Merry Christmas, Just a Few Words, Guardian Angel

Knock Knock…Merry Christmas…Just a Few Words…Guardian Angel…

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Thank you for your support and all the great letters
And emails you’ve written, I really appreciate you all
And wish the very Best for you this Holiday Season
And in the New Year.

Tis the Season for celebrating, for good feelings and
Cheer…For Special Things, at least I hope.
There is so much chaos in the world right now
And it’s only growing…we need to work hard
I think on maintaining a Christmas Spirit throughout
The year, no matter what happens…

I have to mention one strange coincidence and see if
Anyone else noticed this…there have been several
Movies in which the world ended or experienced
Some sort of catastrophe…at Christmas time.
Could that mean anything?
They often say life imitates art…Maybe movies
Have been warning us all along.

Also, I would like to point out that prophecy indicated
Days of Darkness…That could mean more than
Obvious things…Dark times often mean times of
Craziness, suffering, and illness, etc…Interesting?

I mention these things because it’s a time
When we need to pay attention.
Heed the signs, or history will repeat itself…
And I doubt anyone wants that now.

Unfortunately, I am already seeing those signs…
People, whose destructive patterns are
Re-occurring…as with family members and the
Holidays…Some of my worst beatings as a child
Happened at Christmas time. And I’m not
Telling you this for sympathy. I’m telling you
Because I didn’t let those times bring me
Down. I taught myself to rise above the
Struggles I faced growing up and enjoy the Holidays
No matter how difficult my family made it
For me. You see, in that sense I am a product
Of my upbringing…because I learned the
Hard way how not to be.

You need to know this…to Believe, that you
Can rise above adversity and be a better person.
These are tough times…and there are tougher
Times yet to come. If you let these struggles
Bring you down and weaken you…How will you
Find your soulmates? How will your strength
Grow to build a better age if you allow Big Brother’s
Spoils and toils handicap you?

Everyone has long waited for the time…
The time when it would feel like things would be
Better…For life to get easier and dreams
Come true.

That time is now.
But yes, we have to work through the
Garbage first.

The Dark Forces and Big Brother are pulling
All punches now to take as many down as they
Can. I know I have felt attacked and so have
Many others.
All I can say is this…We must be on the
Verge of something very big, some very Promising
Potential…if they are threatening so many of us
And trying to torment us even more now.
Don’t let them get to you.

That’s why I’m sharing my artwork, Guardian Angel.
I think we all could use one right now.
May it be an inspirational light to you in
The times ahead…

As winter sets in and the snows fall things
Will intensify…
Our overseers will continue their torment and temptation
Until they have no options left…
For the sake of the Holiday I’ll keep this short
For now…But I’ll have some more to say soon…
Please enjoy the Holiday.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…Time’s up.

That’s all for now.

Mighty Cherub

Mighty Cherub

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