The Clock Strikes One

Tick Tock…A Bell Chimes, The Clock Strikes ONE…Countdown…The Good News, The Bad News…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 1-May-2014 12:23:22

It can only Tick Tock for so long…
You played with, delayed Time…no more.
As Time re-aligns, the clock strikes ONE.
So it begins.

I’ll try to put this plainly and simple for you,
Big Brother, since you’re so dense and arrogant…
Or rather, intellectually impaired.
I’m trying to be nice and not call you stupid,
Forgive me, it’s hard.

You’ve really pushed their buttons this time…
I sure hope you haven’t recently disguised
Ceremonial events to ritualize power, or
Rather summon dark magic to empower unnatural
Because if you did, it won’t work
And would be a stupid stupid thing to do.
Oops sorry, I slipped again, called you stupid.
Like I said, it’s hard.
Just remember this,
When the nephilim were in great number
On the Earth in Ancient Times,
God cleaned the Earth with a flood.

Now of course, the Earth shook then,
Volcanoes blasted,
The weather was out of control…
It’s not like that’s happening now…

But this time it’s different…
We’re dealing with a number of Anakim,
That’s demon blood, not angel…
Which means a cleansing with fire…
Or you could simply solve the problem
By leaving the planet immediately, sparing the
Earth…And maybe go back with the Reptilians…
They’re in trouble anyway, or will be.
Their age will soon be over…dinosaurs…

In May, the floods will increase, as everything
Will. And that’s not even factoring in the
Spring rain.

Everything will escalate after May 1st,
That infamous WITCHES’ holiday…
But this time…things will be different.

What I’m offering people, us ordinary ones that is,
It won’t work for others, you know what I mean.

To access a higher consciousness,
Activate the Lines and Light…
Use a crystal…Either Yellow Topaz,
Or Amethyst will work…
Use a candle if it helps…
Focus on the light, the light inside your mind.
Direct it at the crystal, then the Lines
And Light…
The Good Spirit will work wonders,
But any of the paintings will work.
Keep your thoughts pure and let the
Light grow. Practice this.
It will draw positive energy to you, to the
Crystal through the artwork.
Use it to access higher consciousness, ancient
Memories…heal…break mind control
Manifest your heart desires.
It will take time and practice, but it will work.

Never use crystals to draw negative
Energy out, or put negative energy into them.
This teaches crystals to always attract
Negative energy. It’s wrong…bad information,
And black magic.
Whoever told you otherwise deliberately was
Told this to poison crystals and hold you back.

Using light with crystals is the right way…
And you never have to clear them…
And it’s about time you knew how to use them
Right…and manifest your dreams.

Now on to other things…the Bad news…

You’ve felt the changes…
In the air, on the water, the weather…
The Earth…A countdown has begun,
And it’s only the beginning.

Riots, revolution are all possible in May,
Particularly if past deeds show anything…
Don’t plan any plots against the people,
Big Brother…or you will pay…

Now remember what I said about
The Mississippi…your clock…

So many stupid things, rituals
Well, at least you haven’t done anything
Really dumb like abuse children or
Human sacrifices…Hell to pay.

What it comes down to is this.
A clock is ticking.
And you have two choices.
Do the right thing, or NOT.

Well, the people know what the smart thing
To do is, but also we know how stupid you are.

Big Brother, I believe it’s up to 90 tons of Gold.
Come clean about missing persons, children,
And secret technology, aliens…
And who knows, the first Family or power
To come clean might find a pardon…

As for your darker plans,
Dark Angels, now would be a good time
To repent…
For the first time in history…
You never know what could happen…

The Laws of Physics do not apply anymore…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…
There is no more Prime Directive of
Spectators will not be recognized…
It’s time to act…
Show yourselves, politely of course.
The first to do so, honestly, sincerely,
May just earn points.
Don’t worry it’s not a threat.
Not a request.
This time it’s a command.

Anyway, I should go for now.
The clock is moving.
And unfortunately you still have more stupid
Things to do. With all the crap coming out of your mouths,
I swear, someone should diaper your heads.

