Notes from Mu

Notes and excerpts taken from “The Sacred Symbols of Mu” by James Churchward
Copyright 1933
(Thanks to Global Grey for making this book widely available.)

To my sisters and brothers around the world: our answers lie not in the present, but in the past.

Sacred Inspired Writings and Mysteries of Mu existed 70,000 years ago.
In the original religion, the sun was a symbol of our Creator, not worshipped as the Creator.
The symbol of the sun was the most sacred of all sacred symbols.
At the sinking of Mu, all symbols retained their original meaning.

Egyptians bastardized symbols and attached ridiculous theology to them.
Egyptians first taught worship of symbols.
Egyptians invented the devil and called him Set.
Egyptians invented hell.

Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus, Babylonians, Mexicans, Peruvians, etc. twisted the Sacred Mysteries long after the sinking of Mu, creating worship of the Sun God.
In Mu, monotheism was understood. Only after the destruction of Mu did polytheism and idolatry emerge.

The first outrage against the Sacred Mysteries was 22,000 years ago in Atlantis.
The great master Osiris returned the Sacred Mystery’s original framework and was honored with a religion named after him; Osirian Religion.

“It was the priesthood of Egypt that caused the cataclysmic wave of false gods, idolatry and spiritual degradation to sweep over the land. So well did they effect their nefarious designs that priestly orders throughout the world were drawn into the vortex contributing to religion’s spiritual downfall. This started over 5,000 years ago, and the prostituted Osirian religion has now long passed into the discard. Many of its extravagances have, however, persisted down to present times and are found embodied in our religious conceptions.”

“The Egyptians were the first to teach the worship of symbols, a thing strictly forbidden in the Ancient Religion. Thus began idolatry. The next step was the invention of a devil whom they called Set. For this malevolent being they imagined a domain which they called Hell.”

“It was thus the Egyptian priesthood dragged the beautiful, pure Osirian Religion into the mud, the religion with which Egypt commenced her history 10,000 years before, causing the nation itself to fall and become the slave of foreign conquerors. Before the Egyptian invention, a devil was unknown. Man had been taught there were two influences attending him here on earth–a material influence emanating from his earthly body, and a spiritual influence that came from his soul. His spiritual influence had the power to overcome the material, and it was his destiny that it should eventually dominate. It might, however, take many incarnations before this was accomplished, after which his soul would return to the Great Source.”

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