The Nature of the Beast, Something You Need to Know Now

Knock Knock…The Nature of the Beast…Something You Need to Know Now…
23 April 2015

My favorite songs always have the best Lyrics…
In a world of Human Wreckage…
The Best things that Exist are Free…
I always said that songs answer riddles…

If you’ve been following my posts for a while
You may have noticed that the tone in
My writing has changed since the beginning
Of this year.
That’s because the Time has come…
For too long now there have been
Promises of change…
From Government and their promises of deliverance
Of financial reform, policy changes, healthcare…
Blah Blah Blah…
It’s time to do something about it.

Sure I know things. But there is only so
Much I can say. The truth is the Best way
to show you how to find the answers
Yourself, so you can see it on your own
Without influence. That’s why I’ve
Shared the artwork grids. It’s the most
Potent way I’ve found to make things

So many people write asking questions
And believe me, I wish I could help everyone.
But like I said the Best way is to show
You how to tap into the Higher Powers
Of your mind to see for yourself.

Now, I respect each and everyone’s personal
Beliefs. That’s why I always stress unity
Is so important. There is no reason why
Everyone, of every race, gender, age or
Location can’t get along…Our leaders,
Big Brother, inhibit that through various
Ways of programming…From the way we’re
Raised, to the Media, to traditional prejudices…
History has held us back…
It’s 2015…
Part of achieving the World we want,
The Freedom, the Wealth, the Health…
Means that we have to break that
Programming we’ve been raised with.

The Artwork Grids have a multi-purpose
Use…as you are finding out…

There is something I’ve been asked to address
You have to understand that not all things
Communicate the same way.
One major misconception is that if they,
Be they people or animals,
Don’t communicate with words, then they
Aren’t talking.
Animals for instance and many Aliens
As well as a variety of non physical forms of life
Don’t use words and many don’t know English.
They use thoughts, images, instinct, feelings
And project them. It’s more honest and complete
For them.
In that respect, many of us have received
Messages and haven’t even realized it.
Instead it’s mistaken for a wayward mind,
Day dreaming or even foolishness.
When, in fact, it was something trying
To tell us something…
Or…and it’s important that you know this…
Something or someone implanting messages
Or ideas in our heads that are not
Our own, making us believe that we
Are going crazy…
Or just using this as a means of controlling
What we think or what we do.

This is probably one of the most important
Things we need to understand, especially
When using the Grids for Protection and Meditating,
We need to see through deception.
The most common thing and misunderstood thing
The Dark Forces do, the Shadow People do, is
Break us down and hold us back from achieving
Our goals by Manipulating Programming, Invasive
Telepathy…Implanting self doubt, pity,
Haunting bad memories to distract us.
Why allow people the Harmony of Success
When you can control a population,
Enslave a population to do tedious work they hate
By holding them back…
Distract with wishes…fanciful day dreams
Of someone else’s life, like a Rock star…
Keep them horny and preoccupied with sex
So they can’t think truly or clearly…
Keep them obsessed with shopping…
For things they can’t afford…
Drive them crazy with material obsession…
You want money, to make more money…
Shop, buy…have what others have…
You’re entitled…
Eat another candy bar, another piece of cake…
Anther scoop of ice cream won’t make
A difference…
You can always make up for it tomorrow…
That little voice in your head…
Is it really your own? Think about it.

Get rid of it. When it frustrates you,
Think of, say, believe, or chant white light…
And get that distraction out.
You will find that once you start doing this…
Practicing it and doing it more and more each day…
You’ll start achieving more and getting
The answers and results you’ve been waiting for.
After all, it’s time. Haven’t we waited long enough?

Animal Whisperers understand this…
But for those who wish to communicate
With non-human life, such as Bigfoot
Or creatures of the Outer Edge…
They don’t simply use words and introduce
Themselves saying “Hi, I’m Bigfoot.
Would you like some nice twigs and Berries?”
They use imagery, noises, projected feelings…
This is why people can’t find them,
They don’t understand this.

The same goes for Mer-people of the Sea…
As well as many advanced Oceanic Creatures…
Dolphin, whales, etc…

Aliens are different, however, and
Depending on the Race, use a
Complex form of telepathy…Usually
Involving our thoughts by reading our
Memories, applying their feelings and language
With our own.
We scare them mostly though, because
Our emotions are more, much more complex
And unfocused…which confuses them.
They don’t understand censoring thoughts
And often view it as deception.
That, along with our overly hormonal nature
Makes us more primitive to them.

But if you can neutralize your hormones,
Control feelings, you will find yourself
More open to communication and things will
Gradually become more subjective…
And you will understand why aliens don’t
Feel the desperate urgent needs we do…
And why they take their time in doing things.
It will just become more honest overall.

Please understand I’m just trying to help.
There’s more of us than there are of them,
The World Powers, I mean…
Therefore, there is no reason why they
Should have so much control over our lives.
And I honestly believe if we can overcome
The limitations of our education
And the preconceptions and wayward emotions
Then we can become the Higher Beings
We were meant to.

Dear Mr. Spacemen, Mr. Big Giant Head
And our wonderful Big Brother…
I’m going to help people all I can for as long as I can.
You know your age is nearly over…
If you don’t get your act together now, well
Let’s just say your playtime is going to be
Not so much fun.
You know how you like to Plan things come
May…Well there will be a Day when
There will be Hell to Pay for things you’ve
Done and haven’t…
Those little secrets at Wright Patterson AFB
Might just go KABLEWY…
And the way you like to screw
With prices and money and gas in the Summer,
Big Brother…
Well, you keep messing around…
And you’re gonna find a real nasty surprise
May, June, and July…
Why? Because you’re stupid that’s why.
Tricky Tricky Pity Pity
Those lessons you’ve refused to learn
Time to pay up.
And if they haven’t gotten your attention yet
By August they surely will.
This is the year, like it or not.

That’s all for now.


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