My Artwork Story, Part Two

To my sisters and brothers around the world: Valiant’s artwork is critically important during this time of transition for all of us on Earth. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. I’m hoping that an introduction and description of how the artwork manifested in Valiant’s life will help everyone gain a deeper understanding of the power in the drawings and paintings. Each of you can test these energies for yourself by showing Valiant’s work to the people around you in your lives. The dark-hearted will cringe and the light-hearted will smile.

Imagine what might happen if large placards and posters were emblazoned with images of “Good Spirit” upon them and placed at the forefront of the many protests taking place around our world. Our sisters and brothers would wield the power of angels.

Knock Knock…My Artwork Story…Part Two…
Posted By: Valiant
Date: Tuesday, 22-May-2012 13:50:32

Where was I? Oh yes, my artwork story…

First, let me just start off by saying that my dog
is OK after the incident with the snake.
Although no one here is going to forget that anytime soon…
Seriously, I can not express this clearly enough…
DO NOT ever try anything like that on me again…
You will soon find out why…
So you had better pay attention CLOSELY.
Like I said before, I made a promise to that angel,
and I plan on keeping it.

For years I was torn between writing and artwork,
the dreams only seemed to antagonize my confusion more…
both inspiring and splitting me between the two.
Both seemed equally important,
but somehow it always came back to the artwork.

The biggest problem was that I was always so afraid.
I was afraid of the shadows,
I was afraid of the world and everything I sensed, saw and felt.
It was just so overwhelming.
I wasn’t rebellious and anxious like most artists;
I just wanted that quiet simple life.

It wasn’t until my late twenties
that I would have another dream
that would change me, yet again,
where I would meet a man
who would inspire me more than I would ever know.

In short, I was summoned or brought
to his fortress-like residence…
Where it was, I have no idea.

He would become the man
that would inspire the character
Varence, in my book.
He was tall and pale, like an albino,
with white hair and pale, pale eyes.
He had the manner of a man UNLIKE ANY
I’d ever seen before.
Strong, confident. FEARLESS.
The strangest part about this was,
that he wasn’t surrounded by weapons or guards…
He was surrounded by children;
proteges that he was training, I guessed.
But these children weren’t like any I’d seen before, either.
They were of mixed races,
Asians with red hair and freckles…
black children with blond hair and blue eyes…
each so different,
I could barely notice all the details.

But it was his words to me that took me by surprise.
He explained briefly who he was,
he was a watcher…
he knew everything, saw everything, all the time…
I sensed that he seemed to exist outside of time,
or was in a secret place where time did not apply.
He just stared long and deep into me…
Those eyes of his, so intense, far beyond human,
this man was literally capable of anything—
but was noble and pure and good,
that much I know.

The only clear words I can remember him saying to me,
or that I was allowed to remember as he stared at me, was…
“You are so interesting…You know exactly what to do…
And yet, you don’t do it. Why?”

I knew this was a sort of gentle challenge on his part,
because after that I was escorted out
by one of the children and I woke up.
But I will never forget him or that dream.
Here I was, so terrified of everything…
And here I had just met a man, so strange, but so FEARLESS.
A man that could walk out into the universe
alone and unafraid and do anything…
at any time…

So at that time I, of course, turned to the book
and set that in motion…
But it was hard to do the artwork and the writing
and work a regular job at the same time.
At age 27 I finally decided
that if I was ever going to get anywhere with my book or artwork
that I would have devote my complete and utter full time to it
without any distractions.
And that’s just what I did.
It was scary but I did it.
And in a fairly short time I finished the book,
pursued getting it published and then returned to my artwork.

But by this time, after spending so much devoted time
to my writing and the book I found it so hard
to do artwork again.
And I found that I literally had to re-teach myself
how to draw and paint…
It was like starting all over again.
For months I worked and worked on the artwork,
trying my best to make it better,
reclaim the talent or skill I once had with it…
It was so hard, you just can not imagine.
Somehow I had lost the knack and I could not figure out why.

