A Note on Grids

To my sisters and brothers around the world: Valiant’s crystal grids are working. They are able to tap into powerful spiritual energies of the light and allow us to use this energy.

In a recent post, Valiant mentioned that using the crystal grids will bring back ancient memories; memories of our past lives that have been lost behind the veil.

He is right. Using the crystal grids during meditation, I was taken back to medieval Scotland and was immersed in one of my past lives. The imagery, the colors, the light, the setting; all of it was as real as our world today and all of it was deeply familiar.

This vision was different because I wasn’t watching or viewing myself, I was actually there. I stepped back into me from a long, long time ago. I walked through a portal into the past. I traveled in time.

A feeling of great sorrow came over me. I wanted to stay there. A strong desire to remain in that medieval world settled inside me and it remains with me now. I want to go back. The desire to go back is palpable.

With Valiant’s crystal grids, bigger is better. Printing each crystal image in 8 x 10 size and then building a large grid somewhere in your home is ideal.

The unlocking of our memories has begun.

Be at peace, everyone.

Mike V.

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