This Is Who You Are


Thus began the time of the Fifth Fire. The wave of light-skinned people forced all native people into poverty on tiny reservations supported by erratic deliveries of promised supplies and equipment. These were usually rotten, poor quality, or insufficient to care for the needs of the people. To educate the children in the new ways the light-skinned people took children away from their parents, put them in boarding schools far away from their homes and families, cut their hair, took away their medicine bundles, forbade the use of their native language. So the hoop of the nation was broken, taking the young people away from the medicines, the stories, the teachings, the spirit ways, the strength that had brought a spirit-filled people on a journey for more than six hundred years. The children were taught to walk the way of the light-skinned people who thought that theirs was the superior way, the way of “progress.”

This was the time of the Sixth Fire. Children were turned against their parents and their grandparents. The teachings of the elders could not be heard and the elders grew sick. They had lost their place in the circle. The circle was broken. The weapons used by the light-skinned were untrue stories, racism, guns and bayonets, cannon and disease. Today the weapons are courts, attorneys, textbooks and schools that teach propaganda as history, movies and television that portray the way of Native People in a shallow way, and sometimes guns and bayonets.

Fulfilling the Seventh Fire Prophecy

Now is the time of the Seventh Fire. By the light of the Seventh Fire come the Ogichidaag’, those who would use their power and strength with wisdom and gentleness to bring harmony and balance. They will soar with wabishkie ginu’, the White Eagle, bringing the wisdom of Spirit with the first light of day. They will learn of their power and strength like the gidzhii makwa’ the Great Bear who holds ice and snow in the North so the Earth would not be covered with water. And they will open their mind and heart like makinaak’ the turtle who offered his back upon which to build a new earth.
~from: The Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishinaabe

And before the race is built anew
A silver serpent comes to view
And spew out men of like unknown
To mingle with the earth now grown
Cold from its heat and these men can
Enlighten the minds of future man.

To intermingle and show them how
To live and love and thus endow
The children with the second sight.
A natural thing so that they might
Grow graceful, humble and when they do
The Golden Age will start anew.
~from: Prophecies of Mother Shipton

Their message to you and your group is: “They are here to handle things in proper manner, and to guide everyone according to the rules that favor humanity and this planet, with love and with peace.”
~from: Albert and the Celestial Sons

“The reality is that some number of you, a very small number, are fast tracked for enlightenment and liberation, in this very lifetime.”
~from: “Visible Origami” by Les Visible

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