The Clock Strikes Two

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes Two…Let’s Try This Again…Secret Secrets Secrets…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 8-May-2014 12:36:44

Someone’s been bad…
Not listening, waiting, watching…
And just not getting it at all…
It’s a Judgement Day Clock…
Do we need to go into the massive
Lack of intelligence you have again?

So let’s drill the point in, seriously now, Big Brother,
And talk about a few things…
Before it gets really ugly.

Let’s talk about Cats.
Big Black Cats…Black Leopards, Jaguars…
Renowned for their awesome beauty.
Totems, worshiped by the cult, or Temple of Set.
Priests, and Elders of the order all keep
These beautiful animals for their rituals.
I just love leopards…
It’s funny how there are so many
Big black cat sightings…
Mysterious, huh?
Such an interesting order,
The Temple of Set…a Feline Deity of War,
Of Mischief, Deceit.
You might want to look up the Native
American lore on the Coyote here…

The thing is about Set, all felines really,
Hate Reptilians. Their race was conquered
By them eons ago…So it makes sense
They would hate them and want to see
Their destruction.

They certainly wouldn’t take part in helping
Anyone maintain control of a
Reptilian manipulated world for sure. I mean,
Only an idiot would expect them to do
The Feline race was awesome, love being
Adored like all cats…but do what they want
In the end of course.
But as for virtue, integrity, very hard to compare.
Their Ascended Masters are very hard to impress.
Imagine my surprise when the Lion Men
Of such came to me to tell me so many
Fascinating things…wanting to help me…
When they help no one…

Just love those leopards…
So please don’t ever direct dark magic at me…
You’re playing with fire, and you clearly
Don’t know the politics of Ancient Alien races
Or their deities.
This is Earth…Earth Laws…oh well
I understand you are looking for allies to
Defend this planet from a problem…But to
Try to do it with Supernatural forces is like
Shooting yourself in the foot.
But then you do seem to love those diapers
On your head, Big Brother…

I believe that leads us to the Stargate Program…
A program devised years ago by the Military
Funded by Secret Societies, various ones…
It’s mission, to allegedly find and secure
Allied forces of alien races to help the Earth.
Or so they claimed, that is, to help the Earth.

Granted, Military men follow orders, they know not
From where they come or why…
They simply follow orders.

Long story short…
They found allies…brought alien races
Here…made promises…
Claiming to want to save the planet from
Natural destruction…the reptilians, etc…
All sorts of deals were made…secretly…
Bargaining lives…experiments…
And natural resources.

The problem is…
At the same time…these same secret
Organizations…were poisoning the planet,
Making the people sick, viral warfare…
Making the planet toxic for these same
Alleged alien allies.
Why do something like that?
To prevent the Good Aliens from ever
Invading, rescuing us…by poisoning the planet
And corrupting the people with mind control.
Not to mention they knew how these
Good Aliens were scared of Supernatural forces,
Particularly black magic.
While yes, some aliens came on their
Own to ‘observe’ us…most were led here…
To use…

You’ve asked why they haven’t intervened,
Showed themselves. Now you know.

The Higher Powers foresaw all of this…
I keep trying to tell you they’re always
10…100 steps ahead of anything…
Once the countdown clock began, new
Rules are, were, initiated.
I’ll let you know what they are in time…

All you need to know now is…
There is a plan…
There will come a time when black magic,
And supernatural forces will be neutralized…
Timing is everything, as you know.

Big Brother, you really thought you had it together,
Well trust me, you’ll need diapers when
You see what’s coming.
Try economy size, buy in bulk.

So now, let’s try this again…one last time…

The clock is ticking…plans in motion.

Big Brother, your job is to come clean
And tell the people the truth, about your
Secrets, bargains, the aliens, etc…
That’s not so much…
The honesty is considerably hard with your
Severe lack of integrity and incessant
Intellectually impaired decisions.
OK, stupid, I’ll say it plainly, stupid.

