Epilogue from “Higher Forces”

From “Higher Forces” by William J. Griffith
Published in 2000


‘Tis me again, the voice that speaks…Have you figured out who I am?’

‘Here I am, to give you another clue. Oh, what is it this time you may wonder? Settle your nerves, it is not that bad.’

‘Woe, time marches on. Powers stir. Know this, there are five that shall usher in the new age. Five to lead, five to heed, the other seven to do their deeds. I call one a king, and one a queen, they shine over the rest…do you see? Ha ha, I think that is enough of a clue.’

‘Pardon that, a little humor, now for something more. There may be trouble–who do I fool, there will surely be…As told in legend and prophecy, the world shall tremble, but not in its entirety. I speak of thought, awareness…Only truth shall set you free. But wary of things that be–all is meant to deceive. There will be prophets, and wars you know, but they shall not sway a heart that is willing to grow.’

‘Hear these words and definitely wonder, whether it is lies or virtue hidden under…Glory to the Earth, for it alone knows the future. Oh yes, she, he, it, knows it all. With secrets kept beneath the ground, she weeps, but only with nature does she speak. Watch the flower, and the whimsically laughing and singing birds, and the seeds that freely sow–all of these things will know. And know this too if you need to see, there is a safe place to be. Look to the trees, where they rise and grow…they surely understand–that the mark of God in this daunting universe is not a wholly cruel hand; it’s not…really.’

‘Tisk, tisk…so sad, poor human beings. If they could only see that there is much more to life than greed or revelry. I’m sorry…Alas, some have heard and beyond seen, but they are so commonly misguided by a crafted stone with a rapturous gleam. It is not in a symbol, nor in a private prayer. I’m telling you it’s in the heart–if you think you have seen it, look again, it is there–deeper, more complicated. No, no, not just love alone, nor kindness–these things are easily found when shielded eyes freely look around. Beauty, light, hate, fear, warmth, unconditional respect, creativity, hopes, dreams, passion–all of the above, that sort of thing. Do not expect to be struck by the sound of a bell or a chime, it is not in a revealing ring.’

‘It, it, it–think of all you know. I speak to save you all, to make you think…IT–is not a word, alright–it never has been. It won’t come in an hour–or day, no–the best answers come slowly…but still they will come.’

‘Forget me now, my time has come…I will not speak with you like this again.’

16 thoughts on “Epilogue from “Higher Forces”

  1. anneire says:

    Dear jopipe: I truly believe that we are all where we need to be right now. I think that you are one of the most compassionate people that I have had the pleasure to meet here, it comes through in your voice so strongly. God knows that compassion is one of the things that is dearly needed right now on this planet. Now as for making mistakes, we all make mistakes, God knows how many I have made. What would you learn if you never made mistakes? There is no learning to be done without mistakes, my friend, that’s how it works here in Earth school.

    • Dearest anneire, please forgive me for responding to you ahead of jopipe. I hope no one minds.

      We are all here at the right time, where we are supposed to be for what is about to occur which, although initially appears daunting to even the strongest of souls, will eventually settle into something so, so beautiful. We agreed to be here, our souls open to experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is this time on our beautiful Planet. And Gaia is beautiful, perfect in every single way… she just happens to have a few guests who are what could be perceived as unruly and ungracious in many ways.

      I tend to look at mistakes in a different way – yes, we do learn from what we perceive as mistakes (and, let’s face it, how many of us here have been warned in advance to avoid taking certain routes, only to ignore those warnings and finding ourselves facepalming at the outcome). We learn from experiences that were always going to challenge us in one form or another. This was all planned many years ago.. so much further back than the human mind can comprehend although only moments ago from the perspective of the Higher Beings (the Collective?).

      More importantly, we have all found each other at the right time. I’ve lost count of the amount of synchronicities in my life recently, meeting people I have known in previous lives in different bodies, finding the comforting arms of kindred spirits that reach out to surround us with their love from wherever they are around Gaia’s beautiful lands.

      I hope I make sense in some way because trying to describe what one sees, understand what one has been told… can be challenging at times.

