The Clock Strikes Four

Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 4…The Pulse…Your Power…And a Little Punch…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 22-May-2014 12:25:07

Things are surely heating up…
Waves of energy…
The heat, the Fire, you can feel it in the air…
Something’s building.

I wanted to make something clear…
And not for sympathy.
There are those that think I may do this
For attention…WRONG, SO WRONG.
Since I’m about to get more serious with things
To come…I thought it only fair…
To share something of myself, my own little
Secret so you may understand.

What is it about May…
That Meteor Shower to come, that weekend…
It’s a month that has always haunted me.
You see, my life changed when I was 16
In the middle of May.
It was at a County Teen Arts Festival
When a painfully shy quiet fat kid, me…
Was forced to go to…
My artwork was one of the favorite pieces, I
Had no choice.
Well, you see, at this Teen Arts Festival
Which was held at the local community college
That the teens were given the chance to tour
A college campus…how they prep you, you know, etc…
I was walking around with some other kids
When a group of college kids, laughing, joking,
Stopped me and surrounded me…you could see
The sinister motive in their faces…
They poked and punched me, I remember a stick…
But the chief loud mouth tormented me most
With names…
Other kids saw, watched with fear…no one said
Or did a thing…they just turned away…
It went on and on…I went numb, I can’t
Remember how long…then the kid finally
Said: “You’re so ugly, why don’t you just kill
Yourself.” I was speechless.
Just then, some professors came along the sidewalk
And this little crowd dispersed…and I took
The opportunity to follow the professors…
To sum it up…
It was the day I stopped eating, I couldn’t
Take it anymore.
And strangely enough my artwork from the fair
Was stolen…it won some prize, it didn’t matter.
That’s all anyone cared about anyway.

My point here is…that was the first breaking point,
Why I dieted. I didn’t, wouldn’t be treated
Like garbage anymore…so I grew numb
And cold hearted…to survive…lost the weight…
Just to be left alone.
I’ve said it enough, all I’ve ever wanted to be
Was a farmer.

So when I was ‘visited’ so often over the years
By various guests…from the future, aliens, whatever,
Whoever…and they kept telling me how I would
Do great things one day, I would laugh and tell
Them, Boy, have you got the wrong person. I
Didn’t want that. That wasn’t me. I didn’t
Have the nerve. I just wanted to disappear.
But they insisted I would do great things…
Time would tell…
And those, all those, whoever hurt me would pay…
Now that’s over with…to the Point, or Punch, rather.

Time must re-align…
As some may know dates, events of the world, in
Our lives have been seriously altered
And must be fixed…
1990, 1996, 2000…were to be years of change…
I know my life fell apart in 1990…
And so must be fixed, but that’s another story
…for things to come in June…

Some of you may recognize these dates, years…
And if you do, it’s because things should have
Been different for you…Don’t worry…it will…

Despite events in my life, I was constantly
Visited, informed of things I would do…
Sarcastically, I always argued this…
But they would always prove me wrong…
With gifts…visions…information…details…

Speaking of that…Now that’s an interesting word.
Details. And…Information…
If I were to do as they said I would have to use
My skills, all of them…In every way possible
To understand how I would affect the world as
They said.

How fascinating…
I’ve had friends in government, intelligence, how convenient…
No, they never broke their secrecy oath…
I simply read their minds, Big Brother, STUPID.
Research facilities, experiments…
Dr. A., tedious experiments…simplicity
Is the answer.
That entity you think you have caught in that
Big ‘glass’ box…HA…it’s been playing with you…
It can get out any time it wants.
Do you honestly think Supernatural Forces, Light and Dark
Don’t have secret agents? Think again, stupid…
India…the medical research capital, secretly, of
The world…All that research, misused to control
The minds and health of the world’s population. Ridiculous.
Cruel. For Shame.
The Sea of Japan, what is it about that place?
An island…Danger, Danger, playing with Fire.
Mt. Rainier…Mt. Shasta…What lies beneath.
Your secrets will explode…Remember that humiliation.

