The Clock Strikes Six

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 6…The Lion Men, Warning Signs…The Hollow Earth

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 5-Jun-2014 12:30:15

The Clock keeps ticking, The Wheels turning…
Feel it spin, where it stops, no one knows.
And things heat up…more ways than one…
The hours, the days, the weeks…
Watch…they burn…

What is it about June?
The Summer Solstice, yes of course…
I’d keep an eye on that…
You did ask WHEN, after all…
I’m not saying anything precise, just telling
You the point of no return…and things
Really speed up. When time seriously begins
Its re-alignment.
This time, you’ll feel it.
And yes, for some it may hurt.

The warning signs as things draw near…
The closer the pulse gets…
People who are not in tune, or more specifically
Made their choices…their path…
For the true of Heart, things will get easier…
Believe it or not.
Especially for those with the Mark…

But for others, the blind, the weak, the stupid…
Yes, Big Brother I do mean you…
They will grow incredibly unstable…
Tempers flare, people will be volatile, and snap.
It could get very ugly, very bloody.
Please be careful and beware.
Relationships will suffer…
Those not meant to be together will struggle
More until they are split or torn apart.
Don’t be surprised if you hear of A LOT of
Break ups…think of it as clearing the way
For true soul mates to find where they belong.
So if you’re with the WRONG person, be prepared
To say good bye.
Problems with bosses, associates, even on the road…
Will increase. If people hate what they’re doing
They will hate it even more in June.
When it rains, it pours…where there’s smoke there’s fire…
Watch for fires and floods in June…Warning signs…
Supernatural forces will be restless…watch out.
They know their time is nearly up.

On a brighter note…the Lion Men, and Friends
Will arrive in June in greater number…
Again, the Summer Solstice…
I’ve only encountered their Ascended Masters,
But the Warrior Class will arrive in greater
Numbers to ensure the protection of the 500,000…
As well as carry out acts of justice on those bullies…
I warned you, best behavior…
Their claws will be out when they come…and ready.
The Warrior Class may look friendly, but they
Aren’t coming to play games…
And they don’t recognize apologies, mistakes…
I’ve attached an image of one, White Lion Man…
Of the Warrior Class, the Masters wear robes.
Their friends, believe it or not, resemble something
Of Hawks, Hawkmen…the head of a Hawk-like Eagle,
With the body like that of a man…though with talons…
This is a sacred order, ancient…they do not come
Out often. But when they do, it’s important…
Apparently, the Lion Men have secretly
Visited the Earth before.
They are drawn to pure hearts, evolved souls…
They most commonly visited monks of the Far East.
Hush, a secret now.
This may sound crazy, but they were involved in
The creation of the Siamese breed of cat.

I was told to get one of those cats.
They were bred to be unlike any ordinary cat.
Possessing senses, eyes and ears that could sense
Greater…For communication with these Lion Men.
The Seal Points resemble many of their Shamans…
The blue eyes, dark faces. I don’t quite understand
The genetics here….. But apparently to own a
Siamese is the equivalent of a witch’s familiar…

Anyway, their primary goal is to protect the
500,000…many of which are children…
No patience for bullies. And you’ll be pleased to
Know they are immune to dark magic…Nice, Huh?
Too bad for you, Big Brother.

Other signs to watch for…
As the planet has moved…
Unpredictable weather…remember, watch the
Mississippi…the storms haven’t even arrived yet…
And it’s earthquakes that will trigger its widening
Into a sea.

This means climate change…
As the planet prepares for the next ice age.
Fortunately, they are granting a gradual process
In this way…but the winters will be longer…
Summers shorter…you’ll see.

Australia will be one of the few safe havens less
Effected this way, however it will suffer far worse
When refugees flood there when tsunamis and quakes
Ravage Asia.
And it may be the only way for the survival of
Wild elephants…move them to Australia, it will be
The only safe place for them in the wild.

And now…
The Hollow Earth…
The Legends, the Myths…the Facts…
Cities beneath our feet for ages…peoples
Of lost civilizations…and Alien colonies…
Not to mention all those allegedly fortified
Hidden bunkers…
Designed of course to survive a surface assault…
A secret for a few…
A haven for the rich and powerful, leaders…
But in truth…Rat Traps.

