Final Notes

To my sisters and brothers around the world: the time has come for me to remove myself from the internet as much as I can, as much as my life will allow.

As a result, I will no longer be posting Valiant’s messages or any other information here. The blog will remain, however, as an archive of a large body of work for anyone who wishes to use it and the donation link for Valiant will remain active.

Valiant’s posts appear on two other websites and can be read on these websites now and in the future. The websites are: Rumor Mill News and (Thank you, Rayelan and Laron.)

In visions and in dreams I was told to try to get off the internet and spend more time in meditation. Answers are coming to us in meditation and during times of quiet reflection.

Our sisters and brothers on the other side of the veil will not communicate with us through the internet. They will connect with us through our animals, the trees, grass, dirt, birds, flowers, wind, sunshine, sky, water; anything and everything in our natural environment.

Answers exist in our natural environment, everyone. Each of you knows how to find them. When you remember where to look to find them, you’ll start seeing them. Reading the messages that Earth is giving us and reading the messages the internet is giving us paint a starkly contrasting picture.

Earth or the internet…which one knows the truth?

To Aresades: and so it ends this way?

You see it…

And I see it…

I did the best I could, my dear. I hope it was enough. I really do. And I’m ready to go home.

Mike V.

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