The Clock Strikes Seven

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 7…Note From the Future…Bigfoot…and a Few Little Things…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 12-Jun-2014 12:22:06

So far the clock keeps moving steadily,
More confidently than before…
And just to clarify something…
The Clock countdown…is not directly
Or rather immediately referring to the Pulse…
The Pulse will come, yes, but there is no warning
Date for that…They don’t want anyone to know
The time for that…for obvious reasons…
And even I was told I would only be given
A 10 minute warning…
You may not like this, but you should know…
The countdown refers to the finalizing
Of the time re-alignment…
And a Pandora’s box of sorts, of adjustments
That will fix things corrupted by
Time’s manipulation.

That’s why Best Behavior is more important
Now than ever…
Be wary of the Warning Signs
They will increase and worsen…
As people who are not prepared for
The current changes will continue to snap
In worse ways than before.
Stay calm, cool and collected.

I also want to add one more thing, this I hope
Sincerely makes you feel better…
I do know the 500,000 are not the only ones
To be saved…they were marked to be protected
Above all…That’s why many of them are
Remarkable children are being born…and must
Be protected. Some of you may already know this.
They, the 500,000 will contribute greatly to
The advancement of the human race once on Earth
With each subsequent future generation
Improving with abilities we’ve always dreamed
Of…And one day will surpass our Alien visitors.
So, others will survive…And lifespans will be longer…
But it greatly depends on you…who you are,
Your faith, integrity, morals. So please, have Faith.
Though I must advise a stern warning…
Watch those hormones…
Especially with those cheating, it’s grown far out
Of control and is one of the things they are
Unhappy with. Live for Love, not lust.
I personally have had several friends who
Were frequent cheaters, and secretly cheated
Hundreds of times on their wives…
Needless to say that won’t be forgiven, I’m sorry.
I won’t lecture on this, just please be careful.

On to other things…
You may wonder why I mention this…
Bigfoot will be on the move in these chaotic times,
Sightings will increase.
Do not harm this being, as it is more than beast.
He’s roamed the lands longer than we have…
And though rumors fly that UFO’s use Bigfoot, this
Being has been seen long before UFO’s filled the
Skies. He guards the doorway to the worlds
Below…The Hollow Earth…As well as portals
Or vortexes where realities cross.
And I will say, I respect Native American
Beliefs on this matter…
I was visited by the ghosts of enough
Medicine Men as a child to respect them…
And I will not contribute to the capture or
Location of Bigfoot.
I’ve had my experiences…and have friends
Who had frightening stories of encounters with
Monsters as a child.
They’re curious…particularly of gifted children.
And you may expect them to be powerfully
Drawn to those special children right now.
Don’t be scared.

Climate change will also affect them.
Everyone is noticing the weather these days.
The planet has moved. And now as it settles, over
The next 3 years climates will change…for
That new ice age…
If you plan on moving…try to wait for a sign…
I just want as many good people to survive as
Possible…My book had those clues, remember…
Watch the birds, and the bees…and the trees…
They will know where it is safe to be.
Floods, fires, earthquakes…it will feel like chaos
At times…but it will subside…
But it will grow colder…that you will see
Each year, increasingly…the snow.

As things speed up, you will notice more UFO
Activity…they will be checking us closer and
Closer…readying to make their move.
True colors will come through.
Trust your instincts, know the good from the bad.
All that you were taught…or knew…
Will be shattered…they did not want you to be ready
For this.
That’s where the children come in…

A brief note from the future…
The woman who visited me, who wore a disguise,
Always told me our present was 50 years away
From understanding things…
Science, medicine…the human brain…
My artwork.
The point is there WILL be a future…
And a city so magnificent, even Steven Spielberg
Would be in awe.

I just have to thank so many wonderful
People who read these posts, who’ve shared
Their support and awesome stories.
There are some remarkable things going on for sure.

At least now you have an idea of the Secrets
The World Powers didn’t want you to know.
And I’ll help as much as I can, believe me.
I’ll tell you more in time…when it’s right.
For now I share with you a clue in my artwork.
Cave Ponies. Think about this.

Some recommended viewing…Movies…
The Village…The Andromeda Strain…The Color Purple…
And one thing to know…a culling
Is coming.

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Remember what happens here…
Happens Everywhere. 4 worlds Fallen.
Earth must survive…And will…
And a new Federation, a Round Table, will be born.
I hope you know what you’re doing.
Because the time is coming.

That’s all for now.

Cave Ponies

Cave Ponies

21 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes Seven

  1. guidedlight says:

    Thank you. I very much appreciate you and your gifts/talents. Hugs to you and all of us here and now.

