In Honor Of Forces Of Light, This We Must Remember


Spoke to Perun Mostwise Skifadiy,
Sage of Temple of Flower of Fern, of Russen Kin:
Tell, Wise teacher,
what forces attract Aliens
to leave their homes in The World of Darkness,
and bring them to us on Midgard Earth?
Answered to Sage God Mostwise:
Aliens covet everything they do not possess…
All their thoughts are only about power above all worlds,
about capturing property and creations of Light Worlds…

Objective of Aliens is to disturb harmony,
reigning in The World of Light…
and to destroy Descendants
of The Heavenly Kin and The Great Race,
for only they can give adequate repulse to The Forces of Darkness…
Minions of The World of Darkness think
that only they should possess all Worlds,
which were created by Great RA-M-HA…
And arriving to blooming Earths,
they seek to school Human Children to greed,
for greed kills Cognition,
and when Cognition is killed, shame dies…

And when shame is killed, Truth is oppressed,
with death of Truth dies Happiness too…
When Happiness is dead, Human dies,
and if Human dies, then any of his riches
are taken possession of by Aliens…
They consider wealth to be their rightest support,
and they build their World on wealth…
And in The World Of Darkness
life is only available to those who have riches.
Poor human there is like dead in a wilderness…

They take away income from people,
relying on Power of their Deception….
Knowing that if they take away from people support and Faith,
purpose of life and Freedom of Spirit,
they will destroy them…
Human Children in such situation in The World of Yav’,
choose path of death freely,
and direct their weapons against Alien villains,
for it is better to accept glorious death,
in battle righteous against Alien enemies,
rather than to submit to the enemies…

People with weak Spirit lose their minds,
or fall under the authority of Alien enemies,
while others in thirst for hoarding,
go to serve Aliens…
Misfortunes of such lost people are worse than death,
so as Death, according to Law, is Eternal way of World,
and there has been nobody, living in The World of Yav’,
who has exceeded Death…

Alien enemies drive Human Children into madness,
and people, losing more and more mind,
accomplish cruel deeds…
…They end up violating blood rules, in their evil deeds,
and for those who are guilty in Blood mixing,
Hell opens its wide doors…
…And if human will not reject all of these,
and if he will not wake up,
he will go directly to Hell…
and Gods will not help him,
for he himself chooses his Path…

Awakening of human occurs only in cognition,
and eye of cognition saves him…
Having achieved Cognition,
Human Child looks at Vedas again,
and again aspiration for Spiritual Life becomes duty,
and head of all deeds becomes Conscience…
Listening to Conscience, he hates everything evil,
this makes Conscience strong,
and human creates his Happiness,
and in Happiness human himself is created…

Tranquil people are always skillful in their deeds
and invariable in duty before Kin…
They don’t imagine anything unlawful, and they don’t act sinfully.
Dishonourable or unreasonable people,
be it men or women,
do not succeed in fulfillment of their duty before Gods and Kin,
and become like Aliens…
…Those who have Conscience,
honour Gods and Ancestors,
and head for Immortality,
but not Hellish World…

Those of Human Children,
who having come from madness to rage,
will be threatening, who will come to hate good,
will be called by people GREY like Alien, and despicable…
Who by instigation of Aliens,
in delusion and greed,
seeks to take away from good people their Happiness,
that, not controlling himself, will not cope with anger
and himself will not retain Happiness for a long time,
for all riches of those who have gone astray from Way of Light,
will go to Aliens…

And hearts of all Dark Forces are filling with joy,
when Human Children, listening to deceitful speeches of Aliens,
go astray from Way of Light…
And go by mean way,
accumulating material welfare, but not Spiritual,
by will of Alien enemies,
this way leading their Kins to destruction…
And Alien enemies know,
that all unrighteous welfare,
and riches taken away from good people,
will cloud human Mind,
and Souls of humans will become callous…

Children of Human Kins,
do not listen to words of Aliens,
for they are deceitful and want to destroy your Souls,
in order that they would not reach Celestial Asgard,
and would be eternal wanderers in pitch Darkness…
…Do not allow Aliens to your daughters,
for they will seduce your daughters,
and deprave their pure Souls,
and spoil Blood of Great Race,
for the first man of a woman leaves Images of Spirit and Blood…

Alien images of Blood,
oust Light Spirit from Human Children,
and Blood mixing leads to destruction…
And this Kin dies degenerating,
without having healthy posterity,
for there will not be that internal Force,
which kills all illnesses-diseases,
which will be brought to Midgard-Earth…
by Alien enemies, coming from The Dark World…

Do not listen to exhortations of alien seducers
and don’t become attracted by their deceitful promises…
Alien enemies have no compassion,
neither to Human Children of The Heavenly Kin,
nor to creatures similar to them,
for each who came from The Dark World
or his offspring born on Midgard or other Earth,
thinks only about idle life,
exploiting others’ work and trustfulness of Human Children…

By deceit and ruse, and unrighteous lie,
Aliens obtain trust of people.
Boasting about their friendship with elders of Kin,
they enmesh with lie Human Children…
And pervert their pure Souls,
and school them to mean deeds…
Alien enemies call their lust – pleasure,
and birth of children – vicious madness,
and call Human Children to non-observance of Paternal Traditions…

Human Children of Kins of The Great Race,
and you, Descendants of The Heavenly Kin,
be pure with your Soul and Spirit,
and let Pure Conscience be measure of your deeds…
Banish from all your lands
Alien enemies and all their offsprings,
or else they will destroy your Light Souls with their Spiritlessness,
and by their vicious deeds they will ruin your bodies,
and will use you and your Descendants in their dark deeds,
and with your sons and daughters
they will comfort their flesh…

Those of you and of your Descendants,
who will remember all this,
and will banish Alien enemies and their offsprings
from Sacred land of The Great Race,
are true Saviors and Defenders of their Kin
and of all Kins of The Great Race and The Heavenly Kin…
And those, who will listen to deceitful words of Aliens…
and will give to them their women,
or will take Alien woman to his son,
are apostates of Human Kin,
and they will never be forgiven by Light Gods and The Heavenly Kin…

~from “Santies Perun Vedas, Book of Wisdom of Perun”

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