Our Future is our Responsibility

From: “The Alien Races Book”

Final Thoughts

The future of the Human race is NOT in our hands at this point in time…one day it might be.

All that we, real Humans, can do right now is to gather all the information we can about these alien races and their habits, to find out about their weaknesses and strengths, so that when our future becomes our responsibility we can be prepared to fight for it if needed.

Today we are just mere spectators watching a “theatre play”…some of us are watching the “play” completely unaware that what we are watching is real…the actors (aliens) are real…the “play” (story-line) is real…the “stage” and the “props” (alien worlds, alien ships and odd cosmic events) are real…

Others know that what they are watching is real…but there’s nothing they can do about it…they cannot change the “play”…and certainly they cannot go to another “theatre” where the “play” is more to their liking…the only thing they can do is watch!

Others (like you, me, your companion agents and a few more world wide) are spectators taking “notes” about what is in front of them…about the “play,” about the “actors” and about the “setting” and “props”…we are learning about and writing about everything we see…so that one day when we have an opportunity to change the “story-line,” we are prepared to do so…

But beware…amongst the spectators there are many that are not paying attention to the “play!”

They are only watching the other “spectators” around them, specially the one’s “taking notes”…and those spectators look just like you and me…they can be seated right beside you…sometimes they even are the one’s that gave you the ticket for the “play”…and sometimes they are your own parents!

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