And Mr. Spaceman,
Your job is to come forth and show yourselves.
I never said land and make contact. Just
Appear, hover, be obvious…
A massive ship hovering in plain sight for the
World to see would make a statement…

I know you’re afraid…
But the timing…Events to unfold…
Trust me…
Why do you think I’ve mentioned the Crystals…
Over the past two years…for nothing?
To help…to prepare…to save…

A pulse is coming, true, but it’s not what
You think…I can’t explain just yet…

A weekend in May
Shooting stars…A comet…Meteors…
Repeating? By Accident?
Signs aren’t accidents…

Although, you will need those diapers Big Brother
For sure…Or maybe a nice big pacifier…
Things are going to heat up…
The smart thing to do is to work for
The greater good…
Unless you have a problem understanding
What smart is?

There are a lot of Good People here who have
Been waiting. And they’re not stupid, they have
Good instincts. They deserve to know. They
Deserve the chance. And they shouldn’t have to
Wait any more.
Now slap those diapers on, and get ready Big Brother.

That’s all for now…



75 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes Two

  1. lidavg48 says:

    …did I tell you?
    I LOVE that drawing!!!
    yeah, yeah…you’re not surprised!!

    • mike0v says:

      I’m not surprised.

      I changed the appearance of the blog a little. No more screwing around.

      Weapons drawn!

  2. lidavg48 says:

    Mike, the blog looks great!!!

    • mike0v says:

      Thank you, dear sister. It was time to remove the clutter on the header and add more of Bill’s artwork. We need to have his most powerful work displayed now. It’s crunch time.

      Find out for me, will ya? Which pieces are the strongest. I’ll put those in the right side column.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Just today he mentioned White Stag and Oracle!

    • mike0v says:


      What’s “Oracle?” I don’t have that one.

    • lidavg48 says:

      I’ll find it…send it to you!
      An ‘exclusive’…

  3. Karma007 says:

    Check out RMN, there is a story on a man who has also seen the Lions, and his wife referenced Valient’s art as being synchonistic.

  4. mike0v says:

    Thanks, John.

    And you’re right; knowledge is power.

    Make a mental note to yourself that you will need to be on “ready standby” soon. Everyone who reads this blog will need to be. The pressure is building…

  5. mike0v says:


    My guess is that P209 is the one to watch on May 23-24. I think this is the event that Bill mentions in his post on April 17th.

  6. Kelly Palmer says:

    That picture is amazing!

    Mike: I thought I saw Oracle on the blog recently. It’s amazing! Keep up th great work!

    John: Thanks for all of the links you post. I have been reading them.

    :-) Kelly

  7. Kelly Palmer says:

    Karma007: Thanks so much for the info on the article! I just finished reading the whole thing and I’m just blown away. Whomever has seen these lion people are very lucky!

    :-) Kelly

  8. lidavg48 says:

    Bill didn’t ‘create’ the Lion Men…they make themselves known to him during times of great stress. They are here to protect him and make sure he is cared for. What amazing guardians.
    I have heard their growl, as has my husband, and daughter. Bill says they are letting us know they are watching us too!
    Really makes you watch your P’ and Q’s, you know!

    This drawing was done around a year ago, when a threat to his safety showed up.
    They are not taking chances. They have been around him for that long, mostly watching, to make sure he is safe.

    Makes me feel more secure to know that, too.

  9. agray33 says:

    I could stare at those black and white drawings all day. Wow. Thanks for putting them up, Mike. The changes are great, as will be the ones to come!

    • mike0v says:


      I bought the original “Fanning A Flame” from William two years ago. She is simply unbelievable.

    • agray33 says:

      Mike, William should make prints. Catwoman, Fanning A Flame, and Oracle are magnificent. You’re lucky to have one of his drawings.


    • mike0v says:


      Well…there’s a long story behind all that and it’s filled with many details.

      But here’s the deal: William does sell prints on Cafe Press. I think it’s like an on-demand process. When you order something, they make it for you.

      Just like his book. When you order one, they print and bind it.

      As for “Fanning A Flame,” having her in my possession was part of the “plan,” although Bill, Lida and I didn’t realize it until later. She lives in my house for a very good reason. I live on the intersection of the 188 ley line and the 33rd parallel. (And THAT’S a long story.)

      I paid several thousand dollars for “Flame,” so it’s not like she was a gift but she WAS supposed to end up with me.

      Finally, Bill has a lot of artwork. It’s just that so much of it isn’t for sale. He’s saving many pieces for his personal collection and others will be gifts to the ET races who have helped him and been kind to him.

