Secret Societies

Things that make you go “hmmm…”

“…when an Empire
Rises in such a way, by means of Alien influence,
The subjugation of native people, slavery…
With Dark Motives in Mind…
Divine Intervention Always Takes Place…
And that is happening, will happen now.”

“Some knew this, discovered this through the ages…
A Secret Society in Asia…
A Brotherhood of Mystic
Warriors of the Dragon…
Descendants of a Princess who was visited by
A Celtic visitor long ago…whose secret special child
Founded the order…”


Ancient Prophecies 4, Lost Journey

Ancient Prophecies 4, The Lost Journey












The Black Dragon Society is Now Renamed the White Dragon Society
May 26, 2010
from: Benjamin Fulford Website

Recently I discovered in Tokyo an ancient shrine that has been sealed off from public view.

When I entered the Shrine I felt a powerful subjective sensation of white light and power. I was with a Japanese psychic whose family has long guarded secret Shinto knowledge, including of the Goddess Benten.

She also claims to have seen a white light and experienced unusual power there. At the entrance to the shrine we found a stone pillar with the inscription 白龍王 meaning “the White Dragon King.”

In legend the Goddess Benten was supposed to have married a powerful white dragon in order to stop it from killing children. Because of this unusual occurrence (yes I really did find such a place by accident), we have decided to rename the Black Dragon Society as the White Dragon Society.

The White Dragon represents warriors who obey the rules of Chivalry and Bushido. That is to say, they will never strike the first blow, they will never attack women, children and non-combatants and they will fight to defend the weak and the downtrodden.

We remain sympathetic to the philosophy of the original Black Dragon Society founded by Mitsuru Toyama and others.

However, while the Black Dragon Society had an Asian orientation, the White Dragon looks to protect the entire planet, including the weakest living creatures.

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