You see, when something like the Pulse hits…
You wouldn’t want to be underground…
Because the Pulse will hit the Earth’s core and
Radiate outward…in other words, underground
Worlds…will experience it far more intensely.
With no escape, they will be flushed out.
So don’t be surprised if UFO sightings and strange
Creature sightings increase…there’s no
Escaping this.
Mer-people, sea monsters…like Loch Ness,
Will also be flushed out and up…watch out.
All those corrupt cities underground will suffer

First and worst…under Africa, the Middle East.
Do you think these countries on the surface
Suffer wars for no reason? NO. The cities
Below, the corrupt and insidious dwellers play
With those above, they always have.

This is one of the last secrets…All those
Secret societies have bargains with all of the
Varied Hollow Earth Territories. Lies of course.
Which is why this time of justice is coming.
The Higher Powers have never witnessed so
Many lies, secret fake allegiances like those here.
As above, so below…they all lie to each other.
All have their own priorities, needs…greed.
People have suffered for too long because of it.

I’ve warned all of you, best behavior.
We’ll find out who the good guys really are.
Right now they are all so scared of each other.
They’ve been waiting for something like this
For all to break loose…for the rules to fall,
So they all can do what they want…
And they will…fast and hard. Scary, huh?

But hope still lies with the help coming…
The 500,000…the Lion Men.
And of course a few other little surprises
Still to come.

For now…I believe the time has come to shake
Things up some…For the Earth to shake…
Watch those earthquakes…
The Ring of Fire…
Rainbows of odd colors…
The Northern Lights will move and shine…
And still it seems to watch those shooting stars…
The floods, the rivers flow…
The surface will have its reckoning…

What is it about June? I’ve always hated it.
But I’ll explain that another time…
Enough for now…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Honesty? Integrity?
Promises? Redemption? Make a stand.
I’m putting a lot on the line here. We all are.
Some help would be nice.

That’s all for now.

Lion Man

Lion Man

54 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes Six

  1. guidedlight says:

    I am at a loss for words. I guess I have always known things were going to come together in this way. I am just troubled with the number 500,000. There are so many beautiful people (especially children) that may not be “awake” in the sense that we know it….but that are still pure of heart none the less. I find it hard to fathom. I feel that I have been awake and on a path that has required much energy/light, love, forgiveness and many sacrifices for many years. I can remember taking a stance at 10 years old against my parents and the church for teaching fear when it came to God. I knew better, knew that the presence they spoke of was love in all ways. So for me it began 46 years ago. What I have trouble with is the fact that I am human and have made mistakes….adult mistakes….not the mistakes a child would make. How can any one of us compare to the innocence of a child….the unconditional love that a child carries within? I do not see myself as worthy of one of the 500,000 even though I have tried to be what/who I came here to be. Now this might sound funny and arrogant BUT I do feel worthy of one of many adults that have followed their path. There are just so many children and young adults that I see as pure of heart….more than the number 500,000. I just don’t understand. What am I missing?

    • Separation consciousness is seeing yourself as separate from others. Unity consciousness is seeing yourself as part of a whole. Both are valid perspectives here. For example the Cherokee prophecies make much more sense when you realize that EVERYONE is Cherokee. So, are you so sure that 500,000 is a number that reflects individual human beings? Are you so sure it excludes one person and favors another? I feel this is an opportunity for some “mental calisthenics.” You can consider yourself to be external to this group, which would be a kick in the butt to improve yourself (fear resonance). Or you can see yourself as part of this group, by shifting your perspective to where you are there (love resonance). Either way, it’s win-win for you. Loving yourself is not “service to self”, it is accepting yourself unconditionally for who you really are. <3

    • mike0v says:


      Yeah, the number bugs me, too. However, we don’t understand it, either, and I think if we did, our hearts would be eased.

      One thing that everyone can agree on is that ALL souls here are going somewhere. Right? From what all of us have learned, this is the end of Earth in this dimensional “experiment.” All souls will be freed.

      So, everybody is leaving. All seven billion of us. Where is everyone going? According to most sources, right where they’re supposed to go. And that’s a good thing.

      Janice makes a salient point below about the 500k being at risk of harm, so they will be given protection that other people will not be given.This seems very sensible to me but, like I say, we don’t understand it because we don’t have all the details.

      If you integrate William’s information with other sources, it seems a picture of the end result can be formed, although the accuracy of the picture is completely questionable.

      In other words, what follows is just a wild guess!

      Albert is a deeply connected person who lives in Taiwan and he has posted on Rumor Mill News, also. He is here with the Celestial Sons as part of his Earth mission and the information that he has shared with humanity has very closely supported the information that William has given us.

