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Knock Knock…For Big Cats…Can we work together to save them…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 24-Jul-2014 12:52:50

I realize that normally I would address you
With a post of predictions and revelations…
And I will continue with that over time,
But for now I would like to do something

I appeal to you all to listen and help if you
Can. I understand times are difficult financially.
But that especially means it’s harder for those
Working nobly with charities to help the
Animals, people and the environment.

You especially, Big Brother, need to score big points
Since you are lacking with responsibility and
Excel in greed and hoarding money.

I’m conducting a charity auction here to
Help Big Cat, and I am asking you all to
Help as much as you can.
I am donating the artwork, 100% of all proceeds
Of which go completely to the cause,
I am keeping nothing.
I’m doing this for Shambala, a Big Cat
Sanctuary in Southern California run
By actress Tippi Hedren, of Alfred Hitchcock’s
“The Birds”. She along with a great staff of
Devoted lovers of animals work to save, protect and
Care for these great cats, as well as fight for
Their rights to be respected and not abused
Or neglected, or carelessly kept as pets when they
Should be honored as the noble wild predators they are.

Big Cats, Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs, Jaguars…
Have long captivated civilization with their
Majestic power and beauty…
Kept as pets by Kings and cults, their pelts have
Been equally treasured and worn by Royalty
Throughout the ages. And their body parts have
Long held mythical lore as remedies in a
Variety of cultures…But these Awesome Animals
Have rarely been respected to live their lives
Naturally and free without the abuse of men.
To this day they suffer in the wild and in
Captivity…where they are mistreated, or ruthlessly
Bred as products, like on Tiger Farms…
And many believe many of these great
Cats will go extinct in the wild within
The next 20 years.
What will the world be worth then?
What will that say about our civilization
If we allow them to suffer further this way?

Surely more advanced civilizations would frown
On us for this…if not as well as our future
Generations…who may never get to see a
Cheetah in the wild…or hear a tiger
Roar wild and free.

We need places and people like Shambala.
Now more than ever. Unfortunately the cost of
Caring for these animals is far from cheap,
Especially with the cost of living today.

I am asking everyone and anyone who
Enjoys my posts to help a little if you can
By visiting Shambala’s website:
I realize times are hard and I’m not
Asking for anyone to donate a fortune, just
What you can to help them out.
The cost per month of feeding these animals
Above is astronomical right now and I believe
The need all the help they can get, especially
At this time.

That’s why I’m also donating my artwork,
The Mystical White Leopards – rare and mystical, the last
Of the Big Cat pieces I have. I’m asking
$2,000 for this drawing, full proceeds of which
Will go to Shambala. A best offer will also be
Considered. You may also check out Shambala
For future prints of my artwork of Big Cats
Available from them and through them only. If you don’t
See them, please write and ask them when they
Will be available.
But contact me, at the ‘email me’ link above, about the purchase of
The Mystical White Leopards please, as I am doing this for Charity on
My own…to surprise them.

I normally wouldn’t do something like this
Here, but I felt it was important right now.
Plus, it’s good for the heart and soul to donate.
To help during tough times.
Nothing like scoring extra points with
Higher Powers upstairs for charity. “Wink”

Next week, my posts will resume as normal
With current developments, as right now I
Have been overwhelmed.

I will say that another cold front is coming
Within the next two weeks…stronger than before…
August should be interesting, that’s for sure.

Thank you for listening and considering what
I am asking of you all. I really appreciate
Your time and support.

That’s all for now.
The Mystical White Leopards

Mystical White Leopards

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