The Scheme of Everything

~from “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky

“The entire scheme is in the Chaldean Book of Numbers, and even in the Zohar, if one only understands the meaning of the apocalyptic hints.”

“First comes Ain Suph, the ‘Concealed of the Concealed,’ then the Point, Sephira and the later Sephiroth; then the Atzilatic World, a World of Emanations that gives birth to three other Worlds-the first the Briatic World called the Throne, the abode of pure Spirits; the second, the World of Formation, or Yetziratic, the habitat of the Angels who sent forth the Third, or World of Action, the Asiatic World, which is the Earth or our World; and yet it is said of this World-also called Klippoth, containing the (six other) Spheres and Matter-that it is the residence of the ‘Prince of Darkness.'”

“This is as clearly stated as can be; for Metatron, the Angel of the second Briatic World, the first habitable World, means Messenger, Angel, called the great Teacher; and under him are the Angels of the third World, or Yetziratic, whose ten and seven classes are the Sephiroth, of whom it is said that: ‘They inhabit or vivify this world as essential (entities and) intelligences, and their correlates and logical contraries inhabit the third habitable world, called the Asiatic.'”

The entire scheme from the Chaldean Book of Numbers:

1. Ain Suph: “Concealed of the Concealed, The Boundless or Limitless; the Deity emanating and extending.”
2. Point within a Circle: “…the first unmanifested logos appearing on the infinite and shoreless expanse of Space, represented by the Circle.”
3. Sephira: “An emanation of Deity; the parent and synthesis of the ten Sephiroth when she stands at the head of the Sephithoral Tree; in the Kabalah, Sephira, or the Sacred Aged, is the divine Intelligence, the emanation from the Endless or Ain-Suph.”
4. Sephiroth: “The ten emanations of Deity; the highest is formed by the concentration of the Ain Suph Aur, or the Limitless Light, and each Sephira produces by emanation another Sephira.”

“The conception of Deity embodied in the Ten Sephiroth is a very sublime one and each Sephira is a picture to the Kabbalist of a group of exalted ideas, titles and attributes, which the name but faintly represents. Each Sephira is called either active or passive, though this attribution may lead to error; passive does not mean a return to negative existence; and the two words only express the relation between individual Sephiroth, and not any absolute quality.”

5. Atzilatic World:World of Emanations; gives birth to three other worlds; all souls preexist here; ‘The highest of the Four Worlds of the Kabalah referred only to the pure Spirit of God. Atzilatic World is the name for the world of the Sephiroth, called the world of Emanations, Olam Aziluth. It is the great and the highest prototype of the other worlds.”

1. Briatic World: “This world is the second of the Four Worlds of the Kabbalists and referred to the highest created ‘Archangels,’ or to Pure Spirits. The Throne; abode of pure spirits; angel of the second Briatic World (which is the first habitable world) is Metatron; Messenger, Great Teacher; under him are the angels of the Yetziratic World.”

2. Yetziratic World:The World of Formation; habitat of Angels (Sephiroth) who sent forth the Asiatic World. 17 classes of Sephiroth. The third of the Four Kabbalistic Worlds, referred to the Angels; the World of Formation, or Olam Yetzirah. It is also called Malahayah, or ‘of the Angels.’ It is the abode of all the ruling Genii (or Angels) who control and rule planets, worlds and spheres.”

3. Asiatic World:The World of Action; Q’lippoth or Klippoth; the World of our Earth; contains seven spheres and matter; residence of Prince of Darkness; correlates and logical contraries of Sephiroth are here. The world of Demons or Shells, the World of Action, called also Olam Klippoth. It is the residence of Samael, the Prince of Darkness in the Kabbalistic allegories.”

“But note what we read in the Zohar (ii. 43a): ‘For the service of the Angelic World the Holy…made Samael and his legions, i.e., the world of action, who are as it were the clouds to be used (by the higher or upper Spirits, our Egos) to ride upon in their descent to the earth, and serve, as it were, for their horses.’ This, in conjunction with the fact that Q’lippoth contains the matter of which stars, planets and even men are made, shows that Samael with his legions is simply chaotic, turbulent matter, which is used in its finer state by spirits to robe themselves in.”

“For speaking of the vesture or form (rupa) of the incarnating Egos, it is said in the Occult Catechism that they, the  Manasaputras or Sons of Wisdom, use for the consolidation of their forms, in order to descend into lower spheres, the dregs of Swabharat, or that plastic matter which is throughout Space, in other words, primordial illus (primordial mud or slime). And these dregs are what the Egyptians have called Typhon and modern Europeans Satan, Samael, etc., etc. Deus est Demon inversus; the Demon is the lining of God.”

~from Albert and the Celestial Sons

Celestial Sons

Celestial Sons

Greetings to all and may you have a good day.

First, I apologize for this letter of mine and I know it may disturb you for a while but just regard it as fantasy and it doesn’t exist.

I thank all of you who read this and hope time will guide all of you to the truth that you are seeking.

Way back 22 million years or so, visitors on earth had been here. I will name only a few of them for there are millions more of them.

They are from planets: Erra, Aldebera, Koldas, Zeta Reticuli, Vega, Itibi-Ra, Oktra, Arien, Umno, Larga, Apu, Thiaoouba, Verdant, Korundor, Sirius System, Janos and many more. You can identify them by yourself.

They had been here on this planet but none of them speaks out about who created the two billion year old nuclear reactor at Oklo, Gabon, Africa.

Now, let’s make an overview and see to it what they are hiding from us. To clarify things based on earth knowledge, we will apply our invented numbers and calculations. We use the numbers to lay down patterns and to measure the unknown as we move on that gives us an overview where these billions and trillions of planets and stars and universes are.