      William and Albert seem to be connected to the same level in the spiritual realms and we all know that this level is WAY up there. Far above any other human on Earth.

      Albert has mentioned in a previous message that all mamas and papas with children are going to the new Earth. This would represent a number much larger than 500k people.

      Now, before this becomes an argument about who is right and who is wrong, I would suggest that we don’t even try to figure it out because we lack so many details. However, if Albert’s information is accurate, then my heart is eased in knowing that all children will arrive on the new Earth.

      Most of us have heard of or read information from Cosmic Awareness and I mention him as a source because he seems genuine. He may not be accurate, but I get the feeling that CA is truly concerned in bringing valuable information to humanity. He seems to care deeply for us.

      And so, even though I have no idea if his revelations are correct, he did speak extensively about different planet Earths emerging from this “experiment.” He spoke about a “Planet A,” a “Planet B,” and a “Planet A/B” and how each world will accommodate souls at just the right vibratory existence for each of them.

      This also seems very sensible to me. I have absolutely no idea if it’s accurate, but it seems reasonable.

      If you put all of this together a picture emerges of different planet Earths in different vibratory planes of existence and all souls here traveling to the one that is just right for them.(Or leaving Earth and going to their home worlds.)

      And it may very well be that the 500k people who have been “marked” are those who have earned the right to travel to their respective Earths in comfort and without drama, while the rest of humanity experiences different levels of “apocalypse” and “cataclysm” based on what their souls want them to live through.

      I’m no expert, but from what I understand, there are souls here on Earth who DO want to experience a worldwide apocalypse. Me? Personally? Heck no! I want a smooth ride in a luxurious space ship!

      And it also may very well be that the corrupted humans (Big Brother and others) will experience the global apocalypse right to the end, without ever having a chance to escape the turmoil, and after their deaths, travel to their next destination.

      All of this is pure speculation, of course. If anyone ever asks me, “Hey, Mike! Do you know what’s going on?” I always tell them, “Absolutely not! And I like it that way!”

    • mike0v says:


      A most excellent observation. Thanks.

    • Aryn says:

      Thank you for your words on this all, Mike. Valiant’s messages are becoming more and more powerful and I take comfort in knowing that support is in place for those who will need it and that those spirits who are in dire need of healing will get it wherever they go.

      Everyone’s words here are so appreciated. May all of your hearts maintain peace as this journey continues.

    • lidavg48 says:

      That number…500,000…represents the special marked ones who are to receive assistance during the tribulations ahead.
      Tiny number considering the number on the planet.
      I don’t believe this is set in stone. It does not mean this is ALL that will make it…they just get the extra protection they need.
      Bill was not happy to hear that number either.
      But further explanation did reveal more would make it thru….but it’s still gonna be a rough time!
      So happy to hear about more than 500,000.

  2. Janice23 says:

    Guidedlight – Like you, I have been on a long journey. However, I consider mine to be a journey of healing. It’s like coming home since i feel that I’ve finally found my true self as opposed to what others thought I should be. Organized religion was consistently stressful for me, but unlike you it took me many years to figure out that it’s the message of fear that does not resonate with me. So I was a bit behind the curve, but at least I’m moving in the correct direction for me.

    I’m interpreting the 500,000 to be at risk of harm because they have been targeted by TPTB. And that emissaries are coming to protect these innocents. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but that’s how I choose to look at it. I do not count myself among the 500,000. I’m hoping that they will be protected, whoever they may be.

  3. guidedlight says:

    Hey Dreamwalker444. I am pretty sure we have had some interaction in the past with a 3rd party…Leslee. Glad to see you here. In reference to the above I am being a little right brained in my questioning. I must admit I love this site, information and people. I feel a connection. It is my nature to try and open things up for discussion. I am trying to understand the writer’s meaning on the 500,000. I truly want to understand exactly what is being said. I am not afraid for myself or anyone really….other than maybe the 1%. LOL I am open to all thought processes due to growth for myself. I really really want to understand what Valiant is saying. I know there is more to this than any of us really know. Hugs to you my Dear. 😃

    • mike0v says:


      You are a carbon copy of me! “I really, really want to understand what Valiant is saying.”

      I have felt this way exactly ever since reading his first post. Ask Lida and she’ll tell you: I’ve been fixated on digging up the meanings of all the posts.To the point of paranoia!

      That’s why I collected all of them and put them here.