That’s all for now.

PS: my artwork…Archangel



42 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes One

  1. lidavg48 says:

    wish I had this one professionally scanned. I have a good camera, but it still doesn’t do the colors justice!!

  2. Laron says:

    Thanks Mike, reposted on

    Note that I have retouched the image so that it is clearer and brighter. You can find the image at the top of the article here,

  3. lidavg48 says:

    always pays to have expert help!!
    Thanks Laron!!

  4. mike0v says:


    I’m trying to get your story moved to the front page. Only agents can post on the front page OR agents can move stories to the front page.

    To become an agent, you have to get Rayelan’s permission.

    I’m the same. I have a CGI account. When I post on CGI, I have to hope an agent will move it to the front page.

  5. mike0v says:

    Yeah, I remember. The agents go through the CGI postings, select the ones they like and then move them to the front page. Sometimes a CGI posting will make it to the front page and other times, they won’t.
    If you really would like to see your work on the front page, I would suggest contacting Rayelan and requesting to become an agent or contacting an administrator and asking them.
    RMN is pretty good, as you well know, but it’s also filled with disinfo. Several agents are actually working for the dark forces and post disinfo regularly. I’m not sure if Rayelan is aware of this or not.

  6. agray33 says:

    I am in love with Valiant’s art. I am an artist/designer as well. Very melodic.

    I don’t find your words cryptic or difficult to read at all. I’m grateful for creative, critical thinking, for it has kept my eyes and mind open my entire life. I attempt to do what I can daily—for all of us.

    When I read about the clock “moving,” I admit, this is what came to mind.

    Thank you for your writing and art. And for your humor. I can think of a few people who need their diaper changed, on an hourly basis.

    • mike0v says:

      Thanks for the link! Very interesting. Now I have more reading to do.

      I’m not Valiant, which you may already know. I run the blog. But I’ll make sure Valiant sees your comments.

      You have a cool gravatar, by the way.

    • lidavg48 says:

      I have read him your message! He was very flattered.
      Aka: Valiant’s Mom

    • agray33 says:

      Thanks, Mike. There’s so much to learn.

      Lida, If I might be so presumptuous—if there is a health issue of Valiant’s which I might help with, please let me know. I’m not a doctor, but have uncanny instincts in that area.

  7. viedoklis says:

    I gave had many different experience during dream time with my astral body, like:
    1.) I was taken out side our solar system, our galaxy, our universe – shown how they all are attached in string like things – couldn’t understand it
    2.) Visited my home planet, I love it because it’s in full harmony but… there is no drama, and drama makes you feel alive. So… I like being here.
    3.) I visited soul plane – where I was swimming in source as other souls – it was… well there are no words to describe how great it is – it’s a total nirvana. And there I met my son.. well at that time he was unborn son, I & my wife even didn’t expected him. But there I met him and I knew in front that I will become father.
    4.) I experienced 9/11 one month before it happened. I saw everything like I was living one man’s life (a rich man life) that morning who was in that building. That event is crucial for this planet and humanity. It’s a key.

    and most important experience is a time when I was …. I was everything… I had no borders… everywhere I existed in “space” I already knew everything because I was everything and … being everything is worst thing that can be, because if you are everything you don’t have any borders and if you don’t have any borders you don’t see any point in existing… so all these borders and drama we experience is… it’s great! You don’t want to remember that you are I that is everything without borders.

    There are no words to explain it but if you want to understand that feeling than something similar would be – well when you play a PC/video game – it’s fun to have limitation you feel excited, but when you use cheats and have no limitation that this game looses it’s fun – doesn’t it? For those who doesn’t play video games – imagine you have guessed all the words in crossword and now looking at that paper – well how fun it’s now? Now, that there is nothing for you that this game can offer.

    So what I wanted to tell that actually – there are no stupid or smart decisions, there are no good or bad … those are elements of this game. Play it! Because out side this game – there is nothing and in same time everything. But everything is nothing. A paradox that can be fully understood by remembering.

