Warning Signs, The Lion Men, Beware of Mothman Sightings

Knock Knock…Warning Signs…The Lion Men…Beware of Mothman Sightings…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 27-Nov-2014 12:55:36

First, I would like to wish everyone a very merry start
To the Holiday Season.
Have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving…
That includes our friends in other countries around
The World. Even though you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving
Like we do in the USA, there’s no reason why we
Can’t all express our gratitude for our blessings and
Wish everyone well everywhere.
Thank you to all for reading my posts and writing me.
I am sincerely grateful to all of you and wish the
Best always everywhere.
And now…

I apologize for changing tone…But there are things
To know…to watch for…and perhaps to do.
Be watchful of your health…always.
Big Brother has been scaring us all with the threats of a plague…
To run to the doctor for every ache and pain and vaccine, etc.
Don’t. You’re better off staying home and resting.
With all their tampering and screwing around…They’ve
Put chemicals in our environment that are making us sick…
Chemicals and other things…
You need to be careful of this and not allow yourself to be
Poisoned under the guise that it’s a plague.

There are also shifts in time and space going on
That will effect your health and dreams…
Get your rest…And just know you are not alone.
As things shift you can expect warnings to come
In the form of meteors, or fireballs.
As in ancient times consider these signs of
Changes taking place…
A sort of “wrong to right” signal from the Heavens
Telling you what’s coming.
What was left undone in the past…
Will now come to fruition, or will be soon…
Good or bad, wrong to right…
You may like it, you may not.
But it’s as things were supposed to be.

Chaos will continue to loom…
Civil unrest will grow…Beware of riots…protests…
Not a good sign…They could become very violent…
Everything from racial issues to Christmas sales…
People will be more aggressive over everything.
Be careful.

Climates…colder and colder…Snow will reach places
That have never seen a frost. Warnings of the Ice Age.
There will be no place to hide.
Earthquakes will rattle those places the Earth is
Most unhappy with…Secret bases, tunnel entrances
To below…to Research facilities…naughty naughty
Not so nice.
I’ve been dreaming of evacuations…sirens…
And secret bunkers…Someone is getting ready to hide.

Lastly, I share with you my artwork
Guardian…inspired by the Lion Men.
I’m hoping it will send them a good message
To help…use it if you have to. Hopefully it will
Make a difference.

The Lion Men’s purpose for being here will become
More clear. You need to be aware of legendary
And mythical creatures…Particularly if Mothman
Sightings occur.
These creatures are drawn to significant times,
Times of crisis, suffering…even disasters.
When these sightings occur at present…
It’s best to just clear out…Danger is soon to follow.
But the Lion Men will level this out…like goodwill
Messengers…They will appear to those deserving
To save them…

The Holidays and winter solstice are particular times
To watch…
Expect surprises…warnings…
But remember, like I’ve said before…
If you’re being your best…it’s also a time
When better people, even soulmates, can find you.
Keep your eyes and ears open.
I’ve been dreaming of other realities again…
But not like before…these dreams have been
Different…Reflecting paths and Events that should
Have happened but never did.
I believe it’s a sign that time is correcting things.
Hopefully, what you’ve always wanted…will come to be.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
Like an hourglass finishing…its last sands…
So too is this December…
I believe you’re in for some surprises as well.

Try to make this Christmas the Christmas
You’ve always wanted…
It may or may not be the last…
Either way it couldn’t hurt to pursue
Your sincerest dreams this Holiday Season.

It’s time now.

That’s all for now.

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Endless hours logging the Valiant posts and
My artwork has generously added a
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I realize times are difficult financially and
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