The Sun’s Tale

Morrigan, bird goddess, plucks her prey
The monster roars but cannot bite
The great bird spirit soars away
The mer-people give the sign of flight

It’s oh, so bad, to watch TV
Another bird sleeps before its birth
The angels bring the lion alive
The orator of prophecies rises up

A phoenix forms in the fiery lashes
The eyes of truth appear on the waves
The pillars of fire form again
Weapons are cast through the haze

Hot swells roll from the magnet’s pulse
As the truth of the eye keeps aware
Our family looks out across the horizon
Fires of Divinity form her hair

Angels peer into the abyss of truth
Majestic bird soars down from high
Narwhals saved by their ocean brethren
Proud woman surfs the golden sky

Even Yoda comes to watch and see
The Book of the Sons nears its end
A magnet rises on a giant stalk
An icon of man flies again

Angels swirl and loop in blazing swells
Truthful eyes maintain a constant watch
A council is held before the event
Darkness tries but the door is locked

The divine feminine regains her spark
A swan emerges from within the coils
A vision upheld, the oracle upsilon
The swan becomes the Ouroboros

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