    • AngelicView says:

      Thank you, viedoklis, for that amazing comment! Sounds like you have had some fantastic experiences that mirror the experiences of NDE’s. I appreciate that you have shared some of what you’ve learned with us. 🙂

    • viedoklis says:

      If you want to have your astral travel you can have it by awakening your consciousness during dreaming – when I am aware that I am dreaming – what I do is look into sky, I know how to fly during dreaming so what I do is I reach up to sky, cosmos I decide to leave my body. Than a vortex appear and I start to feel electric vibration and my body starts to feel heavy as stone and there is a strange a sound that goes through my head – all that experience makes you thing you will die, but you are not dying. You are leaving your body, after it – you can astral travel.

    • mike0v says:


      I have flown during astral travel and have had many conscious dreams but not to the level you have!


    • viedoklis says:

      You must have intention to leave your body, you must reach out side, I don’t know how to learn it – it’s simply natural. Like riding a bike. You just do it. But I must say for me it took many times to have enough courage to do it, because you will feel like dying. And those experiences I described where a gifts for me (I don’t know by whom or what, knowing that we are one and everything, really doesn’t matter) – not a work of this body I use currently.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Quite fascinating!
      Thanks for sharing…

    • agray33 says:

      viedoklis, The last time I attempted astral travel, I turned my phone’s (landline with big buttons) speaker button on. I knew “something” was being hidden by Mars as ISON passed . . .

  8. Gigi B. says:

    Dear Mike,
    Please take a look if you didn’t already at the 5 interviews of Dr. Jamisson Neruda related to Wingmaker material. Part five was just made public few days ago. The interview was conducted in 1998 and parts 1-4 released around 2002 if I’m not mistaken…
    The link is from Kerry Cassidy’s Blog.
    I strongly recommend to read at least P5. You will not regret it!

    Excellent post by Valiant! And the artwork is awesome!


    • mike0v says:

      Hey, thanks! I’ve read all of the WM material, the books, the interviews and I own almost all of the music on CDs.

      In 2008, James answered questions for Cassidy and it was transcribed into an interview format. It was a pivotal release of information. It caused a huge stir in the spiritual community. It changed the game completely.


    • Gigi B. says:

      Thanks for the reply Mike! I am so glad you did! Now I almost feel stupid for thinking you’ve never heard of them! But how would you comment on the 5th interview? It dove-tails with several facts that we can read about on various sites… and this is …refreshing!

    • mike0v says:

      For a little background, I discovered the WM website in 1999. I’ve followed it since then. Because of this, I’m very familiar with their work and as a pleasant surprise, I was visited by one of them in a vision during meditation. It was very cool.
      I just finished the fifth interview and I agree with you completely. The info plugs right into the puzzle! The WMs knew this stuff back in 1998, which means they’ve been part of the divine plan of freeing Earth for a long time.
      Two major revelations were made by WM interviews:
      In 2008, James revealed that the return of Anu was removed as an option for the fate of Earth.
      And the latest one, which reveals that we’ve made it to the “inception point.”
      If you’re familiar with Valiant’s posts, this WM info supports and reinforces his material. And both sources are saying that 2014 is THE year.
      Now, that’s good news! Finally!

    • Gigi B. says:

      Thats me, a 52yo man bursting into tears right there…

    • mike0v says:


      I have deep, deep sympathy for you, my brother. I’ve cried a river in this life. Things in this world are so bad, it’s hard for me to imagine being free and humanity being allowed to flourish.

      Our souls, our individuated consciousnesses, our spirits, whatever anyone may call them, are a sacred and holy gift from Divinity. Having them taken away from us, to me, is the most horrific crime ever committed.

      When I think about this it bugs the crap out of me, so what I do now is remember some lyrics from Enigma’s CD, Cross of Changes, and I feel better.