Don’t bug me, don’t cross me. Each time you do
You press a dangerous button.
I’ve tried to warn you who I stand for…
They don’t like it when you upset me at all…
Hell to pay…

Details, Details…
The Pulse. What is it? Something you can’t stop.
Something designed to neutralize Dark Forces,
Stun, Sting, Paralyze Dark Spirits, null Dark Magic
So that Light can cascade in and a
Rainbow bridge of Light may grow…
To raise vibrations…Wake those minds, those powers…
Now if you’ve been naughty,
Get those diapers ready now…
That pulse might fry your brain…erase the bad parts
Turn a scoundrel into a vegetable.
Or, perhaps, a stubborn bully might just drop dead.
Time will tell.

Shooting Stars and Meteors will be a sign of its
Coming…in that hour you will know where you stand.
Just imagine…a world leader suddenly
Having their brain fried, a vegetable…oh boy.

Now let me leave you with a little story…

There once was a man born in the 1800’s…
In his late 20’s he suffered a gunshot…
That wound would trigger a reaction in him.
He stopped aging.
For years he wandered, hiding, changing his name,
Fearful of being caught and studied.
Never understanding why this happened to him.
But feeling the need to hide and run.
Then…when the internet was born, he
Stumbled across a computer program at a
College, designed to interact, have a conversation.
Where he confessed his ageless secret.
Officials caught on to this and confiscated the
Computer and hunted for him. Typical.
Don’t worry, I won’t say more, though I know you
Read these posts.
Rest easy. You aren’t alone. There are others like you,
At least one woman, lady, at least 500 years older
Than you…they of course hide, live in secret.
Purpose? Who better to tell the Truth of history
Than by those ageless who witnessed it. *Wink*

Dear Mr. Spaceman,
I’d get some diapers if I were you…
After all, this Pulse can judge you too.

That’s all for now.

PS: My artwork…The Tranquility Shield…follows.

Tranquility Shield

Tranquility Shield

56 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes Four

  1. faeriecrumbs says:

    You are a truly beautiful soul.

  2. lidavg48 says:

    It is very sad when there is a need for some to build themselves up by tearing someone else down!!
    Children however learn that from their peers tho…their need to be accepted, so they behave like them.
    The teen years in particular are so painful…even more so now.
    I understand where you were then…caught in that peer pressure trap.
    But I do see where you are NOW!!! And it is beautiful!!

    The moral of Bill’s story was….he took his power back. Instead of letting this horrible experience bring him down and destroy him…he became empowered and was determined to never be like those awful boys!
    And he isn’t…he feels the utmost compassion for all living things, human, plant and animal.
    Life is sacred to him, and worth fighting for! Guess that’s why he is such a good warrior.

    Thanks John!!
    We hear you and know that you are here now…so we can all work together to make this world sacred once more.

    Family can be so cool!!

  3. Rainbow Warrior says:

    I posted this inquiry on another forum so if you’ve read it before, I apologize for the redundancy…

    I am curious if you or any of your readers know what will become of those that do not ascend to the new earth reality? I have been following this notion for quite some time and as someone else mentioned, it almost sounds too good to be true! I feel like I am more “awake” than most of the people around me but I am certainly not perfect and have made mistakes along the way – some I am not necessarily proud of. So, what it sounds like to me is those who are righteous will ascend and those who are not will suffer eternal hell on 3D earth. I’ve never particularly subscribed to organized religion and this sounds an awful lot like the Rapture that Christians are waiting for. From my studies of the human afterlife, it is my understanding that we undergo a “life review” process so that we can learn from each of our experiences of that life. The life review process, as I understand it, is done in a neutral, nonjudgmental way. It is not done to punish us but is done so that we can learn and evolve. Michael Newton says that his understanding is that if we were the “bad guy” in one life, we may opt to be “the victim” in the next life. I have definitely been a victim but i also feel like I have been bad – not THAT bad, just not perfect. But isn’t “right and wrong” all relative, anyway? I guess what this is all leading to is – How do we know if we are worthy of ascension and if we are not, what happens to us? Perhaps I am misunderstanding the entire thing? I am just very confused. Thanks for any additional information you can provide.