    • Hey GL – Leslee’s a good friend! Excellent questions – you know, a couple years ago we were at 100k (through different sources of course) so it looks like we’re making progress!!! Hugs to you (-_-)

  4. guidedlight says:

    Mike, perfect response for my heart. Thank you

    • mike0v says:


      And you’re most welcome, dear sister. I don’t know what the heck is going on but I’m just like you: I try, every day, to think with my heart and not with my head.

      It sure ain’t easy to do here on this planet!

  5. Jeff says:

    Just a comment here about the consternation over at Personally, I enjoy William’s posts. There aren’t many positive things on the internet. Whatever the truth in this world is, it’s nice to have something positive to read. That’s enough for me and I thank William for what he does. We live in confusing times. Personnally, I have been having a really interesting spiritual experience and am coming out the other side after going to the bottom of the rabbit hole. Things are starting to change for the better. How? Simple – I believe in truth, honesty, God (should have been listed first) and I AM NOT going to bend on this! That is freedom! Even when living in an insane world. As the United States falls further, and the whole world does too, we need to remember that God set out commandments (not suggestions) and we have to obey them if we want things to go well for us and our country. I can not control other people so I say God bless you because they have free will. Our group karma probably suffers for this.

    I’d just like to say that I have been in ” the dark night of the soul” for about 6 years now. Wow, it sure has been a long night. That’s ok because I had an experience with God years ago that showed me that I might lose everything. I just asked God – please don’t let me turn into an asshole. Please let me still be able to walk through nature and focus on the beauty of your creation.

    I really care about our children and grandchildren who we seem to not be able to leave a better world than we lived in. Most people are so concerned about themselves that they have never even thought about this. I can not control world karma so I have to let it go. My life is all a prayer now. I only plan to watch and follow what God has planned for me. I also have many friends who are totally on the same page as me. Boy do I love talking to them!

    All I can say is – stay centered, stay focused, grow your love for God. It’s the only way to make a difference.



    • mike0v says:


      Thank you. Your story seems very similar to stories of other awakened humans.

      And it has become obvious to me that if you’re an awakened human, your life was or is filled with tremendous challenges, tragic consequences and heart-breaking episodes.

      This is a common thread that runs through all of us and I believe it’s designed this way and that it serves a valuable purpose, which is:

      You can’t move into spiritual enlightenment more deeply unless you hurt first. And by “hurt,” I mean HURT. Until we suffer in a horrible way, we will be unable to help others understand the true meaning of living through our hearts. We have to visit the pits of despair before we can earn our “Master’s Degrees.”

      As for the comments on, I wish they were never made. What’s upsetting about the whole thing is not that people question the accuracy of William’s information, it’s that insulting remarks are thrown around.

      William, and any other source of information that’s worth a hoot, doesn’t care if questions arise about the accuracy or validity of what he brings us. It’s quite alright to have a healthy sense of discernment and I’m sure William would very much enjoy discussing the details of what he knows so all of us could find a better understanding.

      But when anyone feels it’s necessary to insult another person simply because they don’t agree with their views or they have a different version of the “truth,” then that’s when a line has been crossed. That’s when I stop any discussion with that particular person, without exception.

      Humanity has no idea what William is living through, Jeff. Absolutely no idea and that includes his mom (Lida), his dad and his sister. If those people on had any idea about what William deals with, they would’ve kept their mouths shut.

      Thanks again, Jeff, for your comments. Feel free to speak up anytime.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Good to have you here!
      Your principles are beautiful!! They walk the talk!!

  6. Soul Agenda says:

    Mike, higher dimensional beings live in the realms of Agharta and beyond, more than 800 miles beneath the Planet’s surface. Is the reference being made to DUMBs and other underground bases that were once the mainstay of the Dark? These are located nearer the surface.

    • mike0v says:


      William is referring to the many underground civilizations on Earth. There are quite a few. From what I understand, the interior of our planet is like swiss cheese!

      Yes, there are DUMBS but there are also many other cities that exist down there, with many and various types of beings living in them.

      And as you know, this “event” in no way includes humanity only. This divine intervention will affect EVERYONE. So, it doesn’t matter where you live, if you are a sovereign soul of our universe, you are going to be judged. Above ground, below ground, it doesn’t matter. Your time to face your soul has arrived.

      As for the Agarthans, when Bill posted this information, I read the section about the below-ground civilizations over and over because I’ve always believed that Agartha is real and not just a myth. I was worried that Bill would reveal that Agartha is a fake.

      But if you carefully read what Bill says, he doesn’t make a flat statement that Agartha is not real, he discusses the Hollow Earth Territories, which aren’t the same thing as Agartha. (At least, I don’t think so.)

