What R_____ Saw

This photo needs no introduction. Thank you, my dear sister.
Click on image for larger view.

Look straight below the sun…..towards the bottom 3rd of the picture…in the center.

My husband and I took a series of 21 pictures during the May eclipse in 2012. The evening before I had a conversation with my guides and whomever else that would be listening.

I was somewhat angry. Explaining that I have spent my entire life believing and trying to open people’s eyes….to my own detriment I might add. I demanded a sign. I wanted to know that the sacrifices I had made were not in vain.

This is what showed up. There are orbs in all of them (photos) and the head of this being shows up in some of the others…although it is somewhat distorted….but you can tell what it is.

I have shown the pic to a few people and two posted it to their Facebook. Most are in disbelief about it and think I did something to it.  A couple of people could not see anything. Can you say “asleep?” Ha ha – I promise we did nothing. I wouldn’t have a clue how.

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