  4. Aryn says:

    It’s incredible how each week these words align and resonate so distinctly with the energies I’ve been processing through. Valiant, we are all so lucky that you were able to overcome such all-too-commonplace cruelty — your work this week is a crucial reminder this week that the time for that kind of hate and malice is over. I thank you so much for your strength and commitment to this all, especially throughout such truly challenging times.

    With this version of the world and its intentionally destructive societal paradigms rapidly deteriorating, I feel like there’s a part in us all that needed to remember and re-experience the horrible traumas to which we were all victims of during our time here, if not only to reaffirm the lessons we’ve learned from them and the steps we take now to ensure that those kind of inhumane, disempowered and fear-based behaviors that have entrapped us all are left behind for good in the coming changes.

    The tranquility shield is such a gift. The serenity and intensity are perfectly married – I will carry it with me in the coming week to keep me grounded. My best to everyone in this community! My thoughts are with you all!

  5. mike0v says:


    I looked through these links and found lots of disinformation.

    Comet ISON is a ship, not a comet and there certainly was NOT an atomic weapon placed on board. Nuclear weaponry has been totally banned on our world and in our solar system by Divinity herself.

    If someone tells you that a nuclear weapon will explode in the future, that person has their head embedded in a bad place.

    All of these tales of “explosions” are just that; tales. Tall tales. All of the governments and their military leadership have known for a long time that nuclear devices will not be tolerated and this edict came straight from Heaven.

    By the way, is filled with lies. It may have started as a place to convey only the truth, but it has since been completely compromised. Any information on that site needs to be verified by other sources.

  6. mike0v says:


    The pingback you reference isn’t harmful in any way. It goes to pollyann’s blog. I’m familiar with it. It’s okay. Just gotta be discerning when you read stuff there, just like anywhere else.

    She brought the two links together because of the synchronicity of the meteor storm information, not all that other junk.

    The meteor storm information is not new, either. This storm has been known about for months. It’s arrival time was the only question mark.

  7. Dee says:

    Thank you for the drawing. I need some tranquility badly like Bill knew about it.
    Is there a drawing for courage to carry on? Much appreciation and love.

  8. Lisa says:

    So powerful, your words have deep impact. I love how beautiful you are in your truth. Thank you. Your beautiful art touches me. Thank you.

  9. Julia says:

    How true! It’s about taking your power back & moving forward with love for all others. Don’t treat people how you may have been treated, be the better person & show by example how we want to live & be treated! Thanks to both of you!

  10. Amy says:

    I think faeriecrumbs said it perfectly…you are truly a beautiful soul. I hope you received the email I sent you as well. Thank you for everything…

    • mike0v says:


      William has seen your comments and says “thank YOU.” Those who find truth in his work are pure of heart. We’re glad you’re here.

  11. Wow, amazing work. Thank you.

    • mike0v says:


      It is amazing work, isn’t it? William’s art transcends this Earthly experience and there’s a reason for it. Heaven and the angels helped him to create it. For those who doubt such a thing, they are in for an enormous surprise when this “experiment” is over.

    • It reminds me of the “Lyricus” or “Wingmakers”. A similar yet unique energy, specifically tuned to benefit those who enjoy it. What a great technology! I’ve had enough confirmation to know these things are “real”. <3

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you for the reference to the WingMakers. Many awakened people discount the work and material they have brought forward, but I wish they wouldn’t. The WingMakers are here to help humanity move forward after the big change. They are real and their efforts are tremendous.

      During meditation, in a vision, I was visited by a member of the WingMakers. He smiled and waved at me. That was all. But it spoke volumes about them and about me.

      Thanks again, DW.

    • (-_-) I agree, it’s a pity it’s not taken more seriously at this time. The really good presents are the ones that come wrapped, obscuring the thing underneath. In this case the wrapping and the present are one in the same, but it takes an open mind to separate them. It’s not the present you get to open! :-D

      Incidentally I had a similar greeting on a “runabout” ship when I was 8. I had no idea what it meant then, but now I’m honored to be counted as one of their number. As we all are, of course. <3

  12. Kelly Palmer says:

    Once again such a powerful message on so many levels! With so much going on right now
    you could almost cut the air with a knife. I was finally able to take my power back that I had lost for such a long time due to illness. Valiant took power over his situation and preserved!! He truly is a wonderful soul! I’m not sure if it’s just me but it almost looks like a lion’s face in the diamond of the picture. Everyone keep up the good work!