  2. kalyps0 says:

    i am so pleased to see the community that has grown out of this blog! when Bill shared the URL with me last year i have periodically stopped by. i love the dialogue and support for eachother! fantastic to see such stand-up folks!! here’s to hoping the culling is ‘natural’ as opposed to the “stupid” ones!

    in gratitude,


  3. Vickie Acklin says:

    I guess I just don’t get it. Your artwork is very good but why do you keep predicting events that NEVER happen? What give you the right to raise people’s hopes over and over and not one single thing happens. What about all the predictions for May? I’m so tired of trying to have a little faith and trying to find a few answers when all I find is empty predictions for events that never happen. Think about this the next time you put out one of your rather bizarre poem/predictions. Are you just trying to sell your artwork? I’m tired and exhausted by all the people telling us to prepare and beware.

    • lidavg48 says:

      Oh Vickie,
      I am so sorry you missed his point!
      Those two little words….time manipulation, say so much.
      Bill doesn’t manipulate the time….the bad guys do, so they can prolong their very mean selfish agenda.
      He just spills the beans on them….so they mess with time again…and make things worse. Not better.
      Their time is up….take a look on some of the alternate news sites…not the main stream, because those lie.
      they will never tell you what is really happening, because then you might light see their lies!
      And that just won’t do for them….
      they would rather you have lost all faith and live in the dark.
      But you don’t have to.
      Yet you are free to.
      I know there are other sites where you can find all the negativity and fear to really mess up your hope and drive your
      expectations down….but you won’t find it here.
      The bad guys don’t want any of these predictions to come true. Of course not! It would mean an end to their rule!
      Yet their rule will end. Perhaps you should let them know that because it sounds like your prefer living in their nightmare world.
      None of us here do….so we keep coming back…here!

      “Sell his artwork”?
      He posts his pieces so anyone who wants a copy can print it out….for free.
      Sometimes people actually want to buy it! Horrors! Imagine that, owning an original piece of art…done by hand.
      So old fashioned.
      Maybe the establishment should stop selling books, movies, and music too.
      Those artists are mega rich thanks to their ‘fans’!
      sorry….just thinking out loud.

      Please don’t read his posts if you don’t want to hear anymore. There are plenty of newspapers out there for you instead.
      We don’t mind.
      You are always free to read what you want.
      So sorry again.

      You have that right.
      Just like Valiant has the right to say what he does. because he was asked to deliver the message to people.
      I believe it’s still called Freedom of Speech.

      It’s been lovely having you visit….but you don’t have to stay any longer.
      NO regrets,
      NO obligations.
      Bye Bye…

    • Karma007 says:

      Just because the predictions aren’t happening in your world, doesn’t mean they aren’t happening in someone else’s world.

    • Amy says:


      Hmmmmm…. at first, I considered not replying to this at all…but after reading it again, I see so many things in your post that I feel need mentioning. Beyond that fact that many of these predictions do, in fact ‘happen,’ (which Lee covered fantastically), if you didn’t feel anything going on in May regarding William’s messages, then I have to say I do not think that you are paying attention. I see you saying, “I’m so tired of trying to have a little faith..” – what about having a lot of faith? Having strong faith is very energizing, not tiring… it can hold you up when sometimes nothing else can. You also say that you are “tired and exhausted by all the people telling us to prepare and beware..” – you are?? You are tired of people who care enough about humanity to put their energy into warning those who would otherwise have no clue? You would rather perish in a moment’s notice or suffer with no warning than be given the gift of knowledge so that you at least have the option to prepare – both physically and spiritually…?? I find that truly bizarre, which, by the way, I cannot believe is your description of William’s messages…if you cannot see the beauty in them and feel the pure, loving place that they come from, you are truly blind. Your post has a very negative connotation, so it surprises me that you even found this site. Perhaps you are lost, or perhaps you are truly seeking answers and will find some here. Whatever the case may be, I think it’s very interesting (and almost amusing) that you ask William “What gives you the right…?” Yes, that is a question you should ask yourself – what does give him the right? What…? Or whom…? That is a very good question, but I don’t know that you would ever understand the answer… Still, you did ask… Good luck on your search.


  4. Janice23 says:

    I found this very encouraging, but I have one question. I’m new to this site and I’m wondering about the reference to the “Pulse”? What is that?


  5. Kelly Palmer says:

    This was one of the best posts! It gives much hope to those who have been so afraid of the number 500,000. I had plenty of faith that we just didn’t understand at the time what that meant. My faith keeps getting stronger all the time. I have definitely been feeling something if going on. Physically there are times I’m so tired and need to sleep then have the most vivid dreams that I ever have had. Thank you! I love our family here and proud to be a part of it!