      In one of Bill’s posts he reveals that his artwork will be used on Earth for a thousand years and that it will take humanity that long to discover the secrets within it.

      So, it’s not like his work is going to disappear. And William ain’t gonna disappear either. He’s been told that he will be a famous artist, which makes sense, right?

      When this is over, he’s gonna be parting with some of his personal collection, whether he thinks so or not! I’ve already told Lida to tell him to be ready. He’ll have something for you. I’ll see to it.

  10. Kelly Palmer says:

    I too would love to learn more about their experiences too.

    I can see how much work went into the piece you have. It’s so incredibly beautiful!!

    • mike0v says:


      And when you look at all of Bill’s artwork, how is it possible to say that he wasn’t touched by angels?

      That’s the thing; you can’t say it. Heaven lives in his work and there isn’t a human being alive who is pure of heart who can deny it.

      The bad guys? Yeah. The art sickens them. Which is one of the purposes.

      Bill’s art also transmutes and amplifies dark energy. When dark energy is directed at any of it, the energy is converted from dark to light and then this new light energy is amplified.

      So, you see, this is one reason why the dark forces will avoid anyone and anyplace with Bill’s art.

      Trust me, I’ve seen this first-hand. Lida, Bill and I have been attacked by dark beings but the artwork makes them keep their distance.

  11. Kelly Palmer says:

    One very strange thing is that our siamese cat (who is not like the typical siamese cat) has started acting really strange lately. It’s something everyone in the house has picked up on.

    • mike0v says:

      Did Lida tell you about the zoo they have in their back yard?

      Goats, birds, dogs, cats… all of them have exhibited strange behavior lately.

      Of course, I have, too!

    • lidavg48 says:

      Mike, your strange behavior is normal….it is what we love about you!!

      But yes, Kelly…all of my animals are super sensitive lately. Barking at ‘nothing’, baa-ing at nothing, squaking at nothing.
      …and then there are the humans!! also barking and yelling at nothing!
      just a few days ago, I thought Bill walked quickly by me in the kitchen…saw a ‘white, tall figure’ glide by. It wasn’t Bill!!
      He looked at me like I had grown another head!

  12. Kelly Palmer says:

    She did tell me about all of their pets but not about their behavior yet.

    • mike0v says:


      Maybe it’s for the best! Not hearing about the animal behavior, that is.

      Lida is a wonderful caretaker, though. She’s like a Dr. Doolittle. She and Bill.

  13. Kelly Palmer says:

    Mike I’m also glad that the artwork helped from being attacked from dark forces!!
    I am very interested to know your story and what you have been through if you ever have time. You mentioned ley lines and I just saw something about that the other day. It’s very interesting.

    • mike0v says:


      Uh, my story… it’s very similar to everyone’s story. Long, filled with heartache and pain, at times joyous and at other times, tragic.

      My awakening came abruptly, in a split second while I was at work in April 2011. It was very, very cool.

      In March 2012, I started this blog before I knew William and Lida.

      In March 2012, Bill started posting on Rumor Mill News.

      See the synchronicity? The “plan” was just starting.

      From March until June 2012, I collected Bill’s posts and put them on this blog. I wrote a few posts about his information, trying to decipher any clues.

      On July 1, 2012, I thought, “this is crazy. I need to get in touch with William. I’m gonna buy some of his art.”

      So, I emailed him and we put together a deal for “Fanning A Flame” and this was the first time I had ever contacted him. To be honest, I didn’t expect a reply from him. I don’t know why, I just didn’t.

      After we brokered a deal, I said, “Hey, William. By the way, I have a blog. I’ve put all your RMN posts on it and I’ve tried to unravel some of the mystery. You might want to take a look at it.”

      This was the “seminal moment.” Bill and Lida were stunned when they saw my blog. They were totally overwhelmed. I’ll never forget that time in my life. All three of us were just kind of dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe that someone, somewhere, was collecting Bill’s posts and artwork and presenting it to the internet community. I couldn’t believe that Bill and Lida would even talk to me!

      And so, that’s how this spiritual family came together. Other people showed up and we gelled into a small group. The blog was never popular until now. For months and months this blog would get maybe one or two visitors a day and I liked it like that because the conversations we engaged in were deep and meaningful, not topical and ridiculous.