      And thank you Valiant.. you are loved and supported more than you will ever know.

  2. EightFive says:

    I’m concerned that Big Brother et al may be back to time/events manipulation business. I surely underestimated their capabilities. Can I help with any slightest thing I could help…

    • mike0v says:


      Yes, the dark forces have amazing technology but their rule of our planet is over. They have been given many opportunities to surrender peacefully but have chosen not to. This decision is a huge mistake. They are attempting to find a way into the higher spiritual realms but the higher spiritual realms are guarded by angels.

      I ask you: would you go against an angel? Would you try to battle an angel? Only a complete fool would do something like that. And the dark forces here are doing it.

      The Reptilian race has caused misery and suffering on many, many worlds. They have murdered countless peaceful beings. They were given millions of years of time to learn the ways of the heart instead of the ways of evil.

      Did they learn the ways of the heart? No, they did not.

      Sympathy and pity are good qualities to have in a person and in a civilization. Feeling sorry for others helps us to learn to be a better person.

      But what is far more important than sympathy and pity is justice. Cosmic and spiritual justice exist all around us. It’s everywhere. “What you give is what you get.”

      For all of the evil races that are about to be severely punished, I have no sympathy. None at all. Cosmic and spiritual justice have finally reached them and they will learn a painful lesson.

      You can do two things, EightFive, to help all of us. Meditate and print copies of Valiant’s artwork. Hang his artwork in your home or apartment. Take a copy of “Good Spirit” with you wherever you go. Show Valiant’s artwork to others and watch their reactions. Share his artwork.

      We have been fighting for a long time but the battle is almost over. Stay strong.

    • Aryn says:

      Anneire, Miss Willow, John and Mike — just wanted to write you a quick thank you for your words of support and comfort. This is an especially trying time and although I think we all knew that these dark forces would go out kicking and screaming, it does not make focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel any easier.

      Will continue to stay grounded with Gaia and send you all as much light and positivity as I can during my meditations.

      My appreciation and love to you all.

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you. Truly.

      We’ve been given feedback from upstairs that our efforts are paying off and that our work does not go unnoticed. Heaven and the angels are pleased to see how we’ve come together and how much we care about our sisters and brothers here.

      Being a “boot on the ground” ain’t the best role to be playing right now, but we’re almost to the finish line.

    • EightFive says:

      Thank you Mike for your reassuring comment. As far as the Art is concerned, I did what you said but I will do spread it more. I love to contemplate on several paintings especially, they have something familiar in them, traces of memory almost lost.

    • mike0v says:


      You are welcome, my brother.

      Всё в руках божьих.

      мир вам.

  3. lidavg48 says:

    Mike is right John!
    You are needed and very much appreciated here!!!
    Every tiny bit of you!!!

  4. Another perspective on the King and Queen. Guinevere and Arthur. I know who they are, but I’m not sure how important it is for them to know, now. They played an important role, long ago.

    • mike0v says:


      Lots of people have been put off by the notion of a king and a queen assuming roles of authority in our galaxy and universe, but these titles are nothing to be afraid of when we’re speaking of the higher spiritual realms.

      It’s easy to forget or not even consider in the first place, how many races exist in all the universes. There are millions of them.

      Imagine how many different forms of government exist along with all those races. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that thousands of titles of nobility are in the galactic dictionary.

      Kings and queens rule in many races but in the higher dimensions, evil cannot exist, so a king or a queen cannot become a dictator or a tyrant. They rule peacefully and with their hearts.

    • Thanks Mike. I agree – the king and queen I referred to was incarnated at one time as these individuals. But this was only one of many points in history that these two occupied. As spirit we are all equal, so perhaps fear and hierarchy are moot. I pity this world’s monarchies because they are not free beings, typically.

    • mike0v says:


      Very good point. I agree.

  5. mike0v says:


    An ambassador who says the things you say is EXACTLY what we need!

    There’s TOO MUCH pomp and circumstance and not enough good old-fashioned street slang!

  6. mike0v says:

    Shanna requested that I remove her comments.

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