To Our Brother from the 1800s

If there was anything I could say to you, dear sir, which would ease discomforts in your life, like loneliness or confusion, to help make the ending of your journey on Earth less burdensome, I certainly would.

But with all the years you’ve counted here, with all of what you’ve witnessed, with all that you’ve heard and read, I’m sure there’s not a damn thing I could say which might lift your spirits or give you some measure of deeper enlightenment.

So, really, the best I can offer is “Welcome home, my brother. Your journey is almost over. My heart and my soul live in gratitude to you for what you’ve done to help us. I will never forget.”

3 thoughts on “To Our Brother from the 1800s

  1. EightFive says:

    1800?.. It boggles the mind to even think of how one could possibly cope with this world for so long in one ‘span’. (I’m not one of those individuals… fortunately).

  2. Amy says:

    Amazing…what an incredible wealth of knowledge there must be… even to know some of it would be astounding…

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