About the ETs, Excerpts

To my sisters and brothers around the world: extraterrestrial civilizations and races are very much like our civilization and the people who live here. Grand technology in a race of beings does not always mean grand behavior from these beings.

It is time for humanity to learn of this reality. It is time to remove our rose-colored glasses. Never again will we relinquish our sovereignty to another race. We must move ahead with compassion and valor.

20 March 2012

“It has always struck me as odd that when it came to aliens, abductions, visitations or scientific views on whether we were alone in the universe, it always came down to us being so unique. We’re so special, so many alien races across space, so many coming here and yet here we are being told how very special we are. Did you think we were the only planet being visited, observed, tampered with? How many alien races are there? And yet, Earth is supposed to be a single great find, a primitive civilization, yet still so important.”

“I mean you didn’t buy that, “you’re so special” thing, did you? Like, how many times has that been said on a date…? You’re so special, you’re the best, the first, etc, etc. Not at all.”

“There are several planets just like Earth, just like us, being watched, maneuvered and manipulated by various forces…As I have worded it before, for a very long time. It makes sense really when it comes to time, for beings that live so long to find so many similar places to visit.”

4 April 2012

“You waited, you watched, you saw, even tinkered with things on this planet. And that makes you a part of it. Through the ages you’ve been there, and well, that makes you a part of this planet’s fate.”

“All those deals and promises you made, I guess someone upstairs must have been watching beyond your knowledge. So many secrets, so many lies. I sure hope you didn’t just come to watch a show, to experience spiritual enrichment at others’ expenses…Or to wait to loot a failing planet in its dire hour. No, you wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“I mean, you really cannot toy with a planet, manipulate its people through tempting technology, abductions, experiments…and not suffer the fate right along with it. It almost makes you wonder who the culprit behind devastations might be. An advanced race of beings would surely be able to surpass anything little like managing a holocaust if they could travel clear across space…”

20 April 2012

“Dear Mr. Spacemen, I apologize. Some of you truly are good souls…But some…some are such liars. And rotten communicators I would like to add. We’re all equal believe it or not.”

“Treat us that way now. I mean, you good guys shouldn’t have any trouble going public soon, now should you?”

30 April 2012

“Let’s make this perfectly clear…You do NOT own this planet, you are NOT in control here. As I have mentioned before, due to your time here, you are our secret citizens and nothing more. Only the HIGHER POWERS are in control and that’s the way things work. No questions.”

“Wait, let me just say for the readers that most aliens are just like us…They don’t make the orders, like a workforce they just follow orders and go where they are told and do what they are told…much like we do. They don’t all have the answers, only their “bosses” do…They don’t all possess the knowledge that we think they do…Just wanted you to know that…Funny, how similar we are in that way, isn’t it?”

“Mr. Spacemen, some of your experiments are DISGUSTING. And you others, just sit and watch, how nice. What a great show…”

“But, let’s make a nice gesture…for the Reptilian race…Your puppeteers are getting bored with you, fast…but you might have guessed that already. Remember what I said about the dinosaurs…You really might want to think hard about switching sides…”

9 May 2012

“But we’re not alone with those sorts of prejudices, believe me. Why, even our alien friends above, in secret and in hiding, have their prejudices, too. Some civilizations are ruled by females (I won’t mention reptiles)…While others (I won’t mention those big fore-headed guys) have men that don’t even let women leave their planet. Sexism, in advanced civilizations? Who would have guessed that one? Now that one REALLY MAKES you question the integrity of an advanced race, of the occupants of any UFO…hmm.”

17 May 2012

“In the 1990s there were about 119 alien races visiting the Earth. Now, mind you, races vary with each planet, so that doesn’t necessarily mean 119 visitors from different planets…Think about it. Diversity. There may be as many as 17 different Reptilians, but lucky us…only the bad ones come here.”

“But now there are nearly 150…Hmm. So many races. Where did they all come from? And WHY? To see the show, that you know…and the divine intervention….But perhaps the real question is…for one and all…Do you, do they, think they know them ALL?”

“Could possibly a new race arrive on the scene…with a big surprise for everybody?”

16 Aug 2013

“And don’t think about running and hiding…
Underground? The Earth will crush you like a tin can…
Other Dimensions? Safe off-world bases?

 Don’t worry, every which way a trap…

You can’t escape your actions…

And that goes for our resident scaly “rulers”

As well…”

“What’s coming, who’s coming, it’s more
Than enough for you all to handle…

And trust me, you’ll be surprised,

Enemies, friends, those will turn in the end…
All those hidden agendas.
Haven’t you wondered why so many…
Different Alien races…

Have stuck around for so long…

Almost as if they were lurking-waiting…
Promises of help, deceptions and lies…

The Truth will be revealed…and eyes will pop.”

9 October 2013

“The Reptilians and Greys, and a few other
Lingering spacemen are considered
The vermin of the universe.
True advanced aliens do not abduct, experiment
On or involve themselves with lesser
Evolved worlds…for any reason…
Unless…something rare were to happen…
Something potentially…
Or truly Divine…”

15 May 2014

“Dear Mr. Spaceman,

Don’t even think about scheming or
Leaving this system.

You wanted to watch, to play, experiment.
Time to pay.”

5 June 2014

“And now…
The Hollow Earth…

The Legends, the Myths…the Facts…

Cities beneath our feet for ages…peoples

Of lost civilizations…and Alien colonies…

Not to mention all those allegedly fortified
Hidden bunkers…

Designed, of course, to survive a surface assault…

A secret for a few…

A haven for the rich and powerful, leaders…

But, in truth…Rat Traps.”

“You see, when something like the Pulse hits…
You wouldn’t want to be underground…
Because the Pulse will hit the Earth’s core and
Radiate outward…in other words, underground
Worlds…will experience it far more intensely.”

“With no escape, they will be flushed out.
So don’t be surprised if UFO sightings and strange
Creature sightings increase…there’s no
Escaping this.

“Mer-people, sea monsters…like Loch Ness,
Will also be flushed out and up…watch out.
All those corrupt cities underground will suffer.”

“This is one of the last secrets…All those

Secret societies have bargains with all of the
Varied Hollow Earth Territories. Lies of course.
Which is why this time of justice is coming.

The Higher Powers have never witnessed so
Many lies, secret fake allegiances like those here.
As above, so below…they all lie to each other.
All have their own priorities, needs…greed.
People have suffered for too long because of it.”

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