      If you understand
      Or if you don’t

      If you believe
      Or if you doubt

      There’s a universal justice
      And the Eyes of Truth
      Are always watching You


    • Gigi B. says:

      Dear Mike,
      Thank you for the lyrics! I’ve always loved Enigma! As much as everything 80’s!
      And THANK YOU for the kind words. I am a bit shy to comment anywhere when I see so knowledgeable people but sometimes I can’t help it! And I feel at least I can contribute with a link or something like that! It made a difference for me, so…

      “Funny” thing I discovered WM and James when I was “knee-deep” in Ashayana Dean’s work back in early 2011. That litigation with James took me by surprise and…the rest is history.

      That interview of hers amazed me, the papers on Azuritepress site were so fascinating and all her work was the most complex thing I’ve ever encounter.

      Obviously it overwhelmed me, but I still did purchase the Voyager book. English is not my native language, guess is no secret for anyone now, and I struggled to go through it.

      It left me with no hope, basically! Then i’ve heard she might have been manipulated and as this was “wishful thinking” for me I thought I quit her work for the time being.

      WM material in comparison was way more “resonating” and …different! And it is only now that I decided to throughly read it!
      I still have millions of questions with every material I read, but hopefully we’ll get them answered eventually.

      By the way, I am from Romania and right now I am on a commercial vessel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I’ll be home by mid-may. I work here as an mechanical engineer in the guts of the ship! I thought I’d post at least that about me.

      Blessings to all,

    • mike0v says:


      Wow! Your story is amazing! Really!

      I never would have guessed that English is a second language for you! Your English is better than many Americans’ English!

      I will tell you that the difference with the WMs and Valiant is that both of them produce art.

      Artwork speaks to us so deeply and it can’t be faked. This is one reason why I trust the WMs and Valiant so much. Look at the paintings and drawings. They say so much more than words can say. They are truly genuine.

      But to listen to people talking? Too many people are good liars, so it’s hard to judge their work.

      When a spiritual source combines knowledge AND artwork to deliver a message, you can see their hearts. You can feel what is inside them. For me, this is the best way to learn.

      I’m very glad you found our blog. Do not be shy! Leave comments! I’m just like you! I’m an aircraft mechanic for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

      I’ve been working on big airplanes for 29 years.

      Why would Heaven send mechanics to Earth? It seems crazy. But one day, my spirit guides told me:

      “When something is broken, like Earth, we send the right people to fix it. Mechanics!”

    • Julia says:

      Thanks for posting George!
      Your English is excellent & comments thoughtful!
      We are in this together, and often need to reach out for help & support from our ‘family by choice’. We find each other somehow & try to do what we can. You are appreciated!

    • EightFive says:

      Mike, interesting your said that

      > “When something is broken, like Earth, we send the right people to fix it. Mechanics!”

      Makes me hmm… Because I guess I have relatively high mechanical/technical inclinations. Not for just ‘hardware’ but software as well (I’m software developer, btw). These skills should be useful in our “future” then.

    • mike0v says:

      I agree.

      Talking will not rebuild a world.

      Doing will rebuild a world.

    • Gigi B. says:

      I hope I’m not “thickening” this thread too much, but I just wanted to add that I am totally addicted to Valiant’s post and totally in love with his artwork.
      Printed most of them…with the Company’s ink…ouch! Not only that, but I’ve replaced all of their work propaganda here and there with Valiant’s Artwork and people seem to like it!! ;))

      You were right about artwork and artists.
      And I am sorry that Valiant has some health issues. I can imagine a sensitive guy like him what he’s been going through. I know some people think that if you have gifts and talents, think “oh, you are perfect, what do you care? Only me, I have all the problems!”
      Therefore, when I read his posts I’ll try every time to send him all the good energy/thoughts i can!

      Julia, thank you for the nice words. I don’t deserve them!
      Yes, all is in divine time and nothing is an accident! How can we not meet when it is people like you I’m looking for, all the time!

      Working on airplanes, now that’s amazing! Though I like floating better than flying! :))
      If is anything amazing about my story is that I was born, raised and lived in a big city in an apartment for 50 years.

