The Clock Strikes Ten

Tick Tock…The Clock Strikes 10…Then…and now, what is, was, and will be…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 3-Jul-2014 12:40:03

Those dreams again…
I’m dreaming of snow, of walls of ice…piled so high…
It seems to be a repeat of last year…
Winters warning…of the Ice Age to come…
Not all will feel it the same way, since the
Planet has moved…Some have unnatural heat…
That will change…

But the increase in storms…
of floods, wind, rain, hail…now those you must
watch…those are warnings to get out…
with the hour at hand…I wonder
How the Mississippi is fairing right now…
The hour glass that river is, for one and all…
Pandora’s Box…The State of Things…
What was, is, what will be…All the world
Will see…
At least the Polar Bears will like it…

Of course not all notice things you know…
Sure, things are normal…
Nothing is coming apart at the seams…
People are all so happy with the governments…
With their jobs, relationships…daily life…
Shop shop shop…make money, and spend it…
Money is all that matters…
Factoring satisfaction…boredom.
Just keep shopping, go check your cellphones…
Cruise the internet…hunt for porn
Set up a hookup…Everyone is you know…
And so many are cheating so that makes it OK…
So much to think about there, huh?
It’s not like these things are distractions…
Holding you back…blinding you.
They’re completely normal.
Keep it normal, don’t rock the boat…
Otherwise people snap…that mindset…mind control.

Why don’t more people notice things?
Because they aren’t meant to
It may seem cruel, but it’s true.
If everyone believed the same thing,
There would be no secrets no lies…
And no skeptics or cynics.

Just remember it’s more than a physical world
We live in…History has clearly taught us that…
The First to understand this, were the First to
Gain power…and take control…
That’s how the powerful families were born…
Because they were the first to see, understand…
And in doing so…control, manipulate…
Create civilizations and enslave mankind.
With help of course.
Eons of abuse of power have led us to this…
That’s why secrets must end…
Get ready to have your perceptions blown…
When you discover what they’ve hidden…
Why people may just go crazy…

Most sense this without realizing it.
That’s why so many are snapping…
While others are going extreme with paranoia…
Signs of the End…The Rules Change…
UFO activity will increase over areas
Where greatest things will occur…
Both good and bad…
You’ll have to trust your instincts here…
There are literally as many different alien
Races lingering, waiting, watching…
Each with an agenda all their own…
You need to avoid some, while trust the
Right ones…

People’s gifts will also increase as things
Grow more unstable. To accommodate the
Need for help, the gifted will become more
Gifted…An era of Heroes born.

Unfortunately I can’t promise how long I will be
Around. The stress in my house is often unbearable…
I haven’t been well and apparently I’m not allowed
To be sick…My Father is the only person allowed
To be sick…everyone else is just selfish to him.
He doesn’t understand why I’m not feeling better.
Very hard to reason with someone who won’t
Listen, only talk…that’s why the Lion Men came,
Well, one reason. You see they honor and
Respect people of strong faith…
People, who despite the odds and their environment
Maintain their faith and keep their promises
No matter what…

The Lion Men are here now, by the way…
And more arriving all the time…

They keep reminding me of the years when
My family didn’t support my artwork and wanted
Me to give it up…until I gained recognition
And won awards, etc…then all of a sudden
They changed their tune and became ever so
Supportive always “swore” they knew
‘I could do it’. Well, the Lion Men know the
Truth…be warned of that.
My Mother has been the exception. She has kept me going.

It’s funny how people believe it when they see it.
How their faith is so strong when things are
Obvious…and popular…
It’s funny how people with all the power
Aren’t skeptics at all.
It makes you wonder who truly has the
Strength and integrity…and who’s weak and nothing at all.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, You always said you
Respected me and were so honored to meet me
Despite the abuse I went through, the faith I
Had, the gifts and secrets I kept.

Things are going to be finished out, as you know.
I’m more than willing to work with you…
If I can…
The point, or rather, true test is…
When the time comes…
Just how much is your word worth.
Time’s ticking. Soon you will know.

That’s all for now.

PS: Thank you so much everyone, for your letters
Of support. It means more than you’ll ever
Know that someone cares. Thank you!

My artwork is Jennifer from my book. A gift for you.



16 thoughts on “The Clock Strikes Ten

  1. Amy says:


    I found this message deeply touching and personal, for whatever reason… it moved me. In it, you answered so many questions, just by the way you phrased certain things…thank you so much for that – and for everything. You are definitely one of the main heroes of this time period and I truly hope that you stick around to see what a difference your gifts and messages have made to all of us and how incredibly important you are to the world here, now and new. However, I do realize that all of the protection, love and well wishes there are do not trump free will… I think that you are amazing, in so many ways… I hope that you see and feel that as well…not because of everyone telling you that, but I hope that you know it with all your being, from within. Thank goodness our childhood is a temporary ‘time’ and doesn’t have to define us as we grow and find our wings… 🙂

    I look forward to the veil lifting in order to show the truth to the world…revealing true honor and integrity…many, I think, have suffered silently, hoping for that. I’m glad it is being brought into our reality…after so long. Won’t that be wonderful to see and experience?!

