To Greece

From all awakened people on our dear, blue Terra to our sisters and brothers in Greece, we say: “thank you.”

What you did on 05 July 2015 will be marked in our history as one of the most courageous and compassionate and caring acts ever performed by the human race.

Your fierce and unified vote of “όχι,” delivered to the dark forces in control of Earth, has echoed into the hearts of billions of souls and been amplified and broadcast outward, tearing away the fabric of the “veil.”

As the “veil” crumbles and our collective consciousness blooms, it will be your allied and resounding “όχι” that we will remember as a guiding beacon for humanity.

At the end of William Griffith’s second novel, one of the main characters speaks: “This is it this time,” John said. “All hell’s about to break loose.”

I believe he’s right.

Be ready, everyone.

Mike V.

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