From Our Family Before Us

“The only way a man can become fully awakened spiritually is to know his true nature and to strive for communication with the Spiritual Realm. This can best be achieved by meditation, or perhaps ‘mindfulness’ expresses it better. This is a state of conscious awareness of all the potentialities within man; the ability to cut off all material disturbances and to bring the spirit into harmonious relationship with a higher, more compatible realm. It means gaining complete mastery over all material impulses, urges and desires.”

“When a conscious, awakened spirit occupies a material body in conscious unity, the whole being is united with The Divine. It expands out beyond the limitations of space and time. Mindfulness controls the thoughts and feelings and clears an inner place, so that in silence and peace it is ready to receive an influx of the Divine Mindfulness, and meditation opens a way of communication whereby the spirit of man may communicate with the spirit surrounding The Divine. It is a higher form of prayer, a controlled concentration of thought.”

“Clearing an inner place to form the Shrine of the Heart does not mean that it serves no purpose. The usefulness of a cave is in its empty space, the usefulness of a basket or a pot is in it emptiness. All wisdom and all knowledge, the answer to every question, are not to be found outside of man but within him. He need not seek outside himself for the solution to the riddle of his nature. He need not traverse the Earth to find the answer, it can be reached from within himself. There, too, he will find all that supplies the needs of his spirit.”

~from “The Kolbrin, The Book of Wisdom”

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