      I mention all of this because there is another person whom I highly trust (Albert) and he mentioned quite a few months ago that the Agarthans have left the Earth’s interior and are waiting in star ships while the changes take place on Earth.

      This explanation of how the Agarthans are handling our situation seems very reasonable and sensible to me. I’d do the same thing if I was an Agarthan!

  7. Soul Agenda says:

    Phew…thanks for your thoughts ~ I, too, got worried for a bit there! Knowing about the existence of Agharta and its realms was one of the most “natural” things I learnt about in the past, It’s more real to me than our surface reality!

    I wasn’t aware about what your source said about the evacuation (makes me think of Tuella’s book)…beam me up, pretty please?

  8. Kelly Palmer says:

    Jeff I have to say that I totally agree with Mike on a few points (Did I just say that. Haha). A lot of people have been run through the ringer. Mike can agree with that even I have and continue to go trough many things of which you would probably not want to go through just one of them. William is truly an amazing person too! He is human just like us and he goes through quite a lot! He goes through things physically as we do. He is given information but some of it I’m pretty sure he can’t share (Even with his amazing superwoman mom!). He is the most amazing artist that I have other seen (My dad coming in second). I feel deep emotion and happiness when I look at many of his pieces of art.

    Oh Mike guess what kind of cat I have?? Yep a siamese cat :-) She truly is the coolest cat I have ever met. Guess who she guards? Yep it’s Curtis! She actually sleeps on him when she can. She protects both kids actually. I’m very happy she is part of my family!

    There is so much going on. The past few weekends have been very different. We have been very drained and tired lately. Today much better. Today’s message gave me so much hope and happiness on many different layers! Keep the faith my family here!!

    • mike0v says:


      I have no doubt in my mind that you are a long lost sister! (How the heck did I end up with all these sisters?!)

      You may know this already, and I’m sure Curtis is starting to understand, but who William represents is far, far more than what anyone knows.

      There IS a group who is determining our fate on this planet. This group is responsible for how this Earth drama plays out. William is one of the human representatives of this group. There are four other people like him on Earth right now.

      This is why his importance and his influence can’t be overstated. When this is over, all of humanity will learn these things.

      About nine years ago, back when I was married, my ex-wife and my kids brought home an apple-head Siamese cat for Fathers’ Day, as a gift for me.

      I thought, “Great. Just great. Another cat!”

      She’s relatively intelligent but I don’t see any psychic abilities in her. Her name is Poco.

  9. This article might have some relevance / support to the idea of planet x. Having said that I don’t have personal access to the samples so I wouldn’t be able to verify the claims (and even if I DID have access I’m not a scientist!).

    One explanation is that “Theia” (Marduk?) is now part of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

    I’d like to offer some observations on these messages in general…

    -some people tend to discount an entire channel’s work as soon as a date is mentioned, or if it meets some other criteria (i.e., it’s the color purple, or the wind is blowing the wrong way, etc.). To me this approach is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Discernment is the process of seeing the roses through the thorns, as Laron put it.

    -Regarding “failed predictions”, well here’s the thing… the prediction is correct within a certain timeline. To a multidimensional being all timelines are visible. What is provided has a higher probability of happening than a different event, but things change all the time. And the event predicted will have happened to that version of you that experienced it in that timeline. Personally (and generally speaking) I feel we should celebrate the fact that most of the predictions DON’T come true. Because, well… where would we be then, eh?

    -Valiant and William are separate individuals in different dimensions, but they are also the same person, so there is a lot of “cross pollination” between the message. Elements of William’s life/perspective are as much a part of the message as Valiant’s. I believe this kind of thing is evidence that humans are indeed multi-dimensional in nature. Many channels try to provide a separation in their message, and I think this tends to make more sense to us humans. “Valiant” is very different in this regard – there is no separation.

    -Regarding all the nonsense on, I would say Valient’s prophecy on people going nuts came true almost instantaneously! (In the future, Valiant, be careful what you wish for…)

    • mike0v says:


      Thank you! It is my wish that ALL awakened humans know the things you just said. It would be so much easier on everyone if this understanding pervaded the spiritual community on Earth.

      I’m gonna look into the link you left in your comment when I have the time.

      And, by the way, I lived a large portion of my life in Sterling. Route 7 out towards Leesburg. Park View High School, etc.

