Most of us in the global spiritual community would face a difficult task in trying to find someone who has worked more diligently and with more heartfelt dedication in bringing truth to humanity than Rayelan Allan.

Psychically gifted, smart and financially challenged like most awakened humans, Rayelan has been immersed in the battle between the light and the dark for a very long time.

Her website, Rumor Mill News (RMN), is an excellent resource for digging up the truth and uncovering secrets, although, like any valuable internet site, it gets peppered with misinformation and disinformation by agents who have an agenda that differs from Rayelan’s.

And as most of us know, you have to sift and sort through mountains of data on most websites to find an untarnished truth. Rayelan’s website is no exception to this “rule.”

Valiant chose to post his messages to humanity on RMN and when I first started reading them, I knew I had found some truth buried in a blizzard of information and I also knew that his secrets and knowledge needed to find a worldwide readership. So, I collected his posts and put them here, not knowing until later that Valiant and I were “destined” to do this before we came to Earth.

RMN was also chosen by another clear voice of truth to bring his messages to humanity. I’m certain that it was Valiant’s presence on the site that convinced Albert to use the same forum to post his knowledge and secrets from the Celestial Sons.

Albert lives in Taiwan. He is married and has a daughter. In 2000, he was taken to a meeting with the Celestial Sons and awakened to his mission on Earth, which is, quite simply, to bring his brothers and sisters back home.

From that time in 2000 to today, Albert has been given a glimpse into realms that we can only imagine. Luckily for us, Albert decided to share his knowledge and secrets with humanity and also as luck would have it, I collected all of his posts and merged them into a single document.

Not only do I encourage everyone to read Albert’s messages, I think it’s imperative that you do. Albert and Valiant are telling the same story, although from different “departments” in the spiritual realms. If you read closely and carefully, you’ll see that their stories fit together very well.

Because English is Albert’s second language it can be difficult at times to understand what he’s trying to convey, so, in an effort to make his words more easily readable, I edited and formatted his messages to a small degree.

Who are the Celestial Sons? The Celestial Sons are the Eyes of Truth. They are the Guardians of the Worlds. They are the angelic beings, in the background, who are providing enormous amounts of help to humanity. They are the ones who hear our prayers. They are the ones who record everything. Nothing in any spiritual realm escapes their view.

What do they look like? Click on Albert’s link in the footer at the bottom of this webpage to see dozens of photographs of them. The photographs on Albert’s blog are a gift from the Celestial Sons to humanity. Make sure to click on each link adjacent to each triangle.

Click here for Albert’s messages. Many secrets await your discovery.

Albert’s Messages for Humanity

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