It was 1999…that’s when I made the biggest breakthrough of my life.
I had been working on an art project for the last few months of the year,
and finally finished it on New Year’s Eve.
It was then, December 31st, 1999 at exactly 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon
that it happened…
I had finished the last painting, and suddenly there was the angel.
It happened so fast, he stepped forward,
did not speak a word and stuck his hand inside my head…
and that’s how he remained for exactly 33 minutes…
When he was finished, he simply nodded as if to say,
“Now you know…”

My mind RACED like a machine…
I drew HUNDREDS of sketches and drawings,
and then began the lines and light paintings.
I didn’t know what it was at first.
I didn’t question it.
It was as if all the questions were answered
when I saw this angel and then I just went to work
without a doubt, without thinking.
And all I knew was that it was IMPORTANT.
I figured at that time
that I was supposed to be an artist,
and that this was a sign.

Little did I know that there was
A LOT more to my artwork then I ever knew…
Because it was then that I really began waking up.
It was peoples’ reactions that spoke to me, taught me,
showed me that something BIG was going on.
And let me tell you, it was eerie and frightening…
and absolutely consistent…
Their reactions taught me what was happening…
For example…
As though the artwork had some sort of power or something…
Anyone I showed it to reacted SO DIFFERENT.

Some people, the most ordinary looking, unassuming looking people
you would ever imagine, would LOVE it,
and literally flip over it.
While others, like art critics, or ‘executive’ types
wouldn’t like it at all…
For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why
and I was SO CONFUSED by all the drastic varying reactions.

I tried showing samples to priests, to psychics…
They saw nothing.
Although once I told the psychics where I got my inspiration from,
then of course SUDDENLY they were overwhelmed
with visions and spiritual messages…
They didn’t doubt me one bit.
Interesting, huh?
The priests never liked my angels…
Then later I would come to discover
that all of these priests were into very insidious and corrupt behavior…
How coincidental was that?

And later I would find that EVERYONE who hated my artwork
fell into that exact same category…
Those that were corrupt, or doing ‘bad things’ hated it…
While those with pure hearts,
endlessly and consistently, flawlessly saw ‘a light’ in all my work.
This artwork was like a truth serum!
And it NEVER FAILED to prove this true.
Some interesting things that happened were…
People with fatal illnesses would come up to me and say,
“You saw an angel!” Or, “I see angels in your work!”

And then, and then…
friends started telling me stories
about my artwork that they had hung in their homes…
They told me the exact same thing about peoples’ reactions.
But even more scary, or interesting rather…
were the paranormal stories…
Friends that lived in haunted houses
told me stories of how once they hung my artwork
they would hear hissing and spitting constantly in the house…
as if something dark didn’t like it…
And then their hauntings would ‘quiet down.’
They swore to me up and down
that my paintings had some kind of effect on supernatural things…
They offered some nutty ideas…
but totally swore that whatever was in the paintings
acted like a repellant to evil.
Something BIG was going on…
bigger than I ever imagined.
There are, of course, other qualities to my artwork…
but that’s for me to know and for you to one day find out. Wink.
But I will say that…
my work has a way of transmuting things…
And you really would want to be EXTRA CAREFUL
at directing bad energy its way…
You just never know what could happen…

Dear Mr. Spacemen,
I swear I feel like sticking around a little while longer…
Even though this past weekend certainly tested my patience to the limit.
Interesting magic a dog with two different color eyes has, wouldn’t you say?
The Native Americans would call a dog like that a spirit dog…
Funny how I would have a dog like that.

Mr. Spacemen and
To Whom it May Concern (the powers of our planet, the governments, that is) and
To All The People…
I’ve only shared less than half of my artwork that I’ve done over the years…
I’ve been saving the best for last…
for something very VERY special.
Struck a nerve, did I, when I mentioned deprogramming the planet?

Attached, or soon to be, will be one of my earliest paintings called,
The Fires of Feeling…
Treat it well…A Warrior of Light.
Activate. Strike against it and who knows,
Like a Lord of Fire it may just activate another fire,
say a ring of fire?
Or it might just be here to protect…

That’s all for now.

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