    • Thanks Mike – I grew up on the West Coast of Canada, in Victoria, but I’m here now – been here for 14 years (has it really been that long???). Park View is just down the road. It’s not where I would necessarily choose to be but I guess it’s where I “need” to be at this time. And it’s far enough away from DC that I don’t have to deal as much with the bizarre sacred geometry of that mean little town, but close enough to have a front row seat to all the shenanigans. :-D And it’s a nice little community – not a bad place for kids to grow up.

    • mike0v says:


      Yes, we need you right where you are. Underneath the 188 ley line. “Satan’s Axis.”

      Familiar with it? Lida, Bill and I live under it, too. (I’m in Atlanta. Lida and Bill are in New Jersey.)

  10. Speaking of “Mr. Spaceman” – I’d like to extend an invitation to the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflights to everyone here. I hope you don’t mind my sharing this link, Mike – we’ve had some excellent / unexpected / shared experiences come out of it.

    We have them every Saturday night. Personal expressions of intent, as well as dream experiences, do not need to be shared – but can if anyone wants to. Maybe this could be another avenue for answers to some of these pressing questions, as well. :-)

    This reminds me: yet another perspective on the 500,000 is that it seems to relate fairly directly to the dreamflights. But what that is, I can’t say for sure (I have a hunch…).

    • munkus6 says:

      Dream walker,
      Bill has felt that he was a merge…William and Vailiant.
      He has met himslf in other timelines!

      But no he did not ‘wish’ for people to go nuts. But he knew they would!

      Dream flights sounds interesting…I must check it out!!!
      You live near Sterling? Two of my best friends live there!!!

      And, you all saw correctly…that WAS Bill who just popped in! Below…

    • Hi Munkus6, yes I’ve met myself in other timelines and dimensions as well, though to be honest I didn’t realize this was the case at the time. I’ve been fortunate in having the help of friends / soul family to confirm these connections. If you cross “Inception” with “Cloud Atlas,” that’s pretty much what we’re dealing with here. <3

  11. wjvaliant says:

    Just wanted hello to everyone!
    Aka: Valiant

  12. lidavg48 says:

    for some reason, I am now known as munkus6…
    I don’t know how I did that!

  13. guidedlight says:

    Lida, I laughed out loud about the munkus6. For whatever reason it struck me as very funny. Thanks also for clarification on the 500,000. I did suspect that was the meaning….but with the way things have been as of late I needed to know for sure….well maybe I just needed to know that others were thinking as I was. I appreciate discussions and try to instigate them. I always think there are people that read these things, don’t quite understand but don’t ask about it. It is my way of quietly sharing. Hugs

  14. Kelly Palmer says:

    Hi Bill I hope that you are feeling well :-) Thank you for coming in to say hi. Keep up your incredible work!

  15. karma007 says:

    I’m not too concerned with the 500,000 figure. The 7th Day Adventists think 144,000 is the significant number. Hey, it’s just a number, maybe their math is different than ours.

    We need to keep upbeat, we have all seen a lot worse in our lives. That’s why we will weather the storm, we have proven track records.


    Mike if you weren’t so OCD, we may have never found one another. So kudos to you for being our Cruise Director on the boat of life.
    Peace to all,


    • mike0v says:


      Why, thank you, my dear! Heh, heh… ;)

    • Julia says:

      Our Cruise Director Mike! That is perfect Karol!

      I also agree that the 500,000 may not mean what we think it does. So much has to be interpreted, and that is often full of errors. Keep the faith, stay positive & send only Love. We will all be just fine. (although a bit worn out!)

  16. Aryn says:

    Just got my copy of “Higher Forces” in the mail! Looking forward to diving right in on this beautiful afternoon!

  17. mike0v says:


    I agree that Malukah’s voice is quite good and I certainly can understand how it may help you to feel William’s art more deeply, but I don’t view what she does as honorable and I haven’t attached, in my mind, any music to William’s art.

    Perhaps if Malukah wrote and performed music for something other than violent video games which feature “Dragonborn,” I might feel differently but I can tell you, without a doubt, that I’m sick and tired of reptilians in all shapes and forms and any music which features dragons and is a cover for a violent video game is music I avoid.

    Any good artist will tell you that what you create is what you attract. What is it that Malukah wishes to attract to herself?

  18. mike0v says:

    I can assure you, Annie, you and I were NOT “supposed to have a lively exchange of thoughts.”

    If you wish to exchange lively thoughts with others, then I would suggest you create your own blog.

  19. Beautiful songs. Wow. Thank you for sharing them, agray33 Heart -> Sun

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