      We were given a chance to become very close to each other. Then, some of us discovered that we had lived past lives together on Earth, which was absolutely thrilling to learn. We realized our coming together was planned and details continued to emerge that supported this knowledge.

      And now, here we are… waiting for something major to happen so the pain can stop and our brothers and sisters can be freed.

      Pretty neat, huh?

  14. Sheridan says:

    Thats fabulous! Everything happens for a reason and at the right moment

    • mike0v says:


      I agree. Everything in my life has been this way. In other words, I’ve lived a very directed path in life. From the time I was a little boy, I knew I was being directed but I didn’t attribute it to anything like the spiritual world or angels.

      I just “knew.” It seemed odd to me to have friends and family who were undecided about what to do in life. I always thought it was strange that people didn’t know. For me, it was a pre-determined, charted course and I just sort of “surfed” it.

      When i was 12 years old, I knew what my profession as an adult would be and I knew that i would do it for a long time. This is why I find it very hard to understand “free will.” I don’t know what free will is. I never experienced it in this life.

      That may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. I was gently nudged along and now, here I am.

  15. sheridan626 says:

    No, it doesnt sound ridiculous, I resonate with what you say. For me, it was like I was ‘triggered’ back in 1993, through a series of events and synchronicities I was being guided on a certain path, sometimes I fell off it….but then I would be hauled back on it. Once youre on a path to truth, if you like, thats it, youre kind of stuck with it and the journey has been unbelievable and painful to say the least, but I’m here now. All this time later i still dont know what my true purpose is but I have to trust that i am in the right place at the right time and all will be made known to me or maybe it wont. I spread the ‘word’ of truth about this world maybe thats all I’m supposed to do and be content with that…but somehow I feel theres more, its exciting in a way. You were talking about being part of a soul family with Lida and Bill and there was a connection between you all….well strange as this may sound, I feel I know you…perhaps it will be revealed to me where I know you from…and I am not talking this world!

    • mike0v says:


      Well, of course we know each other! All of the starseeds on Earth right now know each other. Another poster on RMN, Albert, is here with the Celestial Sons as part of his mission.

      He described our lives in the true reality of the universe and emphasized that everyone knows everyone else in that realm. There are no strangers.

      And I would venture to say that your mission is just starting. For many starseeds, this is just the beginning. After Earth makes the transition, we will have work to do. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say “work”… It should be “doing things we like to do which helps others.”

      Yeah. That’s better. ;)

    • sheridan626 says:

      sorry i have only just seen your reply, i am not used to commenting on blogs :-) Yes it can be very sad when we pull away from our family, maybe when the ‘Event’ happens they will wake up at that time, its all we can hope. Yes i agree I think we are set in their midst so that when everything hits the fan at least we can guide them a little bit because we have some prior knowledge, albeit a small amount.

  16. anneire says:

    The Lion men, oh my…..for some unknown reason, I decided to read the Chronicles of Narnia :The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to my kids last week (I’m a teacher). Out of all the book choices….Makes me wonder…

  17. anneire says:

    Sorry had to end that last message unfinished. The Chronicles of Narnia book makes me wonder ….a lion king, some special children, a perpetual winter…..ties in, in a way, to what Bill has been saying. I like the happy ending :)

  18. mike0v says:


    John is right. Ain’t no coincidences here! You picked that book for a reason.

    I’ve read the whole Narnia series, by the way. I thought it was quite good.

  19. mike0v says:

    Little Ishta,

    If you understand Valiant’s words, if you know how important crystals are, if you’ve been awakened for so long, welcome home.


    Welcome home.

    Your brothers and sisters here are glad you’re back and we welcome you with open arms. It’s time for us to be a family again.

  20. mike0v says:

    What an awesome story. Every time I hear about the awakenings that others have gone through, it just boggles my mind. How any human can be enlightened for so long on this planet is equally amazing. I honor you. I really do. What you’ve done for our world cannot be overstated.

    Plus, you live on the 188 ley line! Right? Nova Scotia or thereabouts? (Everybody who leaves comments on blogs has their IP address displayed to the administrator. I’m not snooping, the data is just there. Hope you don’t mind.)

    If you do, then what a delight it is to know another “link” in the chain. Yeah, it’s a long story. Let me know if you want to hear it.

