Clues Scattered…

“The hall of heroes in the stars…from where the
Tuatha came.
So many odds and ends…scattered throughout time
And distant lands. Clues scattered throughout the globe,
In History and Art.”

British Isles Statues "She Waits" Rosses Point, Ireland "Pictish Princess" Portmahomack, Scotland "Music" "The Song" St. David's, Wales

British Isles Statues
“She Waits” Rosses Point, Ireland
“Pictish Princess” Portmahomack, Scotland
“Music” “The Song” St. David’s, Wales

Benbulbin Dove1

Benbulbin Dove, Sligo, Ireland


Pictish Dove

“Pictish Princess,” Portmahomack, Scotland, Tarbat Discovery Centre


Wales Eagle

“Music” “The Song,” St. David’s, Pembrokeshire, Wales, Warpool Court Hotel

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