In this view, you can see the possibilities that occurred a very long time ago, where time and space didn’t exist yet but only the Creation itself which I respect most. In other words, there are no planets, no stars and no galaxies; no space beings of any kind and there’s no life yet but only the source itself called Creation.

If you try to find the truth from where you stand now on this planet earth, to the deepest secrets to the origin of the source called Creation, then you are lost.

But if you try to find the truth starting where the Creation is, you can see it all and it gives you an overview up to the level of all extra-dimensional beings that exist and understand who they are, what they are and their purposes.

(You may call me names as you please for you are always welcome.)

Here I will speak about the Creator of the universe where all invented numbers of man are not able to measure the greatest secrets of the meta-physical world that keep physical beings away, as beings in physical form are designed to intrude and invade property from the highest Creators.

In this letter, I will lay down patterns so you may see it clearly and let your spirit be your guide.

It all begins from here. From the deepest space where numbers of men don’t fit, lies a gigantic single pillar of light. Huge size where you can combine many solar systems together that form a huge circle as a pillar of light.

Within the center of the pillar, a single huge transparent planet stands as an energy channel to 16 huge non-physical planets. Stable energies of light are well connected to each planet. Each planet resides as a single teacher of knowledge. (These planets seem to be the Sephiroth. The angels of the Yetziratic World.)

It may sound like God to you right?

None of them wants to be worshipped as God but as a Teacher of Knowledge and Wisdom.

None of them wants to be called God for they only bow to Source of Creation.

Without Creation, none of them would exist. In every planet in that area, there are beings of their kind. They master one subject only in every planet.

These are their studies:

  1. Master of Electromagnetic fields in all levels
  2. Master of All gravity forces in all levels
  3. Master of Material things in all levels
  4. Master of Positive forces in all levels
  5. Master of Negative forces in all levels
  6. Master of Destruction in all levels
  7. Master of Solar Systems in all levels
  8. Master of Dimensions is all levels
  9. Master of All living Beings in all levels
  10. Master of All Planets in all levels
  11. Master of All Direction and Travel in all levels
  12. Master of Love in all levels
  13. Master of Light Contribution in all levels
  14. Master of Cycles and Mapping in all levels
  15. Master of Transportation in all levels
  16. Master of Spiritual Travel in all levels

These are Masters in a non-physical world in a form of Spiritual Beings of Light. (You may call them God if you want to but they don’t want any title you know? They are far beyond physicists.)

The formation of those planets within a huge pillar of light is like a cart wheel and the center planet is the one which holds each of the others with tremendous forces. (Sixteen Masters surrounding one central Master, for a total of seventeen Masters. “Angels of the Yetziratic, whose ten and seven classes (17) are the Sephiroth.”)

After many cycles of their studies, they gathered together and decided to create a single universe. They all knew about failures and many failures and effects and decided to control their power of creating, for all positive energies will produce negative energy in the long run.

From where they stand, they started the pattern that we call now, the cardinal points. The counting of time, while creating the single universe, was based on their cycles by their own design.

All the things they did were tested by their abilities and many failures occurred; energies escaped from the boundary of their plans. Cycles passed again until they had completed a perfect single universe.

They seeded with life in all the planets they made, they created beings in many forms, they educated everyone about the secrets of the universe and travel. They poured love in their hearts, they introduced the power of Creation, they gave all that they had learned to all that they created.

They did their best and put all the events in records so many will learn and come to explore the possibilities of that which lies within their hearts. After the events were perfected, those powerful teachers passed the patterns and knowledge to their kind and they continue to create more universes and they never stop.

They are all perfectionists and immortals, you know?

The cardinal pattern that we know here was used a very long time ago by those Immortals and the results are explosive growth of what we now call universes.

The arrival of negative beings that are roaming around this planet earth are the excess energies from where the first single universe was created. After many cycles had passed, those negative energies gathered together for they had nowhere to go.

Those negative energies were pushed away from all levels of electromagnetic fields until they met each other and became of one kind. They created their own mind which is negative and nothing more. They got bits and pieces of positive energies as they went by from planet to planet. Many cycles passed, they got their own form, a copy from anywhere possible so they can survive.

They are filled with lust and anger for what they are. Everything for their survival they stole. A copy cat.

Those beings who created the two billion year old nuclear reactor in Oklo, Gabon, Africa are negative forces but wise indeed. Now many follow them for destructive purposes.

About the present visitors up in the skies, choose the best fit for your belief. (good or evil)

From here where we stand on this planet to that forbidden area in space, where everything is hidden, we use the measurement that we call one million square miles, then you convert it to 100 trillion light years square, then look closely at the web of a spider.


In every square of that spider web, figure it out; how much do we have to go and how far is it?

The way the spider makes the web is the way the universal law of travel exists.

If you cut a single thread of that web, the spider will attack you; if the spider is big enough, the spider will chew you. In space travel there are walls that were designed so intruders don’t come easy, you know?

Let me put it this way; if you play a long playing record on a parlor-phone, turn on the power, put the head where the needle is and let it turn. As you can see, it moves round and round in cycles.


In every turn there is, for example, a hundred years and if you are tired of waiting then think of every cycle and pretend you don’t see the walls and push the head sideways then the awful scratch sounds “screeeech” which means you broke the rules of travel.

Yes, we think we hit the jackpot if we see thousands and even millions of universes, not knowing we are following the pattern of the spiral web making from a spider. It’s a long way to go and there are no shortcuts.

In every few turns of that record lies another. In every few turns of that record lies another dimension and in every dimension lies an extreme pressure and in every extreme pressure lies a secret and in every secret lies a key and in every key lies a door and in every door it’s your home.

(Disclaimer: everything you read here, as Albert says… “just regard it as fantasy and it doesn’t exist.” In infinite gratitude, thank you brother Albert and the Celestial Sons.)

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