To the Starseeds

From Albert:

“We (starseeds) are not young spirits; indeed, we are old and wise to understand and that’s the reason why, in your hearts and souls, you all volunteered to help mankind, to shield them as you can and show them there are Celestial Beings out there who are guiding everyone.”

“The call of immortal beings (starseeds) who are here for their duty and who volunteer to help, will face to their final destiny and will take their action accordingly.”

From Valiant:

“When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
All the rules will change…
This will pave the way for others to awaken
To their higher purpose…
So for those of you who have written and asked…
This is when you will find out what you are…
What you’ve been waiting for.”

In horror and disgust, starseeds have watched from the sidelines on this world and many others as our sisters and brothers and ourselves have endured hellish subjugation by the forces of darkness.

The end of this nightmare draws near.

Soon, the Warriors of the Light, the starseeds, will remember who we are and get into the game.

I will be overjoyed to reunite with all of you, my dear family, and it will be a sacred honor to stand by your sides once again.

It’s almost time…

Mike V.

“The awakening of humanity will take place during a time of great turmoil.”

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