Remembering Who You Are

To my sisters and brothers around the world: in my travels across the internet I was extremely fortunate to come across a paper written by J. Kay MacCormack entitled “Becoming A Shining One.”

The Shining Ones are the Aes Sidhe, the Tuatha De Danann, the Druids, the Celts, the royal Pleiadian families who came to Earth and helped humanity.

When we journey into the past and study the roots of humanity, those of us in the awakened community are able to break free from the terrestrial story-line and make the jump into the stars. We know the truth. We know where we came from. We are able to bridge the gap between our extraterrestrial ancestry and our human family.

MacCormack’s paper looks back at the Aes Sidhe, the Aes Dana, our ancestral family of the Tuatha De Danann who thrived in the British Isles so long ago. Her paper is short and is easy to read.

On page four, she asks the question: “Aes Dana: The Shining Ones – Who Are They?”

We know the answer to her question. You are. I am. We are. The descendants of three royal Pleiadian families who will come together again. A bloodline from the stars.

“The reason I tell you this now is that these
Three Families must come together again…
Or rather their descendants, uniting as in
The Trinity Knot…to Complete the Power…”

“Becoming a Shining One-An Esoteric Look at the Celtic Fairy Tradition” by J. Kay MacCormack

J. Kay MacCormack, editor, Hiraeth Press

"The Riders of the Sidhe"  John Duncan 1911 McManus Galleries, Dundee

“The Riders of the Sidhe”
John Duncan 1911
McManus Galleries, Dundee

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