The Hum, The End of the Old, Warning Signs of Alien Threats

Knock Knock…The Hum…The End of the Old…Warning Signs of Alien Threats…

In the times of change…when things really
Start to happen…
Beware of the Hum…
Some will hear it, some won’t…and all will react
Differently…Consider to some a blessing…while
A warning to others…because it may drive them crazy.

It’s the End of the old ways…as things that were
Before, fall apart…particularly after Christmas.
People will really start to snap when they don’t see
The results and promises happen they’ve been
Waiting for…Especially with money…
Tensions will run high across the board in all aspects
Of life…Be careful out there.

That’s where the Hum comes in…It might just
Be an audible version of the Pulse…of alien origin
Prelude to an invasion or intervention…
It really depends a lot on the state of affairs
On Earth at Christmas Time…
If enough people aren’t awake…It could get
Very ugly…Either way…Remember what I’ve
Told you…About Crystals…
About being at your best…
About Soul-mates…of pursuing your sincerest
Dreams…it may be our only hope when
The hours become dark…

I know this much…I am scared by our current state…
So many people sick…or just feeling down, even miserable…
That’s not good.  If spirits don’t raise over the holidays
More defenses will be down making people more vulnerable.
But for those in a good state of mind,
Having that Christmas Spirit…They will fare far
Better in the New Year, than those who don’t have it.

Beware of the dangers of the Seven Deadly Sins right now.
Dark Forces are using these methods to weaken
And blind you.
Beware of Greed, Envy, Sloth, and Gluttony…
Those are the most tempting right now.

Please, you must try to keep your spirits up as much
As possible…if it’s hard or you don’t know how…
Try re-creating a good memory or even re-creating a
Childhood you never had.  After all, nothing says
Christmas like toys.

This may actually help with the Forces at work here.
For as the old ways end we need to focus, visualize
The future we want.

I still keep dreaming of Alternate Realities…
It’s mind boggling.  I see versions of a life I never
Thought possible or imagined.
And I got a strong sense of these realities bleeding into
This one…Altering it.
Perhaps even so much that it’s effecting us already.
Which means scenarios we never thought
Possible…may now manifest.

Such as an Alien Threat…An Invasion…
Or even an Intervention.
Though I’ve lost hope in the Intervention as
Our alleged Good Alien friends are still reluctant
To step in…for various so-called safe reasons.

If the Hum begins…it will be a warning…
Like I said earlier, it all depends on so
Many things…so if you don’t hear it don’t be
Upset…Only the highly attuned won’t be
Affected by it…those who are not evolved…
May degenerate even further…it may be the
Cause that fries their brains.
The Hum will not, does not, advance the Mind
Or Spirit at all…it does have a hypnotic effect.
But if you hear others tell of how it’s helping
Them…Wrong…that’s its deceiving effects at work.
It may be a ploy of the overseers or Nibiru…
To make the population more pliable for them
To sweep in…even take people, or take over.
It is, at best…a sign of the End.

The Lion Men won’t intervene with it as the Hum
Will only affect those who aren’t chosen.
But if you start dreaming of Alien Invasions…
Wolfmen…even Apemen…Remember the
Wolfmen almost resemble Apemen,
As from the Planet of the Apes…rather
Than wolves as we know them.

Our only hope is to raise vibrations…
Seek a higher Path…
And for World Powers to make amends
With the populations…
And a good start would be full disclosure
Of technology and Aliens abroad…
There are too many here now to play games…
Too many waiting for things to heat up…
And too many to sort through who are
Friends or Foes…They have their agendas,
And those rise above any declaration of
Alien Politics.

Keep your Hope.  Believe in Magic.
I’m sharing with you my artwork, The Reindeer.
I hope it stirs some Christmas Magic
Inside you.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…I realize it’s not over…
It may just be the beginning…care to
Add anything?

That’s all for now.

P.S.  My art sale will continue for Christmas.
Please inquire on anything you may want,
Special discounts may apply.



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