As History Repeats Itself, We Watch

Emanuel Swedenborg, born in 1688, was a scientist and philosopher whose spiritual awakening occurred at age 56 and which inspired a great deal of intricately detailed prose describing revelations given to him in dreams and visions.

In the passage below, Swedenborg relates how evil entities aren’t condemned and devastated by Divinity but rather do it to themselves.

As we move farther into 2014, we watch as the self-destruction of the dark forces continues…

From “Spiritual Diary” by Emanuel Swedenborg (1758)

CONCERNING THE VASTATION AND CONDEMNATION OF THE EVIL – THAT THESE ARE FROM THEMSELVES. It is granted me to know, by continued experience of some [years], how the evil vastate themselves, and at length cast themselves into damnation. From their acquired nature, they cannot do otherwise than engage in wicked practices, and so infest those whom the Lord protects; and when they do this they thereby assail the Divine, and summon infernal societies; and the more they infest those the Lord protects, the more of these societies do they summon, and so more and more imbibe the hells, until their acquired nature becomes full. According to the degree of the infestation, the Divine is resisted; and, then, in that degree they summon the hells, that is, imbibe such things from the hells, and associate themselves with them. Hence it is evident that the Lord vastates, or condemns, no one, but that they themselves do it by dashing against the Divine more and more, until at length, when they have become full, they cast themselves into the hells, and then into damnation, or spiritual death.

One thought on “As History Repeats Itself, We Watch

  1. Suzzannee says:

    And so we continue…But the face of teh Divine is advancing and transforming according to the needs of the people and the evolvement of their souls. And the Divine Begins to reign in a different form… As we have gone through a Matriarchy and a Patriarchy now the living soul of the Divine shall speak through children. The age of Horus in the Egyptian pantheon and the age of Seven Star Sisters in the Greek. Evil shall always assault the good- it is the way of balance of the Tau, but what we shall find with this new aeon is that those who have been dark shall become light and those who are light shall become dark but not as it was before when the age of the nine hells were upon us, we have entered the age of the thirteen heavens ( mayan) and so that what was dark shall move away from evil and it shall lose it’s foothold on this planet as she also evolves along with her children upon her face and the forces that carry an evil vibration shall no longer be able to stand being here and will either leave or be destroyed.

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