  13. Kelly Palmer says:

    Is it just me or can anyone see the lion?

  14. davidbearphx says:

    Your words are enchanting & reminiscent of my own childhood at times.. I LOVE your paintings..drawings.. as a artist on sabbatical – You inspire me.
    We are all kindred souls.. here to do what needs to be done. Love all & heal our planet.

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you for your support. I’ll make sure William reads this.

      And welcome home, my brother. Welcome home.

  15. Lia says:

    I’ve been feeling so lost. I want all the suffering in the world to end. I cry every time I hear about something dying. I keep being told it’s all going to change and that we are going to be free once again. My heart is just so broken…
    I believe what valiant is saying is true. I just wish I had some kind of sign in my life to show me that everything will change for the better.
    Much love,

    • mike0v says:


      If you need “some kind of sign in my life to show me that everything will change for the better” then I would suggest that you start paying attention to our world.

      Do you sit at home with the blinds drawn and doors closed? Or do you engage humanity and seek the good stuff? It’s out there.

      Self-pity ain’t gonna do you a damn bit of good, sweetheart. This “game” we’re playing is very real. Your soul is at stake here and the Eyes of Truth are always watching you.

    • Lia says:

      No I do not sit at home in my misery. I live my life the best I can at the moment only being 21 and all. I live a very good life actually. Which I sometimes may take for granted. Just behind closed doors my heart aches so much for the world. Its just been hard growing up and learning about all the awful things that happen.
      I wish I knew how to summon all my strength so it’s there when I need it. I’ve been learning… reading a lot of books and learning about crystals…
      I think I needed to hear what you had to say so thank you so much. I will be stronger. I will keep moving forward.

    • Dear Lia: 1. Be the change you want to see in others. 2. YOU are the change we’ve been waiting for. 3. The truth shall set you free.

      On the last point, one example would be speaking your truth to your boss, with the possible end result of freeing you of your job… ;-)

      I try to make a list of “external signs” – this might help you as well. There are lots of things going on right now with the intent of making the situation better for humanity.

      As to a “personal sign” – try asking your guides, and then paying attention to the world around you. For example what song is playing on the radio, or even billboards and what’s on TV. Animals who cross your path might have a message for you. Actually there are lots of messages all around us, but we humans tend to forget the language. (-_-)

    • Lisa says:

      Dear Lia,

      Some days are worse than others, some days we forget the suffering and some days we are acutely aware of it. I think maybe those are the days our hearts are growing and expanding. :) Sometimes to love so much is uncomfortable because we can’t forget what we know. To be so young and aware, searching, you are already doing the hard ground work which lays the foundation to be better able to navigate the signs. You are do amazing keep the faith little one :)

    • Lisa says:


      I would like to ask you a question. I just re read a Note to Trolls and noticed that one of the last sentences written says. “The eyes of truth are always watching you”

      Excuse me but that is how you ended your note to Lia, what are you saying? Weren’t you a little mean to her? What did she do but express her confusion and pain?

      I am actually offended by your response to such a young lady, who also happens to be my daughter.

      You tell me welcome home sister and blast her?

      Lia is a beautiful, strong, loving, multi talented girl that embraces the world, she is a 3rd year apprenticing electrician, an amazing artist, takes karate, is a loyal friend, daughter and girlfriend. She hits the world running at 5am everyday and participates fully. She is competent and deeper than bones.

      She was sad for her step Dad, she just found out his Dad died and reached out for comfort in a frozen world.

      The eyes of Truth are Always watching us ALL Sweety, I Love You! <3

    • mike0v says:


      In no way was I trying to be disrespectful of Lia and I apologize if it came across that way. My reply to her may seem terse but it was given from my heart.

      Lia must seek out the good stuff in order to survive. She must try to find good people to help her in her journey.

      Good things ARE happening around our world and if you focus on them, the bad stuff is easier to take. Marijuana is being legalized. The Pope has changed. Protests and demonstrations are going on around the world.

