Your True Nature

For Man is a Divine living thing, and is not to be compared to any brute Beast that lives upon Earth, but to them that are above in Heaven, that are called Gods.

Rather, if we shall be bold to speak the truth, he that is a Man indeed is above them or at least they are equal in power, one to the other. For none of the things in Heaven will come down upon Earth, and leave the limits of Heaven, but a Man ascends up into Heaven, and measures it.

And he knoweth what things are on high, and what below, and learneth all other things exactly.

And that which is the greatest of all, he leaveth not the Earth, and yet is above: So great is the greatness of his Nature.

Wherefore we must be bold to say, That an Earthly Man is a mortal God, and that the Heavenly God is an immortal Man.

Wherefore, by these two are all things governed, the World and Man; but they and all things else of that which is One.

~from “The Key,” the fourth book of “The Divine Pymander” by Hermes Trismegistus

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