Our Time

To my sisters and brothers around the world: our time grows near, dear family.

Soon, each of us will remember who we are and with this knowing will come the realization of just how deeply we have dropped from the higher dimensions into the lower ones.

Ideas, concepts, beliefs and philosophies that we’ve considered beyond reproach and held in regard as the utmost truth, will be stripped away and tossed aside.

Many things that many of us hold dear in our hearts will be illuminated by divine light and with it, the shadows of our misconceptions will evaporate. In this brightness, each of us will easily see where we have been deceived and mislead by the dark forces in control of Earth.

If you’ve read Valiant’s posts, then you are very well aware that even the most intelligent, knowledgeable and clever members of our human family did not truly know what is going on here. The sacred secrets, which are scattered everywhere, are innumerable, cryptic and guarded with angelic strength.

For anyone who is foolish enough to think that they “know it all,” and for the rest of us who are sincerely modest, this will be a time of great humbling.

Be ready for it.

We’ve been separated for a very long time, my sisters and brothers. I’m very much looking forward to seeing all of you again. I really am.

Mike V.

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