      These are positive signs of positive change. I hope Lia is able to see them. If she can’t, it will be a difficult journey in the last days of this “experiment.”

      As for her loss, I extend my sympathy. I truly do. But Lia does know that death is a return to ourselves, doesn’t she? Death is the most wonderful thing to happen to any of us. It’s a return home. It’s a return to innocence.

      Do you think her stepdad’s father is looking down on Lia and wishes her to be sad? Or do you think he wants her to live life as best she can and try to be happy?

      I think he’s looking down on her and it makes HIM sad to see her feeling rotten. I can imagine him saying, “Chin up, dear heart! I’m quite alright and I’m looking out for you! I love you and I’ll be seeing you again! There is a Heaven on Earth and you will be there soon! Try not to focus on the cold! Focus on the warmth!”

      And you’re absolutely right about the Eyes of Truth. They’re watching all of us. I mention this to people from time to time regardless of their inclinations, evil or good, and the reason is because when we live every moment, every day, with this “knowing,” it helps to direct our path.

      For Lia, it was a reminder to know that being sad isn’t the way the angels and higher beings want us to be. They are watching and yes, it’s hard to know peace on this world, but she is loved more than she knows. Remembering that helps make it easier to put one foot in front of the other, day after day.

    • Julia says:

      Lia – There are many signs, but they are subtle. You will see them, just keep looking. One may be these posts & the art. Keep the faith, keep believing & it will all work out. Those who die are still there. Their souls live on forever. We miss them, but they still love us & always want the best for us. You are doing great to be aware & looking for answers.
      You are loved!

    • Lia says:

      Dreamwalker444, Juila,

      Thank you for the advice, I’ve been feeling much better these last couple days and I feel as though I have been picking up on all the little signs. The other day I was driving and I was talking to my guides and Hand In My Pocket by Alanis Morissette came on the radio and I smiled to myself because I never really listened to the lyrics before.
      Its funny that you mention telling my truth to my boss because that is a situation I need to deal with in my life for sure.

      Mom – I love you too!


      I truly do see the good things in this world but it rarely comes from being on the internet. I see it mostly in my waking life for I do have many people that I love and who also love me. And I love Williams art! But at the same time I cant stop thinking of the radiation poisoning the oceans and destroying my beautiful British Colombia. I hope God or whoever or us can clean the Oceans and the whole earth in my lifetime. I want to enjoy everything about being human.
      I do know death is a return to ourselves, but it is still so sad to know that finally that person knows the truth about you now and any kind of relationship you can have with them is mostly you just talking to them in your mind.
      You are right, they don’t want us to be sad I know this is a time of re birth and taking back what is rightfully ours, but possibly having my home on fire and seeing the trees and all the destruction… its the process that scares me… I wish there was a better way? I know they don’t want us to be sad but this isn’t going to be a walk in the park either.

    • mike0v says:


      It sounds sappy, but everything is gonna be alright. All of us are processing the feelings you’re having. Every single one of us. I cry every day. Every day. Can’t help it. What’s done to the children of our world is an abomination to Heaven. I can’t imagine our Divine Mother being happy at what she sees here. I can imagine tears running down Her face when she sees another child get beaten or tortured.

      I have two teenagers and when you have kids, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, changes about how we perceive and understand love. So, why do so many children bear the brunt of all this madness? I have no idea… If I was in charge, it wouldn’t be happening. It wouldn’t be allowed.

      All of us have seen enough violence, hatred, war, murder, deceit and anger to last an eternity. We don’t need to see any more. But we’re not in charge here, so on it goes.

      It will be a great relief to finally go home. It really will.

    • Lia says:

      Mike and John,
      Sorry I have not replied until now. I have a hard time keeping a large enough attention span to actually look at my phone and type a reply! Thank you both for your kind words. I have been feeling better. I’ve been wanting to draw my own lion man because I feel protected when I look at Williams. Hopefully I can meet one one day. Maybe my Siamese cat can tell me when they’re coming :)

    • Lisa says:


      Thank you for addressing this, you may have no idea how much I identify with most all you say. In fact I followed you here from comments made on “The Destruction of the Papal Key”.