    Leave comments and vent! We’re all ears!

  21. Kelly Palmer says:

    Mike I would love to hear about the ley line!

    Lisa I got your wonderful email yesterday and I can’t wait to respond to it either tonight or tomorrow!
    Much love & light

    • mike0v says:


      Well, go up the page a little bit and read my description to Little Ishta. It’s a really abbreviated blurb.


  22. mike0v says:

    Ishta, (is that your real name?)

    I was afraid you’d ask…but it’s important, so here goes a very condensed version.

    You know about the spiritual, energetic grid around Earth, right? Many, many lines criss-cross in a networked web above us. This web is exceedingly important to the spiritual health of our world. (You know all of this already, don’t you?)

    Anyway, certain ley lines and parallels that run around us are important. Don’t ask me to go into details because I’m no expert but the 188 ley line is critical to the workings of the dark forces.

    The 188 ley line is also known as “Satan’s Axis” for this reason.

    It originates at the ruins of the temple at Xolalpa, Mexico and passes over Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC, NYC, Boston, Nova Scotia, Stonehenge, the heart of Europe, Damascus, Syria, the stargate in the Gulf of Aden and back around to Mexico.

    Bad things have happened on this ley line. 9/11. Boston bombing. Newtown, CT. Attack on Syria. It’s a long list. I’m sure you know about most of this stuff.

    In order to negate the dark energies on the 188 ley line, some starseeds live under it. Like you.

    Another way to weaken the dark energies on the line is through the use of William’s art. William’s art brings angelic energy to Earth through the paintings and drawings; even just printed copies.

    So, we’re fighting the dark forces by just being where we are and displaying Bill’s art. We’re nullifying the dark energies on the ley line.

    Is there more to this story? Oh, yeah. You got the extremely condensed version. Was that okay?


  23. Kelly Palmer says:

    I swear i wrote Lida but my phone keeps auto correcting.

    Mike you are a true warrior and such an amazing man! Thank you for everything you do. You have brought so many together and shared all of Valiant’s messages and artwork. I’m sure you will have a special place at the party to come! I can’t wait to see you there!

    • mike0v says:


      If you encounter trouble with emails to Lida, welcome to the club. Email communication between Lida and me has been interfered with for a long time. Lately, the dark forces have been delaying emails between us, sometimes for 10 hours or more.

      In one of Bill’s recent posts, he mentions it and tells them to cut it out. So, be diligent and keep trying. Eventually the email will get through.

      Thanks for the kind words, but I’m a little leery of the upcoming party! I’ve mouthed off and been a smart-ass to several women in our spiritual family and I think I’m looking at paybacks!

      Ooooh, paybacks can be hell!

    • lidavg48 says:

      …Mr Chicken!!!

    • mike0v says:

      Hey! I’m no chicken!

      I’m just being smart! There ain’t no man alive that wants four or five angry women after him!

      Now go read Susan’s comments. She has amazing powers.

  24. mike0v says:


    That’s a good idea but it’ll take time. I would need several days to put everything together in a meaningful way. I’ll let you know.

  25. mike0v says:


    Wow. That’s all I can say. You have abilities like William’s.

    And yes, all that ritual stuff on the 188 has been horrible. We’re not certain, but there’s a possibility that having William’s art on the 188 helped to prevent WWIII.

    WWIII has been prophesied so many times by so many seers that it seemed inevitable. Heck, the dark forces are STILL trying to launch it.

    The nightmare in Syria was an attempt. It lies under the 188. A great deal of William’s art was on the 188 before the Syria debacle began. I think this timing was significant.

    Remember, if WWIII had begun, all of us would’ve been toast. It would’ve been the end of the world in fire.

    If you’ve felt the energies on a ley line, then you know more about them than I do! I just piece together things I learn and then find patterns in them.

  26. lidavg48 says:

    Hi Susan/Ishta…very interesting talents you have!
    I told Bill briefly this morning of our newest member…Welcome, by the way!
    His eyebrows went up and he said…they are coming together!! More and more!

    He still plans on coming on line to ‘chat’ a little…if I can ever get a computer or tablet in his hot little hands. By ‘hot’, I mean ‘dangerous to electronics’. He tends to fry things. And when he is upset over something, don’t even get him close. He will ruin it.