  6. pollyann says:

    Does anyone have any musings on the Cave Ponies aside from it being a lovely work of art?? Valiant stated there is a clue in the piece.

  7. lucimilena says:

    stay safe, I love you all. the ley lines and nodes are activated with higher energies of love………Bill, Lida, still receive much confirmations about what I wrote you. you are blessed and love more than you can imagine. much will happen, that’s for sure……..the mountains are calling…….the horses smiling………much blessings and love from Bulgaria.
    namaste and thank you so much for being you.

  8. Kelly Palmer says:

    Vicky I think you summed it up in your first sentence “I guess I just don’t get it”. Valiant does not predict events that NEVER happen or empty predictions. If you have read ALL of his posts then you might have a better understanding that what he says is not some sort of bizzar poem/ pediction. To ask him what gives him the right? I do really think that your comment was rude and disrespectful. He is not trying to sell his art! He gives it to everyone freely so that they too can feel what most of us feel in his artwork. If you know the background then you would know that he is not the one making up these posts. Vicky I have one question for you…. What gives YOU the right to sit there and criticize his work? I love the old saying “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say it at ALL!). May you have a blessed day!

  9. Joseph says:

    Howdy – are your artworks for sale mate?

    I really enjoy reading your posts – good stuff, and thanks for the regular updates.

    Warm Regards

    • lidavg48 says:

      Joseph, thanks for asking!!!
      have Mike to forward your email to me.
      I will give your request to Bill….and you two can work something out!!

      As long a no one else here objects!
      Don’t want to offend any other ‘readers’!

      But we are so glad you like his posts!
      He does have a way of nailing it, doesn’t he!!

  10. It’s the Year of the Horse. Think “horsepower”. And also the scene in Lord of the Rings, where the baddies are swept away by the spirit-horses. What first came to mind for me was the 4 Directions… the sacred medicine wheel. Imagine what it would be like to run free, like a horse. That would be something.

  11. Kelly Palmer says:

    Where are you Mike?

    • mike0v says:


      I’m here. Just ate breakfast while trying to sort out some very strange and lucid dreams.

      All okay on the left coast?

  12. Jeff says:

    Ok, I would like to add something to the conversation and ask a question. Please check out the following link. It comes from an interview that lasted (off and on) for about a week. It has questions asked by people who were selected to moderate from the website and answered by someone known as Hidden Hand who was a member of the upper level of the Illimuniti. If you scroll down from the top of this article, about three or four pictures down there is a picture of the galactic center sending out a pulse that strikes Earth. Hidden Hand describes in this area about what they know about “The Harvest”. Some people refer to the Bible about separating the wheat from the chaff. This is incorrect in it’s terminology. It is the separation of the wheat from the tares which Hidden Hand understands. Here is the website:

    Now to my question – with respect. “4 worlds have fallen”. Does this mean that they have fallen into the hands of the dark ones or have the dark ones fallen?

    In the Bible, a householder has his workers plant the wheat. In a few days the workers have noticed evidence of tares among the wheat and want to know if they should pull them out. (“tares” – think weeds). The householder says to not remove the tares because while pulling them out the roots of the wheat will also be damaged. So the tares grow along side the wheat. At the time of harvest, the tares are pulled, bound up and burned. Then the wheat can be harvested.

    William – please clarify the fallen worlds reference. I’d like to know if there are four of them out of nine, are we winning or not.

    Thank you in advance


  13. lidavg48 says:

    “Now to my question – with respect. “4 worlds have fallen”. Does this mean that they have fallen into the hands of the dark ones or have the dark ones fallen?”

    if you go back and see William’s comments about the 9 Worlds…the Paradigm.
    …what happens to one, happens to another.
    By ‘Fallen” , it means GONE.
    Those worlds didn’t make it.
    The remaining 5 really need to sit up and take notice…do whatever they can to maintain survival. Whatever is in their power to do…
    Very similar to the Viking mythology of the 9 Realms!!

    And just so you know, my son doesn’t follow any of those sites…I have heard of them, occasionally visited.
    But he does NOT read any of that.
    his information is completely unaffected, and uncontaminated, by any of that.

  14. Amy says:


    Thank you for the ‘Thank you!’ You are most welcome here! Also, a big thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into your reply to Vickie! Impressive to say the least! It is a shame that so many do not ‘get it,’ but such is the way of the world that we live in right now. I am thankful for all who do or are at least trying to! William’s messages are so pure and come from such a loving place, I can’t imagine not being able to see that.


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