    I’m sure you already know this, but just a reminder: The definition of Valiant – possessing great strength of mind and spirit, brave, boldly courageous, heroic, Strong. You are Valiant. You are recognized in this definition like a mirror…may you always see this in your reflection.

    In love and light always,


    P.S. Jennifer is absolutely beautiful…

  2. karysma1307 says:

    Amy, my thoughts exactly 🙂 I, too, was deeply moved by Valiant’s words and how more than ever I am heeding my calling to stay grounded, supportive and follow my instincts …. regardless of the skepticism from those not in my heart space. I find strength knowing I have found family in the haven of Valiant’s creation …. Divine timing, as I was drawn here when I was ready to let go of self doubt and trust in my intuition. William and Lida, you are such beautiful spirits amongst a family of same. Together we will stay strong , loving , compassionate and kind … and be the beacons of Good Spirit … Aroha and Blessings xxx

  3. Aryn says:

    Your words and breathtaking art continue to resonate deeper and deeper within in me and inspire me keep pushing through the adversary, William. My blessings go to you and your mother during this especially draining time for you both; please garner comfort and strength from knowing how much so many of us here appreciate and value all that you, Lida and Mike do — maintaining what I’ve come to regard as wonderful lighthouse, guiding us through the ever-growing storm with beacons of strength, compassion and truth.

  4. lidavg48 says:

    I’ll get your email from Mike and RSVP…for next week.
    Thanks for the good thoughts, and have a great, and safe, weekend!

  5. Grace says:

    Valiant, no intention to be patronising…may I suggest you try grounding? Thanks for all that you do, including sharing your gorgeous art. Blessings

    • lidavg48 says:

      with all due respect Grace…I know you mean well…
      Valiant is THE most grounded person you will ever know in your life!
      And the BEST protected!
      you have heard of “friends in high places”?
      he has the highest!

      But thanks for the suggestion….

  6. Grace says:

    Hi Lida, I meant “earthing” for health purposes because I was concerned to read about Valiant being unwell.
    Blessings 🙂

    • lidavg48 says:

      Grace, I knew exactly what you meant.

      but William does have allergies too, so hugging a tree is probably not a good idea right now.
      or walking in the grass barefoot (we have ticks here…therefore Lymes is possible)
      perhaps in the new Earth…the poisoned one is very unhealthy right now!

      his health concerns are being addressed as much as possible without toxic drugs.
      he needs lots of natural food and rest…both of which are available at all times.
      but his mission is very stressful, too, and also drains his energies.
      as the Earth reacts…so does he…it is how he is.
      among all that other stuff he mentioned.

  7. Grace says:

    Dear Lida, much Love to you and Valiant (and Mike, too!). May we all see this insanity come to a complete and total end soon. Take care, Valiant 🙂

  8. Dear Lida – you might enjoy seeing the documentary “grounded”, which is I think what Lee was referring to…
    I think there is good reason why these things are now coming to light… Because it’s just when they’re needed most. ❤

  9. lidavg48 says:

    I appreciate this, truly.
    But I DO know EXACTLY what Lee meant.
    The video is visually stunning….but neither he, nor I can sit through something that long.
    And he would become quite ill from the electrical field emanating from the PC.
    And he might break my PC…yes he can do that!.

    Bill is still the most ‘grounded’ and ‘connected’ person to the Earth I’ve ever known.
    He can make things grow like nobody’s business! When he puts his hands into the soil, it is magical.
    The roses he planted on either side of our doorway go totally off the wall…figuratively and literally.
    Annuals return year after year. He has that gift. TEN green thumbs! The flowers he planted years ago are lush and huge.
    He touches the Earth and feels her pain too…and her poisons. The atmosphere sings to him!
    He feels the Suns outbursts, the pull of gravity, and the poisons of chemtrails!
    AND he feels the pains of other people! More than anyone I know.
    He can feel your energy as you pass him by….without touching him!
    He can see your aura!
    He senses the animals feelings too….and we have MANY!!! He is phenomenal with birds!
    He has quieted seizures in one of my dogs within a minute or two.
    He is THAT sensitive.

    What he is going through now is not just his feelings of the earth energies, but our family energies too!
    Unfortunately his father just doesn’t get all that, and worse…he does not appreciate that. He is from the old ‘manly’ school…grow up, be a man, get tough…all that stupid, idiotic stuff!
    Bill has been sensitive since he was very little! Which always put the men off in my family, who wanted the ‘football’ player!
    Excuse me…but they were OFF in their thinking.That does not work for everyone, now, does it!

