Later Is Good

I would feel bad about myself if I didn’t share my thoughts with anyone who might be willing to listen to me and so, that’s what I’d like to do.

For those members of the awakened community on Earth and many other open-minded but still-sleeping individuals, the notion that we’re alone in this universe is lunacy. I say it’s lunacy because it is.

This universe, and many others, has scattered throughout it billions and billions of souls who have incarnated into a vessel of some kind or other while living upon one of millions of beautiful, habitable planets. Regardless of how much you think you know, or whether you agree or not with this knowledge, it is absolutely, undeniably true.

This truth, this fact, presents an enormous amount of complication for every soul incarnated in this 3rd dimensional, virtual reality but it doesn’t cause difficulties as a result of spiritual and universal knowledge being hidden from us; the difficulties and confusion are caused by us not being allowed to remember.

If you’re a human with a soul, you’re immortal. In your travels as an immortal soul you’ve incarnated on worlds in vessels of varying types and most likely, you’ve done this on many more than just one world.

Immortal souls, while traveling and exploring throughout infinite expanses of space, will collect and amass memories. There isn’t any way for this not to happen. Immortal souls travel, immortal souls explore and immortal souls remember. The simplicity of this is profound.

Because we understand that this is how our existence as immortal souls works, we know that somewhere, in some place, we have memories that are forgotten because they’re locked away, hidden from us. Endless arguments could be made about where these memories are and how they were taken from us, but the important thing isn’t in those details; the important thing is that we don’t have our memories and that someone or something else does.

Combine the knowledge that billions of souls exist on millions of planets in our universe and that we, as immortal souls, have traveled throughout space but have somehow forgotten everything about our experiences and the only conclusion that can be reasonably reached is that human souls living on Earth are doing so in a prison. Somebody hijacked our memories and we deserve to get them back.

Imagine a world where human souls are living in amnesia and through a divine mechanism of some kind, have their memories restored to them. How would you characterize such an event? An “ascension?” I wouldn’t. To me, it’s more like getting a release from prison or having stolen goods returned to its rightful owners.

There is a divine mechanism which has been working for a very long time, quietly, while humans are completely unaware, that will not only restore our stolen memories to us but also rid our world of darkness and allow us to use our vast experiences and memories to bring light back to our dear, blue Terra.

This divine mechanism is in no hurry, however. In our case, slow is better than fast. Slow means easy. Fast means hard. As a brilliant and beautiful woman once told a young man who asked her if he would see her again, she said, “Hopefully later rather than sooner,” and she was right.

Later is good. Sooner is bad.

She is a very smart woman.


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