Hope, Course Corrections in Time, A Warning

Knock Knock…Hope…Course Corrections in Time…A Warning…
26 March 2015

Have you ever felt like it seems you’re
Always waiting…for one thing or another?
I sure do.
The world just keeps getting crazier and crazier…
And I don’t think I’m alone in saying
I’ve had enough. I said I would share
With you what I know, and that’s what I’m
Going to continue doing.
Even if it only helps some at first, I’m sure
It will start a Domino Effect that will
Help in bringing on the times of change…
In Manifesting what we want…
The way we want it.

I keep getting good reports of the artwork
Doing its job of helping people, both in
Protection…ridding a home of ghosts…
Breaking a curse, or times of struggling
And bringing in good fortune like they’ve wanted.
I specifically designed my artwork
To have something for everyone, that’s
Why it’s taken so many years…

While the originals do have the most
Potent power, prints or reproductions can
Work too. Just remember if you decide
To print something out…the bigger the better,
And the more the Merrier…
Such as the Grid I told you about, 3 x 3…
9 pieces aligned together.
While you could try 9 of the same…
At least 3 different ones are best.

This time I’m suggesting you try these 3
To bring on stronger changes…
The Winds of Change…with, Royal Elephant,
And Melpomene, the black and white pencil drawing…these
Should manifest positive changes while
Giving protection at the same time.

Please at least try them, always with
Sincere good intentions…it can’t hurt…
And with what we’re heading into…
Everyone will need it.

Please refer to my earlier posts regarding
The Timeline of Events with what’s coming.
Last weeks solar storm and major electro-
Magnetic disturbances was the sign I
Was expecting…Meaning that the present
Course we are on will involve aliens…

Please just remember this…
Good Aliens have already had plenty of time
To announce themselves openly and honestly…
I’m not saying the Aliens, the first to
Step forward that is, that they are evil…
What I am telling you is that they do
Have an agenda…which is why they are
Acting now…Remember that.

Also, due to Asia’s growing power in the
World…Be careful and be warned our Asian friends…
You will be targets for a biological threat this
Year…starting late Spring I imagine.

For the rest of us, be wary and careful
During the seasonal thaw…this year…
There will be terrible flooding and you
Seriously need to pay attention to what
The Mississippi does this year.

Keep watching the Skies…
Particularly with Russia and China…
There will be increasing UFO activity…
All I can say is…things are not what they
Seem…Season of the Bear…Beware
Especially when planes vanish…in thin air.

As for the Monetary System and Promises…
Don’t expect anything, I’m sorry.
If they don’t institute immediately, it’s too late.
The only way they’ll give up their wealth is when
The game is over…at the end, when there
Are no more chances for them.

That’s why I’m telling you to use the
Drawings in Groups and Grids…Harvest Gold
Aligned with The Winds of Change…and also
The Royal Elephant…should bring
You the good fortune…you need…
It won’t win you the lottery, but will get
You what you need.
Failure to use the artwork sincerely will
Either bring you the opposite, or nothing at all.
They were designed this way.
This is the best way I can offer you the help you’ve
Been waiting for.

3 x 3

3 x 3



















I sincerely hope they work for you. And
Please feel free to share your stories, I’ve
Already been getting good responses and I hope
To hear even more.

We are currently again in that time frame
Where…those things that were left undone,
Or altered through the manipulated timeline…
In other words, things that were supposed to
Happen will manifest. Like I’ve said before…
You can’t avoid these things…if anything
Manipulation makes it worse.

Dear Mr. Spacemen…
You don’t have the time, nor much choice
Left now…what happens here…
Happens everywhere. You’ll have to step up
And do the right thing, like it or not.
You have until the next big meteor or
Asteroid makes it appearance…
Refer to Ancient Prophecies 1…
The events…The Symbolism…
The Births…The Star Children…
What calamities fall will effect the entire
Political and Social Structure of this world
And throughout the Universe.
The artwork may help you too…
If the one who seeks it has a True Heart.

That’s all for now.


P.S. Please consider donating to the Valiant posts.
I hate asking, but unfortunately I have bills too.
I will also consider negotiating prices on artwork I have
Available through Easter. Serious inquiries only please.
And for examples of the 3 x 3 Grid, please go to the post below.



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