magnificent job when mixing factual elements with a fictional story.

  2. lidavg48 says:

    He surprises me all over again….it has been so long since I read it! But then I read the unedited version first…all 1000+ pages.
    Time to publish the sequel?
    …is there time?

    • mike0v says:


      I believe this to be very true. How many times we’ve looped back and forth, well, I don’t know, but I do know that the timelines have been screwed with.

      One of the synchronicities experienced by William and me was a visit by a queen.

      In January of 2011, William had a lucid vision of a queen who told him that the timelines had been manipulated and were in need of “repair” or “realignment.”

      In January of 2012, during meditation, I had a lucid vision of the same queen. What the hell she said, I have no idea.

      These two visits occurred before William and I knew each other.

      William is an expert at communicating in the spiritual realms and this is the reason he was able to communicate with the queen.

      Me? All I could do was sit there and look at her. She did all the talking.

      It was the summer of 2012 when Lida, William and I started corresponding and came together on this blog.


  3. Jacqui says:

    Wow interesting how much this resonates with what Andrew Bartzis says about Earth’s timeline hijackings….far out!

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