I Got To See It

Tuesday night, during my sleep time, I was given a wonderful gift. In a conscious dream state, I was taken to the new Earth and allowed to look around.

What follows is an email I sent to my spiritual family in which I tried to describe what I saw.

To my sisters and brothers around the world: our new home is beyond our comprehension. It is absolutely magical.

When I arrived there, for some reason I “knew” this was the new Earth. The first thing I looked at was the sky.

The sky looked like it had been painted by the most talented artist in the universe. The blue color of the sky was very much like the color we see now but it was deep, not shallow, and the clouds were pure white and fluffy, just like proverbial cotton balls.

It’s hard to explain the depth of the color, but it was DEEP. The sky we see now is very shallow compared to the new Earth’s sky. It was almost as if outer space began at a very low altitude and the blue color spread itself into space, giving it a very deep “feel.”

I was able to fly.

I floated slowly over a small town, which is where I was deposited in the dream.

All of the colors, all of them, were absolutely brilliant. Not just brighter, but amplified. On our Earth here, it’s like we’re seeing things through a gauze bandage. We can see stuff, but the colors are diluted and there’s no sharpness.

In the new Earth, the colors are dazzling and the clarity and sharpness of everything is significantly more pronounced. If you wear glasses, then that’s a good analogy. Without glasses, everything is fuzzy and unfocused, but with glasses, everything becomes clear and sharp.

It’s like that. What we don’t realize here is how lousy and unfocused and whitewashed everything we see is.

The buildings in the town were small. Nothing big. It looked like the buildings grew from out of the Earth, sort of like a tree or a shrub. Not ACTUAL trees and shrubs, but like they were just as much a part of the landscape as the foliage.

They blended in. There was architecture and a symmetrical layout, but it was hard to distinguish the buildings from the foliage. Everything was freakin’ GREEN! And when I say green, I mean GREEN.

There were no cars, trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment, airplanes, lawnmowers, buses or any machinery of any kind.

It was unbelievably quiet. And the air smelled much different. This may sound weird, but the air felt like food. It was like breathing in food. You get a really nice, “satisfied” feeling with every breath, but not just like deep breathing; it was like eating, too. Strange, huh?

There were people there, but not many. They floated a few inches above the ground instead of walking. Sort of like the ghosts we see in movies. Just like Albert mentioned in one of his posts. We float around, we don’t walk.

The people wore robes. The robes were different colors. But these people weren’t humans. Not humans like us, but human-like. They’re the ones getting the new Earth ready for our arrival, if I had to guess. It seemed that way. Like the finishing touches were being put on everything. Like right before you move into a brand new house.

When it was time to go, somehow I just “knew.” I floated down and sat in a grassy area in the town. The serenity of the place was overwhelming.

It felt like I would melt into the grass if I sat there long enough. I could “feel” everything. With just a thought, you can sense the trees or the other people or the birds and to do it is effortless. The ability is already inside you. You just “do it.” It’s a part of you.

Then it was time to go and I’m gonna admit it; as I sat there I bowed my head and started to cry. I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t believe I had just been given this incredible gift. It was very hard to know that I was coming back here.

Like I said before, the energies don’t want you to leave. It’s like the whole universe loves you and doesn’t want you to go. It’s like the whole universe says to you, “Stay. Please stay. Don’t go.”

That part of my visit affected me the most. It was like a “pull.”

All of you guys have felt it. I know you have.

It’s the “pull” of the higher dimensions. Where we came from wants us to go back. Like a magnet. The higher dimensional universe tugs at us. It reaches down to us and pulls on us.

It tries to drag us back. And it’s not trying to drag us back because we’re “out of place” or “in the wrong area.” It tries to drag us back because it misses us. It truly misses our presence. The entire universe loves each one of us and wants us to go “home” and is saddened because we’re gone.

In my few years of meditation, I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s like Bill said in one of his books. “Unconditional love and unconditional respect.”

That’s what I felt. Unconditionally loved and respected. No strings attached. And not only did I belong there, but the universe misses me and wants me to go back.

I guess that’s where the phrase “Heaven on Earth” comes from. Heaven is actually ON Earth. The love of our Creator for us isn’t somewhere “out there.” It literally surrounds us, every moment of every day. We touch it, breathe it and feel it constantly.

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