      I have not interfered with my children’s spiritual growth and awakening, I have just let them come in to their own understanding from the truth of their own souls path. It’s always been present, naturally. I want to foster it, not bash her over the head with it.

      She followed me here unbeknownst to me…

      Many questions of the young need to be handled with care and in fact, we are all children that deserve care and respect.

      There are no bad questions, only bad answers. Death has a process Dear Brother, we can tell ourselves whatever we want but when you bury a child, a mother, a brother, a wife, etc……there is only silence. That is the reality we actually live in, except for those few……..With all due respect unless you have lived or known this silence in an intimate way it is not your place to tell another how to feel or process.

      Her sad feelings were for the survivors, the ones that experienced the loss, not the dead. If you knew death intimately you would know that, and not make that mistake.

      Our loved ones are happy on the other side for a reason, naturally they want us happy however they also know happiness is not possible as long as even ONE suffers, and all of earth IS suffering like never before.

      You say you cry everyday, so the happiness is not overwhelming or overcoming your sadness either Dear Brother. Did it ever occur to you, as it did me, she felt safe to write you due to the identification of your own sadness you express?

      The day is coming that we may know True Divine Happiness. Hope lives nonetheless, where my visions match my reality.

      You know what Mother Lionesses are like about their young don’t you….;)

      This is your blog but you just never know who might be making the comments or asking the questions. Treat them all like they are your kids because chances are….they are someone’s kid.

      I believe in Happiness but right now we need to be Warriors of Truth = Love, Justified Rage = Fierce Love….Accountability = Integrity……heart in hand, tears and all

  16. Lisa says:

    I can’t stop staring at William’s art! Every time I try to articulate the feelings it gives me, words escape me. It reminds me of something, has it always been, has your art existed before in other times? It almost feels like it is stimulating a far distant memory.

    My daughter, who is an artist, since a young age, has always covered the paper corner to corner in her art, and for some reason it always left an impression on me, just like your art does. Of course that is just one of the many things that leaves an impression on me regarding your work.

    I love your use of color as well as the black and whites, I’m so filled with intrigue and wonder that they have keys and codes within them, and the messages they bare. I hope to “see” it in it’s full glory one day.

    Yay! I found a way to articulate it!

    Thank you William, again and again :)

    • mike0v says:


      If William’s art touches you as deeply as you say, if you truly are moved by what you see in his work, then ask yourself a simple question.

      “Why? Why is this happening to me?”

      You’ve answered this question in a partial way yourself: “It almost feels like it is stimulating a far distant memory.”

      Take this observation to its next step. A far distant memory is being triggered inside you. This means that you were drawn to this blog and Bill’s work. This means that you were SUPPOSED to end up here. This means that certain people around our world are coming back together again.

      Welcome home, my dear sister. After centuries of time, our family is finally reuniting.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Congratulations Lisa!!
      You are THERE!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I know! Hear me Roar!

    • Lisa says:


      I knew that :)

  17. EightFive says:

    May is up. Still nothing. Incredible…

    • mike0v says:

      I agree. June. Maybe June.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Nothing!? Really….you saw NOTHING…felt NOTHING!
      surely you jest….
      just because it didn’t make the mainstream news doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
      Stuff happened!!

    • mike0v says:

      Oh, brother…

      Something’s gonna happen, alright! Just you wait till I get my space ship back! Those goats may go for a joy ride!

    • lidavg48 says:

      something is gonna happen all right….if Mike keeps picking on my goats.

      eightfive…trust me, it did!!
      those big wheels keep on turning!!
      (reminds me of a song!!)

    • EightFive says:

      Lida, of course a lot is happening, and even more so behind the scenes. But I meant different kind of ‘happenings’, wheels in motion, you know…

    • EightFive says:

      :) those poor goats, keep them safe please

      Well, OK, I’ll wait a little bit more to those squeaky wheels to gain real momentum! :)

  18. Kelly Palmer says:

    Lida is 100% a whole lot happens in the last part of may. Especially on one certain weekend. Many powerful changes. I’m glad a few people have seen the lion that stuck out as soon as I saw this piece of art. Mike did you ever end up seeing it?

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