I Remember

I remember:

Walking along a grassy savannah in bright sunlight with calm breezes blowing. I remember an enormous blast occurring behind me and watching a lone tree snap in half from the shock wave.

A gathering of soldiers on a hilly incline in a hot and humid environment. I remember looking down on myself and seeing a Confederate uniform and taking a rifle from a dead man and wondering if it would fire.

Being dressed in a skirt with sandals tied to my feet and carrying a very long and straight shaft with a spear point, like a javelin. I remember beaching my boat on the rocky shoreline of a lake and dumping a heavily weighted object onto the shore.

Standing under the ornate arches of the Sanctuary of Olympia, looking at a carved, hardwood table which was covered with the remains of a meal and noticing myself wearing a tunic and sandals and “knowing” I was an athlete.

Swimming underwater in a pod of mer-people and reaching the surface of the sea during night time in calm, glassy waters. I remember being attacked by a shark, which was the end of my life.

Living on Mars in an underground apartment, working in a semi-destroyed space concourse as a ship technician for arriving craft. I remember playing wiffle-ball with small but extremely quick ETs.

Working in an underground military base as an Air Force aircraft mechanic and exploring areas of the facility. I remember working on space ship simulators and seeing grey ETs instructing humans.

Returning home in a car with a man while I was a boy of about eleven years. I remember being fearful of entering a house through a screen door under a carport, so I ran off quickly.

Floating down out of the sky then walking along a road and meeting a Russian man who was sitting near the roadway watching people swim in a frigid lake. I remember speaking to him and found it incredible that he understood my language. I remember walking up a hillside to a train station, boarding a departing car and sitting and playing with children during my trip.

Visiting a distant, icy world and viewing a display of their technology which excelled in handling and working in deeply cold, sub-zero temperatures.

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