      And in 2012 me, my wife and the two kids decided we’d leave “civilisation” sell the apartment and move to the mountain side. We found a small village 15 miles away from nearest town with exquisite scenery, quietness like you don’t believe, fresh air, spring water…back to nature, that is!
      Finally, last November everything was ready with the new house and we moved in to the new place.
      So, for me 2012…was a shift, and then some!…in more ways than one!

      Wish you all a great week, and an exciting May!

    • mike0v says:


      You can write as much as you want! Please do!

      I think it is wonderful how you moved your family into nature. A very, very good idea.

      Thank you for posting Valiant’s artwork. It gives me hope to know that others see the beauty in his paintings and drawings.

      If you can see the beauty in the art, it means your heart is pure.

      The artwork will protect you, too. Angels watch over any place that has Valiant’s art posted. Angels will protect you.

      I am 52 years old, just like you, my brother. And I have two kids, but I’m divorced.


  9. Aryn says:

    Wow, Mike and George –

    Thank you so incredibly much sharing this information. I just finished reading through all of the interviews, and…wow. What an unbelievable blessing this weekend has been for me. It’s all coming together.

    • mike0v says:


      If you would like to dig deeper, and this is a big reading assignment, click on this link:

      The James interview of 2008 was pivotal. It released vast amounts of detailed information to the public and caused quite a stir in the spiritual community.

      The interview is six years old, so you might assume the information to be dated, but it isn’t. After I read this my eyes REALLY opened.

  10. Aryn says:

    Thank you for sending this my way, Mike. It certainly is a lot to digest, but it certainly aligns with very much of what ever fiber of my being is telling me to be true about the current reality in which we are all compressed. It’s amazing how every time I feel like my mind is being blown with some revelatory truth about the nature of existence, I find myself pulling it back to uncover yet another, much more complex and intricate layer of understanding that becomes more deep, complete and oddly comforting.

    The past few months have been a whirlwind, but I’m most definitely ready for more as it comes our way — especially with the knowledge that we are all sharing this intensely personal journey together as one.

    • mike0v says:


      Yeah, the James interview is tough. It’s incredibly long. Certain parts go into breathing techniques which is understandably boring. The best part of the interview, in my mind, are the follow up questions that James did for Kerry.

      It’s the material at the end. I would suggest that you read those comments, at least.

      As you know, the Atlanteans got hoodwinked into being trapped in 3D bodies on Earth. Well, James revealed in some later writing that he’s an Atlantean who escaped the imprisonment. I say this because it’s comforting to know that he is one of us. He is of the Earth, just like us.

      Your description of learning truths is damn good, by the way! It is exactly the same way I envision it but I do it in reverse; I imagine layers being added, one on top of another.

  11. agray33 says:

    This is a radio show (Jimmy Church Radio—which I never listened to before) with David Wilcock. I thought all of you might find it interesting.

    About the prime directive (as if they haven’t interfered before) . . . when doing nothing creates more harm than doing something, then it’s time to do something. Are there any adults left in the universe? 😉

    • AngelicView says:

      I am listening to it right now as I got your comment in my email. Yes, he has a big ego! Lol! But if you can overlook that – the information is fascinating 🙂

    • agray33 says:

      AngelicView, I think that David is both naive and arrogant, and I don’t mean that in any derogatory way. He sees things so clearly that it’s frustrating for him when others don’t. He truly is very kind, but has been taken in/used by others, unfortunately. It was a very interesting conversation, and I wish there were more of it. I’m glad you liked it!

    • mike0v says:


      I agree about Wilcock. Your description of his lot in life is very accurate. I believe his heart is pure but he’s getting used.

      That’s the thing about this Earth assignment. If you go public as an awakened human, look out! You will attract parasites by the hundreds.

      It’s happened to us. This blog is now being monitored very closely.

    • agray33 says:

      Thanks, Mike. I admire David, but wish he could see the deceit. Maybe he does. I’m glad you are manning the fences here. It feels safe.

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