    He did appreciate your visitation! He has had some of his own…
    His latest visitors have been the Lionmen. I thought it was only 3….but he said 5 or 6!!
    Oh to get a picture of that!

    But anyway, we live near ley lines too…I believe a little to our west.
    And he has been psychically attacked too. Bad ideas, he knows how to turn it right around and send it back…
    they will never learn.
    he is also VERY good with crystals, and uses them a lot. His favorite is a Super 7 quartz. I actually bought myself one, showed it to him…and never got it back. Amethyst is another favorite, and it is his birthstone. He said your own birthstone is always special to you!! Powerful and protective.

    Like I said welcome aboard. Very nice to have some ne with special abilities around….

  27. lidavg48 says:

    Susan, We appreciate your help toward William, but please don’t send him any energies. He has protection around him of the heavenly kind. Plus any unknown sources are perceived as threats and directed back toward their source.
    Besides Bill already has shields up…at all times! He takes no chances.
    Thanks anyway.

  28. lidavg48 says:

    trust me…Bill knows how to protect himself from everything. Some of the biggest have tried, some have sneaked by him long ago, including a voodoo priestess and her coven.
    One well meaning one tried last year, right around now….it hurt more than helped, at which time he was ‘given’ the greatest of divine protections. She is no longer welcome any where near us.
    Had you gone ahead and sent your energy…it would have been met with with HUGE resistance!! And might have harmed you coming back. All without Bill’s knowledge you tried…or his own resistance/repulsion.
    He is THAT well guarded.

    Rubber gloves do nothing to shield his energies…..been there, done that. He has been doing this for over 20 years and done battle with some pretty awful types. Some came ‘attached’ to friends….and were stopped at our front door.
    One said she had the most peaceful rest when she came to stay over…because whatever malevolent force was following her around all the time, followed her here…and was stopped!
    Those things are not allowed in our home…sacred ground. Including all of our animals.
    Just so you know what you are dealing with here…when I say he is well covered in the ‘protection’ area.

    And yeah…I love all stones too.
    And I do have a moonstone too!!
    All crystals…always have, always will. But I think that is my purely girly side!!

  29. lidavg48 says:

    We know this is a big week to remember!!!
    Probably one of the reasons the Lionmen are here!
    ….and then there is the giant Angel over our house!
    Those are Bill’s ‘guides’!
    Not bad, considering!

    But we appreciate your concern…

  30. Caroline says:

    Mike, Ishta and all,
    How does one figure out where these ley lines are? And do they only run north south? Just wondering, I live in Central Washington state. Over an ancient riverbed, no longer running on the surface. It has “interesting” energy to say the least. I have a pendulum too, amethyst. Have thought about moving several times, but my guides have told me to “stay put”. The synchronicities of finding Valiant’s posts have been unreal. They hit me like a Mac Truck, LOL. Laron’s site is another, I think “wow, we have been on parallel paths for so long!” I am still here, let me know if I can be of assistance. Oh, and the crazy dreams for the past 6 months, holy cow. Like I am prepping with a bunch of others for a huge event…love and light,

  31. mike0v says:


    Here’s a link to a YouTube channel that has a complete video library concerning the ley lines.

    I’m not gonna do a post. This guy’s information is much better than anything I could do.

  32. Caroline says:

    awesome! thank you Mike :)

  33. mike0v says:


    Bill’s black and white drawings are pencil drawings.

    I have no idea what kind of pencils he used, but they were the expensive, artsy kind, that’s for sure.

    And thanks, by the way. What I find so interesting is that the best content on most blogs is in the comments section. A post on a blog will enlighten others and then the comments afterwards will go even deeper.

    The comments section is like hidden treasure!

    • lidavg48 says:

      Mike & Ànnie,
      They were Prisms color pencils, for the black, white & gray…
      And for the color drawings too…
      Lots of them! Guess who got his list, then went out to get them…or order them online.
      Not cheap, but beautiful pencils.
      Worn down to nubs.
      His paintings were pastels, acrylics and charcoal…


  34. mike0v says:


    Thanks. I’ll watch the video tonight.

  35. mike0v says:


    I’m not gonna give away anything in the book but when you read it, pay close attention to the prologue.

