The number of the Solar year, 365 in days, is the numerical value of the word Neilos (Nile).


“The Nile was the river of time with the number of a year, or year and a day (364 + 1 = 365). It represented the parturient (about to give birth; in labor) water of Isis, or Mother Earth, the moon, the woman, and the cow, also the workshop of Osiris, representing the Tʹsod Olaum of the Hebrews. The ancient name of this river was Eridanus, or the Hebrew Iardan,…”


It was, to put it plainly, the symbol of the personified Earth, or Isis, regarded as the womb of that Earth.


Nevertheless, the three figures 365, or the number of days in a solar year, have but to be read with the Pythagorean Key to find in them a highly philosophical and moral meaning. One instance will be sufficient. It can read:

The Earth-animated by-the Spirit of Life.

3.                   6.                   5.

Simply because 3 is equivalent to the Greek gamma, or G, which letter is the symbol of Gaia (the Earth); while the figure 6 is the symbol of the animating or informing principle, and the 5 is the universal quintessence which spreads in every direction and forms all matter.

~from “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky

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