    And about understanding the earth’s energy…my undergraduate degree is in Physics…with an equivalent major in Mathematics, minor in chemistry…plus some biology classes, and a lot of other non related, but interesting stuff!
    And I have been with MUFON for 20 years now….my understandings are broad and deep.
    And there is my medical side….Mom a physical therapist, trained in the Czech Republic, always into natural and holistic stuff. Passed on to us….especially me.
    She told him he had ‘healing’ hands!!
    And I’ve already had a class in anatomy, so I am familiar with the terminology!

    Please don’t be offended, or take this wrong…but we are very well versed in many medical conditions….diabetes, stroke, heart attack, neuropathy, PTSD, etc…Bill’s is just the ‘newest’ condition to us here. So he is using a purely natural approach to his condition…since mainstream medical science is clueless to what he is going through. I did try all that with him…the Doctors, hospitals, blood tests, MRI’s,God awful drugs! They could not identify his problem…because it is not in their books!

    They would kill him before they cure him!! Natural works best on him…as does peace, quiet, and rest! Which I insist on!

    But anyway….I appreciate everyone’s concern…it is touching and very kind.
    But I got him covered there…better than anyone…short of sending him into seclusion for his own good.
    Which just cannot be done right now! I wish I could, but he is safe here.
    He still has work to complete, and he has the best protection that no power ON EARTH can provide. His is heavenly…and leonine!

    Which brings me to this…
    PLEASE do NOT send him any kind of energies…especially ‘healing’….wishing him well is one thing, but other energies….no.
    His protection is such that only those well known to his protectors will get through. The rest are perceived as potential threats and will be returned with possibly a stronger force.
    We have experienced this….Bill sensed the ‘sending energy’ immediately and deflected it with astounding results. One lady in particular became very ill as a result. And very shocked. She upped her ante….he responded in kind. It wasn’t pretty!
    The rest who tried received a great slam…a return of the energy they ‘tried’ to send him!
    Because they were unknown to his ‘security team’!
    So please consider this before you try to do anything like that! It is for your own safety I am telling you this!
    Wish him well, pray for him as you know how….that is good!

    Thank you everyone!
    Bill/Valiant’s Mom

  10. Hi Lida – thank you for your heart-felt response. I completely know what you’re saying as I am somewhat sensitive to the things you’ve described as well. I kind of see it as a “beneficial allergy” – it’s something we learn to live with but expect to have a strong reaction to at some point. I see myself as being fortunate that I am much “less” sensitive than what you have described – and I have met someone else who is hyper-sensitive to electronics so she has to avoid them or she can pass out. I agree that those who wish to send healing should always ask for permission first. You may have picked up on my own wish to offer it, but something told me to hold off.

    Regarding his “condition,” I don’t see it as a condition at all. The “condition” is a sick society – and folks like him, indigos, autism, etc. – as well as many others otherwise mis-diagnosed (and subsequently medicated…) – are all here to RESIST that society. To change it for the better. Your son is the “new normal”. The law of diversity is worth remembering here as well… the new normal is a very diverse thing indeed. Sometimes, people (including Bill’s father) have a “catalyst” role to play to help others leap forward. So as strange as it may seem, his dad may be right where he needs to be at this time…

    I understand about the manly man thing – I’ve been fortunate to have an awesome dad who understands all the “sci-fi” stuff – it was him who introduced me to the work of Billy Meier. But I have trouble making friends with other men in our community, mostly because all that “manly man” stuff seems so foreign – wrong – destructive. I understand it has its place… but why should any of us try to conform with what we think someone else thinks of us? NO THANKS.

    Well anyways hope you both have a blissful weekend.

  11. Kelly Palmer says:

    It’s so very nice that everyone cares so much for what Valiant is going through bit i don’t think most understand that Lida knows so much more then anyone gives her credit for! She does know her son and knows all about what’s going on. A heartfelt talk is not going to change things. Yes he is very well protected but that doesn’t mean it excludes him from physical pain or the pain he receives from his messages! I think some should just back off Lida a bit. Thanks

  12. Akram says:

    Peace be upon all amd especially on our brother Valiant,

    I have been following this blog and all of Valiants posts since the last 6 months. I was introduced to his work through Transients which I have been following since its inception. I hope the best for all of us. I feel as long as some of us are consciously fighting the many different forces out there to destroy us, we have a chance. For this I thank Valiant and all like him. As I have only pieces of the puzzle. But the way Valiant shows his heart and soul in his post and art is truly on a nother level. I understand few things of which he talks about, but there is a lot which I can never even imagine.

    I just wanted to ask Valiant that when he meant to get out when we see the signs in the changing weather and earth changes where do I go with my family. I have located two places. One is an Island Reuinion near Madagascar in the southern hemisphere where I have been shown the Blue Violet flame come under my right hand. Or should I go to Morocco where there are beautiful mountainous countryside where I would like to face all the changes he and others I trust have mentioned. Just recently I saw nearly everything described in this post. The clock is nearing 12 would love to get some suggestions. Right now I am in Lille, northern France where I do not feel comfortable at all, but all my family is here. I am leaving for Morocco next Sunday god willing.

    In LOVE and Light.


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