    Also, I probably shouldn’t say this but you’ll realize it very easily; Bill’s book, Bill’s posts and Bill’s artwork are all intertwined. All are pieces which come together to form a complete picture.

  36. Kelly Palmer says:

    Mike: I did find out from Lisa about how her animals have been acting.

    I also got the privilege of seeing her beautiful (as you would say zoo :-) animals. They are beautiful and I can see why she loves them
    So much!

    I’m sure by the time of the party you won’t need to hide from any women here :-) haha or will you? Haha

    The similarities between myself and Lida are starting to blow my mind.


    • mike0v says:


      Great. Just great. That’s all I need… TWO Lida’s!

      Throw a Julia, a Karol and a Shannon in there and I’m toast!

      As we get closer to the finish line, I’m gonna start behaving myself and then maybe they’ll forget all the smart-ass comments I’ve made. ;)

      Hee, hee…

    • Kelly Palmer says:

      Mike: I personally like the smart as comments. It makes it fun. Like I said I love the back and forth banter. With what some of us have or are going through it gives a good laugh! I say keep it up and I’m sure that there will be no hard feelings :-)

    • Kelly Palmer says:

      Mike I forgot to say thank you so very much for making an archive of Valiant’s posts. I am reading them from the start and it has been very helpful that you put them in order in one continuous way. I’m also learning a lot more about you and your journey. I’m so blessed that some way I was directed to your site and I have not been able to stop reading it. My thirst for knowledge feels like it’s getting quenched. I’m very grateful to have this family to be apart of. So very sincerely thank you with all my heart!

    • mike0v says:


      You’re welcome, dear sister. For all of us in this small group, it’s been frustrating because we’ve known the truth for so long and we’ve watched as others struggled to find it.

      And for Bill and his family, imagine their lives. That’s one hell of a heavy burden to carry for so long.

  37. mike0v says:


    Beautifully said.

    Experiments were conducted years ago that exposed humans to ET races. The paradigm that humans aren’t ready for the ET presence was shown to be false. Humans ARE ready for the ET presence and have been for a long time.

    Also, as Bill has said, we are all in this together. All the ET races and their worlds and Earth and humanity and everyone else. Anybody who decides to sit on the sidelines and not get into the game is going to regret it.

    If all those ET races were smart, they would be flying over us in thousands of ships, day after day, at low altitudes and giving friendly waves. The longer they stay hidden, the worse it will be for them.

  38. anneire says:

    Hi Mike: Is it possible to email you? I wanted to tell you something.

    • mike0v says:


      I sent an email to the personal email address you have listed when you leave comments.

      Check that address to see my message and make sure it didn’t end up in your trash bin.

  39. Rhonda says:

    Oh my…..I have been following for quite some time and have only today been guided to connect officially…..thank goodness. I have had soooo many dreams about lions for the past year. Always a male and a female. Last night I dreamt that I was given a tiger that was the size of a cat. I was asked to protect it….to keep it safe. It looked exactly like a tiger but small. All day today I have felt as though a small animal has been tagging along with me……in addition to my little pups.

    I was also wondering if anyone has had any experience with shadow people? I personally have not but my 17 year old daughter has been seeing them. She is also very sensitive and has been able to see her guides and other spirits all her life. She came running into the house the other night because she saw them across the street as she was getting out of her car….she parked on our side of the street and they were hunched over ( kind of close to the ground) slinking up the neighbors porch. She has seen shadows like this before but not so close to home.
    I have printed some of William’s art and have them up…but was wondering if there was one that would be
    Better than another for her to keep in her car and her bedroom. I also have them on my phone and ipad and will have her do the same if you think that they will be beneficial on electronics.

    Thank you all for being you and making yourselves available. I feel blessed.
    I am so excited too. Thanks again.

    • mike0v says:


      Shadow people? No, I haven’t had any interaction with them.

      But Reptilians? That’s another story. They’ve bugged the crap out of me.

      Use “Good Spirit” and “White Stag” and “Oracle” for protection. I think William has said that these are very powerful.

  40. Rhonda says:

    Mike and Lida, I also have a picture that I would like to email to one or both of you. I do not know how to link things and am not sure if I should try. I believe you have access to my email.
    Thanks again.

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